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  • Darren LoPresti
    Bought this with the blue switches, I was very surprised at the great quality of the product and how easy it was to wire it up, everything was very high quality that came in the box, I also really liked the different switch covers it came with

    Sep 29,2016

  • Coconut Crab
    The product is excellent and easy to install the only concerns is the instructions isn't very clear especially how to added the center piece in the middle or the windshield inside the jeep but we fixed

    Nov 24,2016

  • J Seal
    Function and quality of the entire product, I can see the display clearly in the day and it's not bright or intrusive at night, the fuse/relay box looks to be very high quality and laid out nicely

    Aug 04,2018

  • Eclipse01
    We have several different LED lights and a light bar hooked up to this thing and it works like a charm and makes hooking all of the lights up so much easier and quick

    Sep 04,2017

  • Richard C. Tallini
    I am very impressed and pleased with this purchase, high quality materials and considerably less expensive than other similar products on the market

    Dec 19,2016

  • MLC
    I love this switch very easy to install people was saying that the LED's in the switch was to bright that wasn't a problem for me

    Apr 27,2016

  • Tarek K. Dhanani
    Works great so when you are in a sticky situation someone else can worry about the lights and you can focus on the driving

    Jan 17,2018

  • Luke J. Macsween
    Great quality product very easy to install only problem I had was to figure out where to mount the power cut off switch

    Oct 23,2016

  • YupYup
    Works fantastic, greatly simplifies all wiring projects on the jeep and cleans up crowded battery terminals

    Oct 13,2016

  • D.J.M.
    The installation was straight forward and overall quality of the product is good but I did have a few issues

    Jan 16,2018