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  • Ната
    Набор для маникюра
    Большой ассортимент для начинающего специалиста. Все соответствует описанию и хорошо упаковано. Цена порадовала)))

    Jun 02,2017

  • mbird
    Брал супруге, подарок понравился. Сама себе делала ногти. В наборе есть все для начинающих, отдельно брал гель-хамелеон.
    Брал за 37,34 - пойнты.
    Не нашел. Времени только уходит много на красоту.

    Jun 07,2017

  • Enrico
    UV Lamp Kit
    hundreds of accesories
    Nice Powerful UV lamp

    Dec 30,2016

  • milphil
    Fantastic to use for the feet,also not difficult to use at all ... I really am in love with it ... also shipping was quick n easy ... I got it in black ... thanks,and yes fits whole hand in ...

    Apr 18,2018

    Great product. My wife is very satisfied while using this UV lamp for her nails. She says that it works perfectly so I have no reason to disagree.

    Dec 13,2016

  • Alexey Lisnenko
    Открыл посылку и увидел много всего, чтоб начать учиться делать шелак и так далее.
    лампа была чутка потера на корпусе

    Mar 20,2017

  • Mustafa R. Sheikh
    Plenty of room for your whole hand,only thing I wish was that there was a visible count down timer so you could watch the time and see how much was left/needed

    Jul 30,2018

  • J. Dubin
    My whole hand fits inside the machine,the price of the machine is the same price as a gel/shellac manicure at the salon,you save so much money on the long run

    Aug 08,2018

  • Adam Gordon
    It takes about two to three minutes to set each color and then a little bit of fingernail polish or rubbing alcohol at the end to rub off the sticky-ness

    Sep 14,2018

  • Joana P.
    Have used this for a few months now and haven't needed to replace a bulb (they send you an extra bulb too) this unit is large enough to do your feet too

    May 09,2018