Zonestar P802QR2 Doppel Extruder 3D Drucker DIY Bausatz


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● Bitte lesen und befolgen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig, bevor Sie den 3D-Drucker montieren oder bedienen.

● Änderungen und Anpassungen des 3D-Druckers sind strengstens untersagt. Wir übernehmen keine Verantwortung für Probleme, die sich aus Änderungen ergeben.

● Verwenden Sie immer die richtige Wechselspannung für Ihre Region.

● Stellen Sie den 3D-Drucker nicht in der Nähe von entflammbaren / brennbaren Materialien oder Wärmequellen auf.

● Verwenden Sie den 3D-Drucker nur in gut belüfteten Bereichen. Halten Sie einen Sicherheitsabstand zum Drucker ein.


● Extrem einfache Montage, hohe Leistung

● Metallrahmenstruktur bietet stabilere Arbeitsumgebung

● Unterstützung Offline-Druck und automatische Nivellierung Funktion

● Mit automatischer Plattformnivellierung und Höhenerkennung

● Zweifarbendruck mit Doppelextrudern

● EM4 Bowden Extruder, einfach zu laden Filament, einstellbarer Druck und Unterstützung flexible Filament

● Z-Achse Leitspindel festes Modul

● Neuer aktualisierter Hot-End-Frame, einfacherer Zugriff auf schnellere Builds

● 500mW - 2500mW wählbarer aufrüstbarer Lasergravierer

● Alle in einer elektronischen Lösung Steuerplatine, kompatibel mit RAMPS V1.4, MKS V1.3, ATMEGA2560 MCU, 5 Motortreiberanschluss, 4 MOSFET-Schalter, 3 AUX-Anschluss und Unterstützung, um weitere Funktionen zu aktualisieren

Vermessung und Gewicht


Typ: DIY
Modell: P802QR2
Rahmenmaterial: Blechstruktur
Nozzle Menge: Doppelt
Düsendurchmesser: 0,4mm
Produkt-Schlichte: 220 x 220 x 240mm
Schichtdicke: 0.1-0.36mm
Speicherkarte offline drucken: SD-Karte
LCD-Bildschirm: Ja
Druckgeschwindigkeit: Maximal 150mm / s
Begleitmaterial: Abs,Flexible PLA,PETG,PLA,PVA,Holz
Materialdurchmesser: 1,75mm
Sprachen: Chinesisch,Englisch,Portugiesisch,Spanisch
Datei Format: G-Code,OBJ,STL
XY-Achsen-Positioniergenauigkeit: 0,012 mm
Z-Achse Positioniergenauigkeit: 0,0025 mm
Arbeitsenergie: 250W
Host-Computer-Software: Repetier-Moderator
Produktgewicht: unbestückt Verpackung
Kompatibles System: Windows, Linux, Mac.
Spannungsbereich: 100 - 220V
Zertifikat: CE,FCC,RoHs


Produktgewicht: 7,6000 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 9,4000 kg
Produktgröße: 46,00 x 42,00 x 42,00 cm / 18,11 x 16,54 x 16,54 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße: 58,00 x 48,00 x 12,00 cm / 22,83 x 18,9 x 4,72 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Zonestar P802QR2 3D Drucker DIY Bausatz

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  • Marco
    Great 3D printer
    Color:Silver Size:EU Plug
    Autolevel seems very important as aluminium bed is not perfectly flat.Stainless metal frame provide establility and durability, only z sliders are 3d printed.Dual extruders for the price of one ;)Issues from P802Q R1 fixed.Look for reviews on forums and youtube, there is a lot of good stuff to check.Good documentation for newbies (assembly, calibation and slicing).Zonestar support returned my fist e-mail in 7 days (including weekend) and he reply the folowing e-mails in 24 hours max. Nicely and helpfull.
    Z Slides was not very nicely printed, it is a little curved and I cracked when I mount, I had to keep only one screw in the the cooper nut with to avoid stuck the stepper. But you can easily print the replacments as zonestar provide all STL files.Linear bearing seem noisely, I'm considering to try an good clean up or replace it.For the price, the cons is not so impressive as for most of 3d printer kits

    Jun 09,2018 23:15:28

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • David H. Porter
    Color:Silver Size:US Plug
    It's a great printer with a decent build size, i have yet to have any major problems with it some of the earlier versions had issues with the power connectors melting/smoking, it prints pretty good out of the box after some minor calibration but requires a few upgrades to really get this printer going, the bed support plate is thin and wobbly which makes leveling hard so it's best to get a thicker after market plate

    Sep 02,2018 05:00:04

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • Bogu
    Color:Silver Size:EU Plug
    - CHEAP! - metal frame --> no melting from whatever - newest heating bed (MK3, Alu) - Prusa i3 clone --> huge community - solid machine, if you assemble everything correctly you got a nice and stable printer
    - AC Adaptor: cable directly above power switch - reachability of ZRIB- (control-) Board is´nt that good so for the first tweaks after assembly you need small, long and powerful fingers... - included auto leveling sensor is not good... (but maybe im just too unexperienced) ALL THESE CONS ARE REALLY SMALL! If you keep thinking and trying you´ll fix all that problems.

    Jan 31,2018 12:46:09

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • don williams
    Color:Silver Size:EU Plug
    Out of the box you will get decent prints and it can even do a respectable benchy but you will notice issues in the prints like ringing/ghosting as well as some odd sounds from the printer, i had to return my first printer as it was not working well at all with a warped print bed and bad bed bearings, not to the point where there were major print errors though

    Nov 29,2017 00:41:31

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • Sam
    Systems Engineer
    Color:Silver Size:US Plug
    Very good overall 3D printer. The dual extruder makes it convenient for printing soluble support. The metal frame makes the printer stronger (and better looking in my opinion). The SD Card is easily accessible from the back of the LED display panel instead of being on the mother board like most other 3D printers.
    The Extrudes were particularity hard to assemble. It took me a while to have them properly extrude the material. The problem is that the spring they give you is often too small, therefore you need to take some pliers and stretch it as much as you can in order for them to give the proper "push" to the extruder lower part. Also, on a minor point, the two material roll brackets are meant for 500g rolls. The majority of 1kg rolls will be too wide and too heavy for the brackets.

    Jan 02,2018 16:17:50

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • LJ
    P802QR2 review first printer
    Color:Silver Size:US Plug
    -Build quality is very good, holes line up on the stainless steel frame had no problems with assembling. -A lot of extra screws after assembly that can be used for upgrades. -Some extra wires included -print quality is very good and the printer is easy to use -accuracy is very good
    -struggled quite a bit as my stepper motor controllers started overhearing when I started, a cooling fan needed to be added to cool the motherboard and controllers - on off switch needs to be moved, not a big problem as it was quite easy to make my own design and designs are available on thingiverse. - temperature control on the nozzle far away from the cooling fan is a bit of a problem that I still need to solve.

    Mar 15,2018 13:41:21

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • shane howard
    Color:Silver Size:EU Plug
    Overall I feel this printer is an exercise in modding, off the bat the printer works well enough to have fairly good quality prints, the great advantage is that there are numerous videos and user sites that guide you through all these steps, it might be tempting to force the printer in speed and precision at first

    Jul 28,2017 07:48:42

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • Richard Gandon
    Color:Silver Size:EU Plug
    In hindsight it was a fantastic first printer, i now have a few different printers and still use this one regularly ; it has been very reliable so far, after several upgrades it is a fantastic printer for the price, i built my next two printers ... one from a kit and one from scratch and it is pretty time consuming

    Feb 03,2018 02:43:01

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • Chris
    A good printer but not for a first build
    Color:Silver Size:EU Plug
    A good introduction to dual extruder printers with a straight forward build process. The price is pretty good for a dual extruder printer kit.Support was good from Zonestar when I had issues.Issues were fixed relatively easily
    Build plate wasn't flat and although Zonestar's support show you how to fix it (which was adding layers of tape), I ended up putting an Anycubic Ultrabase on mine.One of the X-axis rods was too loose a fit.While the frame is all metal, it requires bracing to make it sturdy.The stepper drivers needed tweaking with a multimeter to reduce the factory set voltage as they were too high and overheated causing movement errors.

    May 17,2018 07:28:16

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

  • Christopher C Cole
    Color:Silver Size:US Plug
    Leveled the building plate next morning, it came with the metal thumb wheels and all the upgrades that some previous reviews mentioned, needed to level the building plate several times at first and that always fixed the problem

    Feb 22,2018 14:39:57

    War diese Bewertung hilfreich?

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