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ANYCUBIC Photon SLA 3D Drucker Plus Größe UV Drucker LCD Off-Line Druck Beeesora 3D Drucker UV Harz
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ANYCUBIC Photon SLA 3D Drucker Plus Größe UV Drucker LCD Off-Line Druck Beeesora 3D Drucker UV Harz

- Photon Tschechische Republik

Photon SLA 3D Drucker
5 10 Kundenrezensionen | Siehen Sie die englische Beschreibung
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Betriebssystem: ANYCUBIC Photon
Bildschirm : 2,8 Zoll Touchscreen
Schneidemaschine Software : ANYCUBIC Photon Slicer
Verbindung: USB
Technologie: SLA, LCD
Technik: LCD Schatten Masken
Licht-Quelle: UV integriertes Licht (Wellenlänge 405nm)
XY DPI: 47um (2560 * 1440)
Y Achse Auflösung: 1,25 m
Schicht Auflösung: 25 ~ 100um
Druckgeschwindigkeit: 20 mm / Std
Nennleistung: 40W
Physikalisches Parameter:
Druckergröße: 220mm * 200mm * 400mm
Druckvolumen: 115mm * 65mm * 155 mm (4,52 Zoll 8243; 2,56 \ 8243; 6,1 \ 8243; ● )
Druck Material: 405nm lichtempfindliches Harz
N.W : ~ 6,6 kg


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  • we3duk
    Flawless first time results from a superb resin printer.
    I received my Anycubic Photon within 5 Days of ordering. It was Ordered from the UK warehouse to the UK if this helps. The price paid was the cheapest I could find anywhere so was a little dubious as I have only ever ordered small items from Gearbest.

    Printer turned up packed very well, no room for any movement or loose parts flying around. Once out the box, the instructions that came inside was written in good English (as this can be a problem) and was followed step by step without any issue at all. It took around 15/20 minutes to unpack, attach the print bed, and level it.

    I loaded in a file I created myself which i sliced and put on the USB stick (which was included) and loaded the tray with resin.

    It estimated 20 minutes to print as the items were only thin models, and I watched it do its thing.

    As you cannot see the results until its totally complete, due to it being covered in the resin tank, I crossed my fingers and waited to see if there was going to be anything at all on the bed once complete.

    Once the bed had risen to the top, I could see it had actually done something on my first atempt.

    Once cleaned up in IPA and then left to set my UV tank i was totally amazed by the quality of the items it produced. I cannot fault the item or supplier at all.

    10/10 so far, I hope it continues.

    Many thanks Anycubic and Gearbest

    Sep 08,2020

  • Acanthurus
    No-worries access to resin printing
    With some years in FDM printing, i decided to look at resin printing with this low-cost printer. To put it simple, it worked immediately, with standard software, default settings and the instructions provided, and it produced good results from the first print.
    Levelling is very simple and fast. The print resolution is much, much better than anything i could ever achieve with FDM. The disadvantages are well-known (dealing with messy, sticky resin, slow printing) and are inherent to the printing principle.
    This is a great supplement to your maker workshop, for small, precisie and (if necessary) transparent, "tight" parts.
    Not a lot of extra infrastructure required, and some of it is already included (e.g. gloves, mask). On top, i´d recommend to get isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the parts some filters/sieve for recycling resin, and maybe (if you do not want to rely on some sunshine...) a curing lamp/chamber assembled of some UV LEDs or lamps to do some post-print curing.
    I´m totally convinved of this little printer.

    Mar 17,2020

  • Chris
    Amazingly detailed
    Fantastic intro to resin printing. Machine was shipped very quickly and has been producing excellent results since it was delivered.

    These no longer include any resin so you need to buy some.

    Cleanup is of course much messier and takes more time than a FDM machine, but for the quality or prints, it’s worth it!

    May 22,2020

  • Light
    My new gadget as arrived
    Arrived on time excellent quality and very good value, I am over the moon with it. Recommended this parcel to everyone great Christmas present to someone special

    Oct 20,2020

  • George Anthony Clarke
    BJD Designer
    This machine is great, but can't wait for their mono edition to come out apparently they last much longer, up to 3 times longer. This too produces excellent print's

    Aug 27,2020

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