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  • Brecht
    Nice filament
    Surprisingly easy to print with for a flexible filament. Not really flexible enough for for example o-rings (not tested yet). Still experimenting with temperatures and how it affects flexibility and transparancy

    May 11,2019

  • Kion
    Great Quality! I love it
    The brand is CCTREE which I really love. Glossy and has a great strength. Good thing I bet on this one seeing in the picture that it is CCTREE even though it is posted as Alfawise.

    May 07,2019

  • nimendil
    Good PLA
    Filament of good quality, packing of good quality and arrives quickly. Black color for me because I paint my impressions. I really recommend this article and I have no particular problem with it.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Florian
    Difficile d'imprimer avec du TPU
    Mon imprimante a du mal à imprimer avec un filament TPU.
    J'obtiens des pièces avec des bulles et je ne sais pas si cela vient du filament ou des réglages de mon imprimante.

    Jan 20,2020

  • Gérard
    Goog material
    Good TPU!

    May 26,2020