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  • James
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    Good Printer
    I really like this Printer, it worked right out of the box after about 30 minutes to assemble, mostly took this long because I wanted to make sure everything was right. I have had this printer for about a month now and so far so good. I like how easy it is to use, the bed level feature works pretty well. The one thing I did not like was the existing bed cover, everything stuck too well and would not come off, I tried heating it up a little and it did not help eventually i ruined it by trying to scrape too hard so I ordered some new plate covers after printing on plain glass, and now everything sticks perfect and also releases without issue. I have printed several things and they have all come out nicely. Well, to me they look nice compared to my Tronxy X1. The other day I printed my longest print ever, it was over 30 hours, printed the marble machine. It was pretty cool. See video for some of that print. My camera messed up a couple times so I only got some of it.

    Jan 09,2019

  • Edelhagen
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    guter Kauf
    Ich habe mir früher ein Video auf Youtube angesehen, also habe ich beschlossen, U30 auszuprobieren. Ich habe dann gleich von der beiliegenden SD-Karte ein 3D-Modell gedruckt. Dies hat super funktioniert. Ich muss mich nun noch in die beiliegende Slice-Software „Cura“ einarbeiten und mir Druckvorlagen für meine Figuren organisieren.

    Jan 13,2019

  • Mathias
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    excellente imprimante
    Emballage niquel, manuels de montage très clair, outil de montage fourni
    Seul hic le pla fourni est vraiment ridicule, à peine de quoi faire 1 ou deux impression

    Jan 17,2019

  • Phl29
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    Excellente petite machine mais ...
    Reçue après quatre semaines seulement. Emballage exemplaire. Aucune pièce manquante ni défectueuse. Qualité chinoise haut de gamme.
    Remarquable précision sur les quelques impressions simples que j'ai déjà réalisées. Vraiment bluffant !

    Mais il faut d'abord monter la machine... Dommage que la notice ne soit pas plus claire. Dommage aussi que la carte sd soit fournie avec un adaptateur ultra bas de gamme cette fois. C'est la demie étoile en moins.
    Bref, il faut s'y atteler avec patience et précision. Je suis un bricoleur plutôt averti et j'y ai passé deux bonnes heures. Je me permets quelques conseils ...

    0 - Préalable
    - Lire (si possible) le PDF en Anglais présent sur la carte SD fournie.

    1 - Planéité
    - Déposer la partie déjà montée sur une surface horizontale et parfaitement plane.
    - Desserrer les vis d'assemblage. S'assurer que les quatre pieds reposent correctement sur le support puis
    resserrer progressivement l'ensemble.

    2 - Montant verticaux.
    - Ils ne sont pas identiques. L'un d'eux comporte deux trous de fixation. Après montage, les trous doivent être en bas à droite.

    3 - Axe des X : montage sur le portique.
    - Donner du jeux pour installer la barre horizontale avec buse et extrudeuse. Pour cela ne pas hésiter à desserrer les montants verticaux préalablement montés ainsi que les roulettes guides à droite et à gauche.
    - Placer un carré de plastique d'emballage sur le plateau (pour amortir la chute rapide éventuelle). Glisser l'ensemble horizontal sur les deux montants verticaux.
    - Resserrer les montants verticaux.
    - fixer la barre haute du portique.
    - Régler en resserrant les roulettes et en s'assurant de la fluidité mais sans jeu du déplacement vertical.

    4 - Connecteur du plateau.
    - Ne faites pas comme moi ! Veiller à brancher le large connecteur (blanc) qui se trouve au bout du flexible noir à celui du plateau :-)) , ça évite le message d'erreur de température à la mise en route.

    Pour le reste, on trouve le détail sur le PDF fourni sur la carte SD.
    Au bout du compte, c'est un vrai plaisir.

    Enfin , merci Héliox pour votre belle présentation de la machine sur Youtube.

    Feb 15,2019

  • Max
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    best you can get for littly money... but not perfect
    I received the printer after 16 Days (china warehouse EU priority Line) , as promised easy to finish mounting. There are slightly uneven Cuts on the alloy profiles, so it is necessary to check right angles, could solve with underlaying pices of paper before fastening the screws. But found another problem after this in movement of the heatbed, wasn't smooth enough to ensure good printing. Found some marks on the rollers, perhaps from hard handling during shipment, so opended a ticket which was replied to very fast... but solution to make video and wait for another reaction would have lead to more days not using the printer.. so i decided to buy some rollers locally, after changing them, adjusting all the rollers and tightening all screws i could do the first testprint, successful in the first attempt with the enclosed testing material, white PLA. The version of cura on the enclosed memory card was old but suitable for first attempt, the software asks if new version to be downloaded when started first time, even if downloading new version... there is no profile for the printer in new cura, so going back to the old version. It is usable but would be great if gearbest can deliver a profile for the U30 in new Cura 3.6 or even 4.0 (Beta)
    So final statement, yes, printer is very good in handling and printing but there are still a few improvements possible which would be easy to implement, some improvements are available in thingiverse, such as clamps for the display flat cable or mounting points for cable ties. You need to be interested in finishing the printer yourself to perfection, but overall best buy for this price.

    Feb 18,2019

  • Karl
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    The best budget FDM 3D printer
    I bought Alfawise U30 after comparing all the 3D printers that I can afford on Gearbest, and I thought highly of the resume functions that other printers didn't have. My old 3D printer doesn't have the resume functions, I left my prints unattended and found a mess many times. It was too difficult to save them so I quitted for a while until I installed a camera and WiFi controller to it. They cost me about $50, but the problem is that I also need to check the process from time to time. In comparison, the filament detector and the memory function are fantastic, a perfect solution to the problems that might occur.
    The build size of U30 is 220 x 220 x 250mm, enough for most projects, with these resume functions, the value of U30 is higher than the price.
    I found the tutorials on YouTube about assembling Alfawise U30, and followed it step by step. The assembly is not difficult at all. But it took me about twenty minutes to unbox and check the parts included.

    Dec 01,2018

  • gorich36
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    Alfawise U30 agréablement surpris
    Apres un délai de 20 jours, le colis est arrivé, très bien conditionné, les pièces internent bien calé pour le transport. Après moins d'une heure de montage la U30 est prête a imprimer avec le fil fournit (un peu juste en fil, pas assez pour un benchy). L'impression a été de qualité, mieux que ce que j'avais déja vue dans des labs.
    Le plateau accrochent très bien les impressions, pas besoin de colle, laque de même de radeau.
    Les petites reservent sont :le bruit moteur (46db lors de l'impression d'un benchy, 43 db avec les damper); le bruit ventilateur (34db a lui tout seul), l'extrudeur en plastique n'est pas le même que la U20; Carte SD sur l'arrière?!
    Support de bobine très bien et ensemble très compact et transportable, et pas besoin de faire 6 ou 8 print d'amélioration pour quel soit accepable.
    J'ai rajouté des damper et je pense changer les ressort inférieurs.
    En conclusion je conseil vivement car peut satisfaire le plus grand nombre surtout a ce prix, en revanche n'oublier pas qu'il faudra acheter des pièces de rechanges pour l'entretien et du fil, donc compter 50 euro de plus.

    Jan 12,2019

  • Henry_0m
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    I've been following U20 and the Facebook group for a while...
    I've been following U20, and the Facebook group on which many people show their printed models and get technical support. When the group name was added '&U30', I was trying my best to find out what is the difference between this two 3D printer. I bought U30 on the very first day when it was on sales, and received it three days ago.
    U30 and U20 differ in the price and time required in assembly. Not very much difference for me in other aspects. In other words, U30 is like another version of U20. I really appreciate the new 3D printer, it has a smaller build volume, but with advantageous features, including the color touch screen and useful resume functions. The printing quality is as the same as that of U20 with the same motor, motherboard, cooling fan, extruder...
    I believe U30 is much better than all its competitors and I've already recommended it to all my friends interested in 3D printing.

    Dec 03,2018

  • Pierre
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    Amazing performance, low price, and good service
    The videos are helpful for me to know the product. I've already seen some people discuss the new printer on the supportive Facebook group of Alfawise 3D printers. My first impression about Alfawise U30 is that the 3D printer is attractive, easy to build, and of excellent quality, and convenient to use. It does not disappoint me at all. I use Alfawise U20 when I need to print big models, and use Alfawise U30 when small ones are needed. The latter works as well as the former, and they are of the same quality, both are great! I am sure it will be more popular than Alfawise U20, because of the price.
    However, the main difference between the two printers is that a man cannot assemble U30 in about 10 minutes. I managed to do it within an hour, which is great.

    Dec 06,2018

  • costaud
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    excellente qualité
    La première partie de mon commentaire va concerner la réception et le montage.
    Commandé depuis les entrepôts Europe et en vente flash, ce que j'attendais depuis quelques semaines, réception impeccable et plus rapide qu'indiquée au moment de l'achat, le colis est partis 2 jours avant ce qui était prévu

    Feb 18,2019