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  • Jessie Nishimura
    Christmas playing all the year.
    I have decided to buy this product by curiosity, because of the best discount.
    However I am surprised how good is it's sounds. Nothing like that usual Ding dong we hear in these cheap Christmas toys. These blue tooth speakers are really good and even work in pairs as stereo speakers.
    The lights follow more or less the sound level and you can change the color or turn it off.
    I truly recommend it.

    Aug 17,2019

  • Sample
    Must have for music-loving!
    I love this speaker!!! It's small and the sound is great! The small disco lights have different settings and it's like have a small party in my room. I love this speaker so much! The price is great and the quality and functionality is amazing!! I listen to music a lot, and this speaker last me nearly a whole before having to recharge, which is great!! If this speaker ever goes out I will be buying another! Love it!!

    Aug 01,2018

  • Babs
    A perfect nightlight & a good lullaby singer
    This speaker is great! I needed a nightlight for my sons room, and I needed a bluetooth speaker to play him lullabies. This combines the two perfectly! It has a lot of different colors and options. I've recommended it to several of my mom friends.

    Jun 18,2018

  • Paige
    Cute little speaker.
    Just got it. So cute. Love it. Hopefully it doesn't break on me. Impressed by the many different modes. Sound is good for the price, but the lights are the definite winner.

    Aug 21,2018