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  • Krumholz Max
    very good product
    I give 5 points to this product because you can use it inside your house and outside. You have stand to put a device on it. You have the magnetic holder. Also, you cant attach outside as I did. It`s working with one Cr2032 for One full year because its on E-Ink technology. You cant see the emotion face show you comfort. Very good design. High precision sensor. It also Hydrometer and Thermometer are very nice. So i give 5 stars! If i take my previous device it doesn't have EINK display so I no always see him. I find only one minus all manual in Chinese and Code connect to Wechat maybe for after-sales inquiry. But i don`t need it so it`s ok!

    Dec 03,2019

  • Ioannis
    Nice Thermometer
    Interesting and nice looking gadget. It show very accurate temperature and humidity (I've tested it with some professional instruments. Good manufactured and looks like a premium gadget. Excelent and accurate temperature and humidity sensor (in normal conditions). As a Xiaomi product has a beautiful design and comes with accesories to stick on wall and on magnetic surfaces as well as a table mount. Have in mind that it does not have a way to connect with other devices (like Zigbee or Bluetooth connection). For a price of 14 euros it is highly recommended!

    May 16,2019

  • Cesar P.
    Loving this thermometer and hygrometer
    We live in an older, two-story home with no duct work. We rely on a thermostat to see what vents need to be opened for heat and what the window air conditioner needs to be set at. I put this near our bed and I love the touchscreen with nightlight feature. The device is easy to use, has versatile mounting features, and presents clear digital data. The lighting feature is fine if you need it. As far as accuracy, humidity readings are reasonably close to those of a nearby dehumidifier, and temperature is close to that shown on a nearby thermostat.

    Aug 16,2019

  • Kamilski
    Bardzo dobry termometr
    Termometr z higrometrem jest bardzo estetycznie wykonany, posiada piękny wyświetlacz typu e-INK znany z e-booków. Jest przy tym bardzo dokładny i aktualizuje się bardzo szybko. Wykonanie bardzo solidne a bateria dzięki takiemu ekranowi jest przewidziana na rok ciągłej pracy. W zestawie dostałem 3 rodzaje mocowania. Podstawka do stania, magnes np do lodówki oraz pasek samoprzylepny do zamontowania na przykład na ścianie. Zamówiłem dwie sztuki by obdarować nim również ukochaną. Podsumowując świetny zakup za te pieniądze. Nie znalazłem żadnych wad.

    Jan 02,2020

  • Francesco
    ottimo prodottino Xiaomi
    dal tipico design minimal e essenziale, questo piccolo termometro che misura anche l'umidità dell'aria è veramente bello! lo schermo e ink come da tecnologia, si aggiorna più lentamente di un classico LCD ma sicuramente ne gioverà la batteria.
    non è retroilluminato lo schermo, ma è anche vero che basta poca luce a far vedere i caratteri digitali (tipico dei pannelli e-ink)
    unico appunto ? tempi di consegna veremtnr lunghi, comprensibili anche però per la situazione attuale COVID-19.

    Apr 07,2020

  • manaszk
    Perfect. slim. elegant.
    After initial buying one, I was so glad of it. I decided to purchase two more. Each for every room.
    It works perfectly in bathroom. Shows humidity w/o problems. Screen never gets wet, or unreadable.
    Another works perfectly in kitchen.
    Another works on children room.

    Overall, very glad customer.

    Oct 20,2019

  • Marco P.
    Termometro /igrometro
    Molto utile, elegante e leggibile anche da molto distante. Anche se a casa ho un termometro e igrometro analogico, ho comunque acquistato questo digitale sia per tarare meglio quello analogico sia per avere in un'altra zona di casa una misurazione più precisa.
    Per ora nessun problema di funzionamento. Il display sembra quasi finto per quanto è nitido. Anche il consumo della batteria (a bottone) sembra che sia molto basso. Sono molto soddisfatto dell'acquisto.

    Jan 23,2020

  • Denis
    Xiaomi youpin E-ink Screen Thermometer/Hygrometer
    Another great product from Xiaomi youpin, E-ink screen makes it very comfortable for eyes and adds a nice transition effect (watch the video), also it's battery friendly, very accurate measurements (checked with others analog/digital thermometer/hygrometer), highly recommended

    Nov 17,2019

  • Mojko
    Xiaomi Electronic E-Ink Screen Thermometer
    Great price, fast shipping, beautiful Xiaomi design, quality made, good E-Ink display visible from all angles, humidity and temperature sensor, easy to use, magnet to put on fridge and plastic stand, long life battery, looks good in white color, good as a gift.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Feb 03,2020

  • Antonio
    Thermometer / estação meteorológica
    Smaller than I thought, but still very visible. Started working immediatly after pulling the plastic band that isolated the battery. Stopped working 2 days later, but just needed to reajust the battery position.
    Mais pequeno do que pensava, mas perfeitamente visível. Começou a trabalhar logo após retirar o plástico que isolava a pilha. Parou de trabalhar 2 dias depois, mas foi só uma questão de abrir e reajustar a posição da pilha.

    Dec 01,2019