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Twitch magnetische LED-Anzeige Drei in einem Typ-B-Typ-C-IOS-Kabel für iPhone für Xiaomi Note 10
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Twitch magnetische LED-Anzeige Drei in einem Typ-B-Typ-C-IOS-Kabel für iPhone für Xiaomi Note 10

- Typ C Silber 1m

360 ° extrem starkes magnetisches Adsorptions-Anti-Break-Kabel USB
4.89 111 Kundenrezensionen | Siehen Sie die englische Beschreibung
2.75 $4.59 40% RABATT
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Hat Kleinpaket
Kompatible Marke
Htc,Apple iPhones,Samsung,Motorola,Toshiba,Panasonic,Brombeere,Nokia,SONY,LG,Palme
Magnetisch,3 in 1
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4.89 von 5 Sterne
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  • Sergiy Kremin
    Кабель светится, заряжает, с магнитом. Проверка показала что ток заряда до полутора ампер, что для кабелей такой ценовой категории очень даже хорошо. Более того. Такой ток свидетельствует о немалой толщине жил кабеля, что в свою очередь дает некоторую надежду на долговечность данного продукта. Внешняя изоляция имеет вид ткани, что делает кабель не только практичным, но и симпатичным... По акции 11.11 за цену 1.11$ это прекрасный товар, очень нужный в каждом доме и каждой семье. За сим желаю здравствовать, всем доброго здоровья, оревуар .

    Dec 21,2019

  • LC
    Cable is Cool
    BIG NOTE: Cable is very good for charging. Blue LED at the end of the cable shows cable is on and power is available
    Key issue - Connector end gets stuck on the USB-C on the phone or other device. Magnet cannot pull it out. Have to pry it out

    Best Solution/Application: Attach the USB-C end to every device. Then you can just connect the cable magnetically to the device. It saves the USB-C connector on the phone, device, etc... If you need the USB-C for other application, you do need to pry the connector off - but hey, thats why you have WiFi and Bluetooth (music and data transfer)
    Its called magnetic charging...

    Aug 13,2020

  • che
    although it took a very long time from the time the item was purchased to the day it was delivered to me, all because of the current crisis in the world. I'm happy with the seller who responded to my posts and was very friendly, so I recommend it to others. The power cord I bought is of good quality, suitable for powering multiple devices with different connectors. easy to handle. I recommend it to everyone

    Apr 12,2020

  • Techandtea
    absolutely great for price
    Wonderful charging Cable mine was the Red 2m cable and all of them are really well made I brought 8 of the cables for my family and put a couple in the draw for anybody who maybe visiting and lost there own cable because they are so useful to have around house I use this one with my iphone but two extra a Type B and C A plus highly recommend really well made and a fantastic price a win win in my book please stay safe and well everyone.

    Oct 09,2020

  • Giffy
    Excellent charging cable
    The magnetic USB cable is an innovative solution for mobile devices. It's only for charging, no data transfer. Unlike the classic USB cable, the detachable tip, which you can permanently put in the power socket, will help you avoid damage caused by frequent plugging and unplugging.
    It's an excellent solution if you need to charge different devices with one charger, one cable (and different plugs) can charge them.

    Sep 15,2020

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