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  • James
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    A great tablet at a great price
    Great battery life for a tablet. Expect around 5-7 hours of constant use before needing to charge the tablet again. Two full size USB ports that can power external hard drives. There's not many tablets that can do this. Micro HDMI is awesome and doesn't seem to lag the device. I've used it for a short while and have watched Netflix in 1080p on my TV using the Netflix metro app. The CPU runs relatively cool. The maximum temperature I got under benchmarks and powered was about 70°C. The tablet idles at around 33-50 (depending if you are charging it or not). Integrated graphics are somewhat beefy. Expect great performance from most Android games, and games like Hearthstone on Windows. I suggest not even trying to play games like GTA V and Crysis though. 1366x768 display on Windows isn't bad at all. It's apparently the same display used as the Surface 1 RT. I chose this tablet for this display because I value longer battery life over larger resolution. This resolution is great for people wanting to play lightweight games as well. You're able to access the BIOS by pressing 'esc' on boot. It may be possible to boot in to a Linux distribution (I've tried and failed), however you'll need to modify the boot settings and there will be driver incompatibilities. Official keyboard is a great addition, it's magnetic and locks in like the Surface tablets. I have noticed that it does seem to scratch the base of the tablet, so do apply a screen protector if you wish to get the keyboard. You are able to update to Windows 10 on this tablet however I am person
    I was very worried that my tablet's power supply/battery was having issues, however I do believe that the battery didn't seem to be calibrated when I got the tablet. The tablet was powering off when the OS stated it had 50% battery left. I'm hoping this is just a calibration issue as it's happening less frequently. Charging under 5v 2a micro USB is very slow for this tablet. The charger provided does seem to be safe for use (unlike many chargers I've seen), but the adapter for the charger is very loose. You may want to use a longer micro usb/usb cable to charge your device as the provided cable is roughly a meter long. The Android partition has a few issues: • It has a lower resolution than 1366x768, making the OS look a bit blurry, it's very comparable to those $50 android tablets you see in stores. • There's a bunch of Chuwi/Chinese apps pre-installed, however you are able to uninstall most of them, besides the Chuwi store one, unless you get root access. The touch screen is quite average. You can have up to 10 fingers on

    Aug 06,2015

  • Guillermo
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Chuwi gran tablet
    la encontré rápida, fluida, dentro de lo que ya conocía. Imagen brillante, nítida, excelentes colores. Me interesaba ver como funcionaba el screen cast. Así que encendí la Tv y la sincronicé con la tablet. En unos instantes ya tenía la imagen de la pantalla de la tablet en la TV. Muy buena imagen, fluida. Quedé totalmente satisfecho. Probé algunos juegos y vi que corrían muy bien, sin sobresaltos, ni paradas intempestivas. En resumen, android se ejecuta perfectamente. En cuanto a windows fue una agradable sorpresa: nítido, limpio, brillante. Y la velocidad muy buena: los programas corren fluidos y rápidos. Explorando el sistema me encontré con solo 7 Gb de disco. Comparando con la PC de escritorio que ahora tienen discos de 500 Gb o mas, era una cantidad pequeña. La solucion es ejecutar programas portables grabados en una tarjeta de memoria externa. Y no afecta el rendimiento. Se conecta a internet con rapidez, tanto en windows como en android: sin demoras ni problemas. Tiene 2 puertos USB, que funcionan igual que en una laptop o PC y con uno de ellos conecté un mouse inalámbrico, quedando la tablet convertida prácticamente en una laptop de 10.6 pulgadas. Considero que hice una muy buena compra y ahora es mi compañera hacia donde vaya. Y solo alrededor de medio kilo en peso. Algo importante, la batería dura horas. Por lo menos la he usado 6 horas sin problemas. Y en cuanto a recalentamiento, simplemente se pone un poco tibia. Nada de que preocuparse. La recomiendo totalmente.

    Jul 09,2015

  • Janice
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    Fantastic All Round Tablet/PC Experience
    I bought this tablet for a friend of mine and was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. It arrived quickly considering I live off the beaten track and was well packaged. Here are just some of the things I like about this purchase. 1. The screen is bright and easy on the eyes even though it has a resolution of just 1366x768 pixels. 2. Love the fact that it is dual operating systems so it can be used for both work and play. My two favorite operating systems on one tablet pc. 3. The 2 USB 2 ports are really nice to see on a machine of this price, means I can connect a mouse as well as a pen drive etc. 4. Added to all that it is a beautifully constructed and good-looking tablet and 5. It has the best sounding speakers on any dual boot tablet. Why buy a tablet for $400.00/$500 when you can have this beauty?
    Would have loved to have 4G and cameras with more megapixels but these are not dealbreakers. Am very happy with my purchase and think I will buy one for myself.

    Aug 17,2015

  • Andrew
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    Great Windows Tablet For The Price
    1. First of all would be the price point. You get to experience Windows at a very cheap price. 2. The Tablet has a premium build quality which I didn't expect at this price point. 3. I do like how you get actual full USB ports which is something you don't get with most other tablets. 4. I really liked how there is microSD expansion since this tablet doesn't really come with that much free space to use after all the Windows and Android installation files. Overall I would recommend this tablet to anyone who wants to get a Windows tablet with a premium user experience. You can do a little bit of gaming, Photoshop, and media consumption as well.
    1. The device when held in the hand is a bit awkward so it's best if you just use it with the keyboard case and also it's very annoying to use the pop-up screen in Windows mode since it eats up quiet a bit chunk of the screen off so this tablet must be used with the keyboard case in order for it to really be a pleasant experience. 2. One thing I would have liked would be to have a built in storage of 64GB or 128GB atleast because after the Windows and Android installations, you are only left with 10GB of empty storage which really isn't that much. Now you can expand it with a microSD card but it would just be nice to have as built in storage. 3. This con will actually depend on how you use the tablet but if you will use the tablet without the keyboard and playing any music or sound, you will find yourself automatically covering the speakers from both sides naturally by the way you hold it so the speaker placement isn't really the best if you are going to hold it but as long as you use it with

    Sep 15,2015

  • J. Ulrich
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Worth every cent
    Two things stand about this product: the flexibility and the solid pricing. Win 8.1 was a step up from Win 8 and it's great to see it here in tablet form. For people who require the finesse and extra control that a full-fledged Win OS brings, this is ideal. Similarly, Android is geared toward user-friendly use - it's more of a no-frills experience. So both tech groups and all levels of experience/proficiency are catered for. I find the whole package extremely good value. Hardware under the hood is respectable, maybe won't break benchmark records but doesn't need to. If you need a reliable workhorse or multimedia machine to chill with, this is your best bet right here.
    No problems so far.

    May 31,2015

  • elena.klintsy
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    1) Конечно же цена 2) 2 системы 3) довольно большой 4) хорошие характеристики, но на упаковке написано, что процессор 2.16 GHz, в свойствах компьютера только 1.33 GHz... 5) даже камера присутствует, конечно в темноте вообще не снимает, но на свету даже эти 2 мегапикселя можно использовать вполне нормально. 6) Идеальный микрофон! в скайпе шумов абсолютно нету! этот микрофон даже лучше моего настольного студийного... 7) 2 разъёма USB 8) не положили в комплект дешёвые наушники за 50 рублей, их вообще нету... хоть за это спасибо) 9) Для своего размера довольно лёгкий
    1) Около часа не мог разобрать как включить русский язык в windows, очень всё заморочено... пришлось смотреть видео на youtube 2) на андроид размытый экран, но навряд ли этот планшет кто-то для андроида покупает) 3) задняя крышка, это ужас... я как распаковал, так не посмотрел на неё, сразу попробовал включить и проверить, работает ли, потом на столе он полежал... стол гладкий, наверное немного поездил по столу, но потом обнаружил, что крышка поцарапана! до сих пор не могу понять, была она уже такая, поцарапалась в доставке или я умудрился подарапать, но стол гладкий навряд ли из-за стола поцарапалась, да и при доставке мало вероятно, запакован хорошо был... в общем не знаю, а ещё эта крышка очень сильно пачкается, ну всмысле следы от рук остаются, но тряпочкой стёрлось... кстати, может тут всё-таки плёнка сзади? и ещё я боюсь переднюю плёнку отдирать, вдруг и спереди поцарапается, тогда это будет вообще критично... плёнки в комплекте нету, даже хз что делать 4) всего 32 GB памяти, на коробке ещё кружочек напротив 32 гигов стоит, а ещё есть 64 и 128 GB, ну я так понимаю для этого&n

    Sep 03,2015

  • christopher
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    Best of both worlds
    These far out-weigh the cons! 2 operating systems(win 8.1&android4.4.4) 2 full size usb micro sd slot stated max 32gb(mine works with 128gb card, cheap not named brand) optional magnetic keyboard if purchased(a must in my opinion) I find myself using windows mainly for downloading,surfing the net but for actual apps ie: facebook,games I prefer android. micro hdmi connection(not tested mine as android has cast screen in display options which connects easily to my measy a2w , you can also do this through windows but harder to do.
    only 32gb integral storage(split between windows and android, this should have been 64gb ideally , but no reason not to buy.) Buy a microsd card to put movies, music, photos etc as storage will get used up quickly if you install lots of apps. struggles to charge whilst using , but doesn't loose charge either, just stays on same charge. gets quite warn in top left hand corner whilst charging or heavy use.

    Jul 22,2015

  • Claudio Mendes
    Ja (0) Farbe: EU PLUG+BLACK
    Reviwed Chiuwi VI 10
    Great tablet. im surprised by the building quality and material. i have searched over the internet looking for reviews before i order the tablet and some people says that the android screen looks a litle blurry, i dont find it blurry for me its perfect i have other android tablets and looks god compared to the other tablets i have at home. if you looking for a good price dual OS tablet i think this is a good choice. i live in Portugal and its great that gear best have a European warehouse the chipping was very fast arrive in 3 days

    Jan 25,2016

  •   fsroq
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Astonishing tablet, and for a very low price
    Bought this in a hurry, because my PC broke down. Got this very quick by Spain express. No customs. The tablet after fighting around a little with windows 8.1 which I never have worked with before works fantastic at both, windows and android 4.4. Anything I installed on it in windows, printer, scanner, keyboards, mice etc. also software office and others works perfect. The same with android. Switching between systems easy and quick. So i have now a nice fluent working pc for my more serious works, and my android tablet for fun. Best buy I ever made.
    None at all.

    Jun 15,2015

  • athensdj
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    Chuwi Vi10
    Excellent product when using windows. Quick boot. Great usb 2 ports x 2. Was able to use 3 port usb hub (no power supply) with optical mouse, ext sound card and usb stick on port 1. A midi controller on 2nd port. Used virtual dj for a couple of hours, no crashing even when only using tablet battery . Can install any exe program you want on windows.Can restore Os in 10 minutes with usb recovery stick. Can use up to 128 gb tf card with windows only. The stock keyboard case is also excellent. Super machine for the price. Do not hesitate to buy people...!!!
    Android is a little blury. Can only use 32 gb tf card with android. I never liked android anyways so I deleted it. But who needs android when you have Win 8. Only bad thing you cannot erase the windows recovery partition even with a clean install. Would have been nice to have that extra 5 gigs on c:/

    Aug 07,2015