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  • papasof
    CREE XML T6 Underwater Shoot LED Camping Flashlight - Yellow
    It is really great flash light. VERY bright. quality looks great, the battery life looks good as well.
    I had it under tap water for 10 minutes and it didnt had any problem
    I dont know about sea water, and thats the reason i bought it, so that i can use it at sea.
    i took the battery out of the box, i had it on for more than half an hour outside water and it was still
    bright, without charging the battery and there was no overheating.
    I totally recommend it. it also has a strap for your hand.
    time will tell how long it will last.
    I would be happier if it was about 5 euros and not 8.

    May 31,2019

  • mesquiteguy
    Appears well made and feels like a solid high quality flashlight, the light is nice and bright and has the zoom feature as well as a high, the company that sells the light sent me a few emails checking on my satisfaction with the flashlight and vowed if not happy or if there were any issues with the light they would replace it at no cost, overall I am happy with the flashlight

    Jun 28,2016

  • redman1137
    I was looking for a small flashlight to use when I was outside on my patio with my dog at night, I was very skeptical about buying a flashlight that used AA batteries, the zoom feature is going to really be useful when I get to shine it at those dang raccoons, my brother was so impressed with the pictures I shared with him of how bright the light is that he is buying one too

    Mar 16,2017

  • Tayfun K
    Su altı feneri
    Alacak arkadaşlar için önerim şarj aleti ile birlikte satılan ürünü tercih edin benimkinin pili bitti şimdi pili bulamıyorum doğal olarak şarj aleti Türkiye de yok tekrar sipariş ettim.

    Ürün güzel fakat kırmızı olanı almak daha mantıklı olacaktır.
    Denizde kullanıyorum zıpkın ile avlanırken taş altlarına bakıyorum ve işe yarıyor.
    Kola takılan bant çok kalitesiz kolunuzda durmuyor.

    Aug 08,2018

  • Mariusz
    CREE XML T6 Underwater Shoot LED Camping Flashlight

    Latarka spelnia oczekiwania. Jest wodoszczelna i potrzebuje tylko jednej baterii/akumulatorka. jedyne co nie odpowiada mi w danej konstrukcji to to ze do jej zalaczenia tzreba odkrecac i przykrecac glowice co jak sadze bedzie znacznie szybciej zuzywac uszczelki.

    Sep 27,2018

  • MillionMonkeys
    I own several flashlights and don't really like any of them, recently my daughter bought this flashlight for me and I love it so much I purchased a second one, it's made well and fits nicely in my hand - not too big, not too small and the zoom feature is great

    May 29,2018

  • Last M.
    VERY bright lights, it is exactly what I was looking for in a powerful light, the adjustability of the beam from narrow to wide is perfect for my use, I would highly recommend if you want a powerful spot OR flood light

    Sep 08,2018

  • Joseph Brown
    I love this light - great lighting large zoom area - I was looking for a smaller sized flashlight that gave a greater scope of light - however, so far no issues - and love the light for the compact size

    Jul 06,2017

  • Ferndog
    The thing weighs a ton and is just too heavy for general use around the house, i've since bought a plastic one that was a half the price and weighs next to nothing and is my go to for everyday use

    Apr 25,2015

  • jayme spencer
    This seems to be a really good flashlight, it's a little bit smaller than regular size, it puts out a lot of light and the special features could be useful depending on the situation

    Mar 18,2017