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  • Degiance
    Excellent sequel
    After my first Cubot Max screen broke after rather devastating fall after years of use. I decided it was time for another one but i noticed that Cubot Max 2 was out, so i ordered it instead and it has served me better and i have come to love it. It has none of the old phones issues that i had with it and the system doesn't seem to slowdown for anything. The picture quality has been wondeful aswell. Only thing i can nitpick about is the "selfie camera" and how it takes space from the screen and how it effects the use of some apps as devs think all screens are alike so skip buttons etc get thrown behind the camera where the app believes the screen ends.
    The battery durability has been a vast improvement too. Like the phone name says it's Cubot Max 2 and i hope i get to see Max 3 and what they will think with that one especially if this phone ever breaks.

    Jun 18,2020

  • Theodoros Hadjikyriakou
    Massive Screen!!!
    Amazing fast chipset.
    Battery is the Number 1 key feature of the phone. It lasts with medium use 3-4 days easily!
    Massive screen but not FHD though.
    Excellent ultra bright led notification light.
    Pure Android 9 stock.
    Not so large in hand as the Honor 8x Max.
    Easy reachable side buttons and fingerprint sensor.
    Decent sounds from earspeaker and loudspeaker.
    Camera ok at day for this price!

    Jul 22,2019

  • ISU
    Good price & Nice quality
    Today I got CUBOT MAX 2. It took about 14 days to Japan and this evening I opened the box then tried it.
    The display is big enough to see and I was surprised to see it came with a case. Before it came, I tried to find a case on the Internet shopping but I could not find a good case. However today I saw a case was included in the box.
    As I wrote in the title, it's price is good and the quality of the phone is also good. I used to use MiMax 3 before and now I'm using Redmi Note7 but I'm thinking of using this CUBOT MAX 2 for my main machine.
    Thank you.

    May 16,2019

  • Sorbi
    Wow... I was at first not sure with this phablet and for me unknown brand Cubot, but I took the risk and won.
    After months of daily use, there is nothing to complain about.
    Phablet is bit bigger than I expected, but after short time I got use to it and can recommend to everyone,with big hands and fingers.
    It's not lagging, OS is clean an smooth running. Capacity of battery is GREAT! I need recharge after two days of chatting, browsing etc.
    I have bit problem with fingerprint sensor, but it's not important to me.
    So, I you want great machine with limited budget Cubot Max2 is my recommendation.

    Mar 21,2020

  • David
    Nice Phone
    Got the phone today, was easy to setup it's fast screen looks and responds good, fingerprint scanner works good,
    it DOES have VoLTE wich i thought it didn't have from reading the question section, so i'm happy to see that the phone
    does have it, it even has better signal reseption then my old phone, the BlueBoo S8+ wich as kinda ok, but the Cubot Max 2
    is better is so many ways at around a 130 Euro's this phone gives you allot bang for your Buck.

    Jun 08,2019

  • Nomphumelelo
    Cubot max 2
    very fast shipment and delivery through DHL just as promised. very good communication with gearbest support. I am super happy with my phone. much bigger than I anticipated. it has all the specs I want. also long battery life. I love it and highly recommend it.

    Jun 05,2019

    Love my Cubot Max 2
    I had a Cubot Max which I loved, which was sadly lost, I was looking for a replacement and this phone was just coming on to the market. I am pleased to say that this is a much nicer phone, easier to hold, great in twilight hue(a puuple and emerald green merge), and it feels lighter. In all ways a great improvement, I think Cubot make great phones at a great price compared to the big brands that are so expensive.

    May 03,2019

    Cubot Max 2
    Very good mobile phone for an extra good price.Big screen,large battery ,dissent camera
    nice design,notification led and quick operation.No cons so far ,seams very nice and good mobile phone!!!

    Oct 22,2019

  • Angela
    Cubot Max 2
    Il telefono è veloce, intuitivo, batteria duratura. Arrivato ben confezionato, con cover trasparente in silicone e adattatore. La spedizione non è molto veloce, quindi occorre avere pazienza... se è riportato che la spedizione avviene in un giorno x, effettivamente accade così, ma da quel momento in avanti nel mio caso sono occorsi circa 20 gg.

    Dec 26,2019

  • Strongman123
    Amazing Product
    Feels so Premium, Shipping to Algeria was in 10Days. never happened before, super smooth transaction, great seller. feels so big in my hand, my brother thought it was a 700$ phone at first because of the premium quality, the camera quality could be better, but overall a great product. thank you

    Jun 22,2019