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  • KuroNekko
    FiTorch P25 Flashlight
    This is my second FiTorch purchase and I must say FiTorch is a hidden gem. Their products are feature-packed in a good design with great performance. The P25 is a compact floody flashlight with 4 emitters. The beam is wide and bright. Great for night hikes where you want to see everything on the trail ahead, including up close. The 4 modes are well spaced and the product includes the unique 26350 battery that has an on-board MicroUSB charging port. Holster is also included making this package a complete one.
    GB sells these for a great price. My only issues is that GB does not sell the extension tube that allows the P25 to use 26650 batteries. I had to get that somewhere else.

    Nov 15,2019

  • Panoramix
    Fitorch p25
    Marche bien, parfait, si on laisse appuyé longtemp son doigt sur le bouton le mode cliniotage enclanche une sécurité qui fait que l'on ne peut plus allumer la lampe par accident dans sa poche. Mais en dévissant un peu le culot on arrive au même résultat. Les 4 modes marchent bien. J'ai pas encore rechargé la pile donc ça je sait pas encore si ça marche. Sinon j'ai vu que l'on peu acheter aussi une ralonge en tube pour y mettre une pile plus longue, on peut aussi acheter de la même marque d'autres piles rechargeable en mini USB, c'est bon à savoir. On peut aussi passer de la paracorde pour l'attacher au trois fentes du culot, moi je préfère.

    Oct 08,2020

  • Gb fan
    FiTorch P25 Flashlight
    Super bright, 3000lm, Full accessories including USB port, Water resistant, 6 Modes, Memory fuction, Aero grade aluminum

    Dec 18,2018

  • Dioklecian
    FiTorch P25
    Great flashlight. Very bright for how small this flashlight is. Great value because you get a battery that has a built in charger.

    Jan 23,2020

  • Luciano
    Estou surpreso com a qualidade dessa lanterna, ilumina muito, e não é tão grande como parece nas fotos. Tenho várias lanternas de "marcas famosas", mas essa não fica devendo nada à nenhuma delas. O envio foi super rápido e chegou em perfeito estado ( inclusive a caixa) .Vem completa, com bainha, cabo, alça e um anel de vedação extra.

    Oct 11,2019

  • Dioklecian
    FiTorch P25 Flashlight
    Super bright, 3000lm, Full accessories including USB port, Water resistant, 6 Modes, Memory fuction, Aero grade aluminum

    Jan 15,2019

  • C
    High quality torch
    High quality product, very bright, work as advertised. Also has some accessories, like hand strap. The battery provide enough power for minimum 3 hours (not at max power). The microdisplay is also somewhat usefull.

    Feb 23,2019

  • Jackie
    Perfetto torcia
    Prefessionale prodotto . Materiale buono
    Molto potente come LED .niente da dire

    Sep 10,2019

  • Fernando
    Ótima lanterna! Me surpreendeu a qualidade da construção, muito bem feita. Ilumina muito!

    Aug 17,2019

  • Casi
    The Fitorch P25 is a very powerfull flashlight with a new 26350 battery. This battery has an own micro-USB-port for charging without charger.

    Dec 28,2018