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    Most screen protectors are cheap little pieces of plastic film that can never be applied without bubbles and usually peel off well before you're ready for them to tank on you, The step-by-step instructions are a piece of cake to follow -LRB- as long as you're patient -RRB- and the hinge system for lining up the screen protector before even removing any protective layers is really brilliant

    Feb 04,2018

  • Lois G
    Nice product, or using the extra protector that came with the product, or trying to get the Home button exactly lined up as the protector was adhering caused the dust speck to get in, I will still do a rudimentary clean of my screen -LRB- damp wipe with my own microfiber cloth -RRB- before the OMOTON cleaning process -LRB- their wet wipe, mini-microfiber cloth and dust absorber stickie -RRB-

    Jun 04,2018

  • Caio Victor
    OTIMO, a Embagem de madeira salvou!
    Já tinha comprado um outra pelicula de vidro, aqui na propria gearbest, bem mais barata e vinha numa embalagem bem fraca, e claro, graças aos nosso "Maravilhosos" correios, chegou quebrada, depois comprei essa, um pouquinho mais cara, mas valeu a pena pela embalagem de madeira, se não fosse por ela provável que quebrasse denovo. Meu Redmi5+ ficou show com essa pelicula, bem bonito mesmo.

    Jan 12,2019

  • Agg
    easy to follow instructions, The screen protector is highly transparent and highly responsive to touch, applying the screen protector is very easy using guide stickers ; the screen sticks into place with no unremovable bubbles -LRB- I had one trapped bubble, unlike my previous glass screen protector which did not collect dust

    Apr 04,2018

    good item!
    Hello everyone.This is the second time I buy this item. it's a very good item and I really recommend it to anyone else who wants to have a suitable tempered glass for the xiaomi redmi 5 plus. it's exactly as described.thank you.

    Jun 01,2019

  • E. Monasterio
    The liquid that built up on the screen would of evaporated if it were solvent based, I removed the plastic protector from the sticky side and applied it per the instructions, They are not noticeable when the screen is in use, The screen protector actually makes swiping much smoother and more efficient

    Mar 08,2018

  • Brian Kraft
    I put the extra glass cover in my iphone box instead of storing it in the box it arrived in, Also be careful of which side you attach the hinged glass on because it would work really well, except I stuck the sticky hinges on the wrong side, The glass is removable if place wrong so that is a big plus

    Jan 20,2018

  • Steve Little
    I really appreciated that since I applied my last screen protector over a tiny black speck that I then had to stare at until I replaced the screen protector, I'm happy with this product, it was easy to apply and seems as durable as any other screen protector I've used

    Oct 06,2018

  • ColBiggles
    This screen protector was the easiest protector I have ever put on my phone, The screen responds just the same with the screen protector on as when I didn't have one on, It doesn't leave terrible fingerprints as some of my other screen protectors did either

    Sep 04,2018

  • Anne S
    Application is much easier than the plastic screens, Exact fit ; and you can remove it and re-apply it needed without detriment, I've dropped the phone a couple of times with no effect on the glass and no scratches are evident, Very happy with this product

    May 11,2018