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Partaker Gaming Computer DDR4 Intel i7 8850H i7 8750H i5 8300H 6 Core 12 Threads 12M Cache
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Partaker Gaming Computer DDR4 Intel i7 8850H i7 8750H i5 8300H 6 Core 12 Threads 12M Cache

- 16 GB Ram 128 GB SSD i7 8750H DDR4

14nm Nuc Mini PC Win10 HDMI AC WiFi BT
4.96 25 Kundenrezensionen | Siehen Sie die englische Beschreibung
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Prozessorparameter nur zur Referenz:

1. 8. Generation 14 nm CPU Coffee Lake Intel Core i5 8300H 4 Kerne 8 Threads 2,3 GHz bis 4,0 GHz 8 MB Cache TDP 45 W UHD-Grafik 630.

2 8. Generation 14 nm CPU Coffee Lake Intel Core i7 8750H 6 Kerne 12 Threads 2,2 GHz bis 4,1 GHz 9 MB Cache TDP 45 W UHD Graphics 630.

3. 8. Generation 14-nm-CPU Coffee Lake Intel Core i7 8850H 6 Kerne 12 Threads 2,6 GHz bis 4,3 GHz 9 MB Cache TDP 45 W UHD Graphics 630.

2xSO-DIMM-Speichersteckplatz, zweikanaligere, leistungsstärkere Leistung verbessern die Arbeitseffizienz und geben Ihnen eine reibungslose Erfahrung.

Tripe-Storage: Unterstützt 1 * M.2 NVME 22 * 80 SSD + 1 * M.2 NVME / SATA 22 * 80 SSD + 1 * 2,5 '' SATA SSD / HDD-Installation zusammen.

Hülle aus gebürsteter Aluminiumlegierung, schwarz, exquisites Produktionshandwerk im Außendesign.

An Bord eines Kupferlüfters zur Wärmeableitung kann der Computer lange Zeit stabil arbeiten.

Ein Kensington Lock-Loch schützt den Computer in Schule, Büro, Hotel usw.

Unterstützt PXE, AWAL, RTC und Auto Power On.


Intel Core i7
Max. Erweiterte Kapazität
Windows 10
Produktgröße (L x B x H)
134 * 144 * 64 mm
Maximale Kapazität der externen Festplatten
1 TB
Externer Netzteilmodus
Gen 8 Graphics
1 * 2,5 \ u0027 \ u0027 SATA SSD / HDD
1,05 kg
1xMini PC, 1xPower Adapter, 1xPower Cord, 1xScrews Bag, Wi-Fi Antennen,
Packungsgröße (L x B x H)
1 * 1 * 1CM
IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
1 * M.2 NVME 22 * 80 SSD + 1 * M.2 NVME / SATA 22 * 80 SSD
Vier Kern,Hexa-Kern
2,5 kg
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4.96 von 5 Sterne
  • 24
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Alle 25 Bewertungen anzeigen Eine Rezension schreiben
  • Joseph
    Very fast, the box was very good, as on the order, very much thanks for the help.
    The computer came with pre-installed Russian win 10, but I try to reinstall the OS. When reinstalling, almost all drivers are installed automatically. I only had to manually download the Intel wirwless ac 9260 drivers (one for Wi-Fi second for Bluetooth). And one unidentified TPS device was chatting. For him came the driver from Win 8.1 with the included CD from the folder pm win8_1 , it was easily installed in manual mode. This is my second purchased computer of this type. The first was a 8750H Core-i5, and I noticed not very good thermal contact of the processor with the heatsink. Very quickly it warmed up to 93 degrees, when I loaded it with the re-coding of the video. You have to keep that in mind. Easily mounted on the back of the monitor through the attached bracket. The computer is very fast, comfortable, relatively quiet, expandable with standard laptop components. I recommend!

    Mar 27,2020

  • Rob Rankin
    Small, powerful, silent, faster delivery than expected, reliable and advisable seller.
    Mini PC is excellent. Made qualitatively and neatly. Works very quietly. You can't hear him. I ordered without a hard disk and Ram, but the seller also did not put a Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth. When I wrote it to him, he said it was an extra $7. The seller communicates with great reluctance. I processed the order for a very long time, I did not write it myself. I myself extended for 2 days the processing time of the order. The seller did not meet at the specified time. The transport company chose a very terrible one. The goods were not tracked, and when came, there were problems with receipt. Suddenly the Courier calls on weekdays about 13:30 and reports that it will be at the address in an hour. No choice of date, no choice of time, put before the fact.

    Mar 27,2020

  • Loren Oldham
    Perfect product, very small,
    THE computer is amazing, first because is very small and with good finish. Start Windows in 5 seconds. THE Bluetooth is great and I watch movies on Netflix with audio exported via Bluetooth for JBL speaker, is show. Made several tests and can ensure: is approved. THE finish it is of high quality, durable material. Another important detail: it not warm, almost always does not trigger the fan. IS very quiet. THE Wi-Fi it is great when connected in frequency of 5.8 GHz. Product arrived in Goiânia (Brasil) in 20 days. Am impressed with his size, is incredibly small. It not latch with photo editing!!!

    Mar 27,2020

  • Andrew Colin Kent
    Well, very long drove.
    Very satisfied with the purchase. The parcel arrived in 40 days. Tracking was irregular. The seller did not send the purchase for a long time. But all this stuff. Checked and mastered the computer. Two days. Beautiful car! Made neatly. The whole body is made of metal. The fan is very quiet. I took with i5, but performance is not even bad, I'm not going to play games. And for normal work, it works like lightning. Installed Win10, in the kit there is even an office, though works only through the Internet. One drawback is a very large current consumption power supply at idle-35 mA. (approximately 8 W). The seller and all who made many thanks. Now I envy myself!

    Mar 27,2020

  • Julio Garralón Ruiz
    Very good seller. Good packing. Everything corresponds to the declared. I recommend
    Tiny and yet very very powerful.Booted up windows 10Pro in 6 seconds and after installing softwares the boot time increased to 7 seconds . Very silent fan , best part is power save mode that shuts down the CPU. Size comparision images provided as attachment to this feedback. Seller is trustworthy and has done all the installation along with activation and validation of machine before shipping. DHL was vey quick, shipped on 20th and got it on 23rd ..from Hongkong to Sydney. Points for improvement : nothing identified as of now as seller has already upgraded everything that was feasible.Thank you

    Mar 27,2020

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