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  • anonimo
    Quando ho ordinato questo proiettore non sapevo nemmeno se era veramente un proiettore. È un proiettore. Ha una risoluzione HD. Vivendo in Sardegna ho solo foto di scene quotidiane e bei paesaggi.. Quando proietto le foto del mio allevamento di pecore mi rendo veramente conto di quanto sia versatile e potente questo prodotto. Lo consiglio sopratutto ai mortacci che vogliono risparmiare, dato che il rapporto qualità prezzo è ben rapportato. Il proiettore vi arriverà in una scattola cinesa ben abbellita, con disegnato il proiettore e altre scritte cinese. All'interno il priettore che si presenta come nella foto cinesa dell'annuncio, in tutta la sua bellezza e con tutte le funzioni descritte.Buon acquisto.Se ordinate dalla Sardegna IT, arriverà dopo quasi un mese.Un saluto dal Bar di Caracas,dove sono in questo momento e probabilmemte ci sarò anche domani.

    Feb 09,2019

  • Ondrej
    Best for the price
    (for the price) Pros: It has surprisingly good image qualityGood physical resolutionIts bright enoughtRelatively good craftmanship, everything works as I expected Good remote controllerIts not heavy, so it is portableGood and loud internal speakerCons:Sharpnes is slightly worse when you use keystone correctionCheaper plasticLittle bit noisyI tried few another projectors at this price level, but this is the best so far.

    Mar 27,2019

  • Jennifer Humphreys
    I ordered this after ordering the battery jump starter from DBPower based on the high quality build of the jump starter, this projector is small, not one of the tiny projectors available now, the built-in speaker is as loud or louder than most laptop speakers and there's an exterior headphone jack as well as an audio-out jack if more volume is needed, moving images retain high quality with no ghosting, responsive customer service

    Dec 09,2018

  • Arliss
    Excellent C x B GT-S8 European Specification High Definition Household Projector
    I got this projector and I have to say it is surprisingly good and really cheap. The 1280x800 native resolution is true and it accepts higher input resolutions. Remote control works fine, IR in the front and back, sound, etc all fine. I did noy try to update firmware. Sound not very loud of course and reasonable brightness. I very much recommend it, excellent cost x benefit.

    Feb 13,2019

  • Malcolm A. Lunsford
    This is an outstanding projector, great quality, projects a fantastic picture that appears high definition, a great price, my wife and I use this projector for outside movie night for the neighborhood, everyone raves about how good of quality the projector is, you are looking for a high quality projector at an unbeatable price this is the one I would recommend

    Dec 15,2018

  • LisaP
    Excellent quality for the price, i wish it had high definition audio output, speakers built in are terrible, i connected the headphone jack to my amp and speakers and it sounds fine, i should warn you that when I first hooked it up with serial cable the picture was very low resolution, i replaced my cable with HDMI cable and the picture was very sharp

    Dec 11,2018

  • Juan Manuel G
    Proyector GT-S8 3500 Lúmenes
    un excelente equipo con muy buena calidad y a un gusto muy accesible es perfecto para ver películas en casa incluso con poca luz con los 3500 Lúmenes que tiene es muy brillante funciona muy bien para juego aun que le falta un poco de resolución en eso pero no deja de ser excelente por el costo que tiene me encanta y lo recomiendo ampliamente

    Jan 19,2019

  • Brad Jackson
    We bought this projector to use for outdoor movie nights, my initial thought was that this is very impressive for the price, the projector sound quality was much better than I anticipated, this projector is completely worth the price, it is high quality with a low price

    Dec 12,2018

  • Steve Schoenly
    I love the projector and works great, the price is very low compared to other projectors similarly rated and gets the job done well, i also love how small and portable the projector is, the included bag is very high quality.The projector is also pretty quiet

    Dec 14,2018

  • lindak
    This is a great projector that will satisfy all but hardcore videophiles, i am a fan of high quality video and for the price this projector does not disappoint, widescreen movies are the perfect size but I think full screen TV shows are a bit too large

    Dec 06,2018