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  • Fiona
    How GORGEOUS are these finger puppets! We opened them up and my children, myself and even my mother all went 'awwwwwwwwww' Arrived safely and fast despite distance travelled Well made and so adorable. Great for gifts and easy to use I am keeping the bunny for myself :) So happy with these that I am immediately ordering more. I frequent the hospital a lot and its a great small gift to give to a unwell child who is waiting in the emergency room. These will create a lot of smiles and happiness. Thankyou
    none at all.

    Aug 10,2016

  • PjayR
    Simples and good
    Cute little plush toys to use on the finger and stimulate children's creativity. You can create playful theaters to play with your children or any child. You can also let the little ones use their own creativity to play. I recommend the purchase. Very good and cheap.
    nothing to declare. very good order

    Aug 08,2018

  • ProjetoForrestGump
    Nice toy for bedtime stories
    Good for bedtime stories and teach kids the name of the animals. Nothing much to say about it.PROS: Overall quality is medium, doesn´t seem to last too much, but for the price is ok. CONS: Very tight, if your hand is big, may have trouble to fit.

    Oct 25,2018

  • Cláudio
    Plush Finger Puppet
    Great little finger puppet to play and tell stories to the kids.They are a tight fit is you have big finger but they're well made and can resist some pulling.Overall pleased with them.

    Dec 28,2018

  • Zilahi
    Good toy
    Good quality product. I would buy them again. Nice set of toys, what else can I say. - laughing childrens\' faces - average to good quality
    finger holes are a bit too small. Otherwise a very good product.

    Feb 08,2018

  • Krasimir
    Bedtime Story Cartoon Animal
    Получих бързо поръчката.Артикула изглежда както на снимката.Ще зарадваме едно малко момиченце.Доволен съм от обслужването и сайта като цяло.Препоръчвам пазаруване от сайта.

    Dec 19,2018

  • GnanabalaN
    Animal design Finger puppet 10 pcs/set
    Quality material Cheaper Attractive Colourful Perfect stretching

    Jan 07,2018

  • Алекс
    Покупал для подарка своему ребенку. Пришло в качественной упаковке без брака. Ребенку очень понравилось. Неделю каждый день игрался. Сейчас не реже раз в неделю играется также. Пошито качественно. Рекомендую

    Dec 17,2018

  • Mustafa Soylu
    10 parmak kukla
    çocukların hayvanları tanıması için en azında şekilleriyle ilgili fikir edinebilmesi için güzel bir oyuncak taktiği. parmaklara her bir hayvanı geçirip seslerinide taklit edebilir çocuklarınızla eğlenceli zamanlar geçirebilirsiniz.sevecen kuklalar.
    fare olmasa olurmuş. biraz küçük tamam parmak için ama sanki daha uzun olsalar daha iyi olabilirdi. içleri doldurularak dekoratif amaçlı süs eşyası olarakta kullanılabilinir. dikiş kaliteleri biraz yazıf ama tek tek denedim kopma aşınma yok.

    Nov 17,2017

    Finger Puppet Cartoon Animal
    Excellent Quality very Nice for small kids education and Fun 5 Satrs with A+ Thanks

    Aug 14,2016