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  • Rodney C.
    I have bought this product several times, only because my new iPhone has been a different size than the previous, It is the easiest screen protector to place on the phone, sticks well with minimal bubbles -LRB- I've tried lots of other brands so have past experience for comparison -RRB- and best of all, But what good is a warranty if it's a pain in the butt to get a replacement

    Sep 18,2018

  • Screen protector
    Good build quality, sturdy, easy to apply.
    I fits my phone perfectly, it is scratch resistant.
    The kit comes with everything you need, however be sure to learn how it needs to be done and be patient.
    Bubbles are not an issue, if you are doing everything as stated in the manual
    It takes a bit of searching around to learn how to apply one of these. Fortunately there are enough youtube links to help you out.

    Jun 10,2018

  • Hmmm......
    I have installed many screen protectors in my day and this is clearly the best, What sets it apart is the snap-on guide to make sure the protector is aligned, you still need to make sure your screen is completely clean prior to installing the protector

    Jun 29,2018

  • DougMac
    Fairly easy to apply or reapply if you get bubbles or misplacement, Better fingerprint protection than the naked screen, Seems to be good protection for the glass, We've had one crack - but it did its job and kept the phone screen safe

    Feb 27,2018

  • Texasbluesplayer
    This is one of the best and easiest screen protectors I've used, I had an issue with one of the screens and the customer service was quick to reply and send out a new set of screens as part of the warranty they honor

    Dec 29,2017

  • john wallace
    The screen protector is very easy to install, The customer service is very responsive, until they got too many cracks, The durability seemed to improve now compare with the first screen protectors from them

    Jul 25,2018

  • Ida
    This is a fantastic screen protector, It makes applying the screen protector easier than ever, Best screen protector I've had and I'm definitely not going back to any other brand

    Aug 30,2018

  • Rickstar
    These screen protectors look awesome when they're put on but literally a few hours after my son just tossed my phone to the side and the protector was all cracked up

    Oct 01,2018

  • MJH-64
    Update : I have been very impressed with the warranty for this product, I send a photo and an email and I have a new screen protector the following week

    Jun 17,2018

  • Jared Drury
    I then dropped my on my desk at work while sitting and the second screen broke, While it was great my phone didn't crack the protector seems flimsy

    Aug 17,2018