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QCY T1C Mini Bluetooth 5,0 Drahtlose Musik Kopfhörer
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QCY T1C Mini Bluetooth 5,0 Drahtlose Musik Kopfhörer

- Weiß 310217402

Geräuschunterdrückung Sport Anruf Headset Einfache Verbindung 380mAh Ladestation
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QCY T1C-In-Ear Kopfhörer unterstützen hochempfindliches Bluetooth 5.1 und haben eine stärkere und schnellere Sprachübertragung als BT V4,0 und BT V4,1. Fühlen Sie sich frei, um natürliche und schöne Songs jederzeit und überall genießen zu können. Kein Problem mit dem Draht kann Ihre Hände wirklich frei lassen, kraftvolle Verbindungen, Auto-Pairing-Design und ergonomische Ohrhörer.

• Erweiterte Bluetooth 5,0 Technologie, geringerer Verbrauch, unterstützt eine stabilere und stärkere Signalübertragung, keine Sprachverzögerung beim Spielen von Computerspielen
• High-Definition-Audioausgabe sorgt für kristallklare Klangqualität und 3D-Stereo-Musikgenuss
• Binaurale Anrufe mit realer CVC6,0 Rauschunterdrückung und hervorragender Unterdrückung der Hintergrundgeräusche lassen Sie die Stimme klarer hören, perfekt für Anrufe und Antworten
• Ergonomisches Design, um die Konturen der Ohren anzupassen, Musik ohne Zärtlichkeit genießen
• Ein-Knopf-Betrieb, Sie müssen sie nur aus der Ladebox nehmen, damit die Kopfhörer automatisch mit Ihren Geräten verbunden werden können

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Produktgewicht: 0,0400 kg
Produktgröße: 3,00 x 2,30 x 1,80 cm / 1,18 x 0,91 x 0,71 Zoll
Verpackungsgewicht: 0,1380 kg
Verpackungsgröße: 16,60 x 7,00 x 3,60 cm / 6,54 x 2,76 x 1,42 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Paar Kopfhörer, 1 x Ladebehälter, 3 x Paar Ohrkappen, 1 x Ladekabel, 1 x Englisches Benutzerhandbuch

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  • Burak
    Airpods killer??
    I’ve been using these as my primary earphones for a week and I’m blown away by how good they are. I own a pair of Sennheiser Urbanite (bought it for 100 dollars) and iPhone earpods but these bluetooth earphones are so much easier to use I almost never have the need to put on the Urbanite or the earpods.

    Sound quality:
    I love the sound signature (V) and the clarity. These are at least as good as iPhone earbuds regarding sound quality, definitely one of the best sounding earphones you can buy for 20 dollars. The microphone is pretty good but not the best, noone I talked with on the phone while wearing these had any complaints.
    Also they are pretty good at canceling noise.

    Placing them into and taking out from the deck is easy as it gets however you learn to identify with your hands which is right or left in a couple of days.
    The packaging includes 3 sizes of tips so I don’t think you don’t have to worry about the fit. That said, I should note that the left one would drop when I was eating or smoking on the first 2 days but I think my ear adjusted or something because I hadn’t experienced a problem with it since then.
    It is kinda hard to lay down on your side wile wearing these earphones, they might hurt your ear a bit if you can’t find “the perfect angle” with your head against the pillow. But I don’t think it is a deal breaker since almost all of the TWEs have a similar design hence they all are prone to the same problem.

    Battery life:
    I’ve never been disappointed with the battery life. I use the earbuds for a couple of hours then put them into their deck and they get charged when I am not using them. When I put them back on they are generally fully charged up. They died only twice in this week of intense use (you get a couple of sound warnings when your charge is low) but they charge up pretty fast, It’s a tolerable trade off for wireless earphones.

    Connection and delay:
    When I take the earphones out of the deck they immediately get into pairing mode and my iPhone automatically pairs in a couple of seconds if the bluetooth is on. However if the iPhone’s bluetooth was off before I take them out of the deck I have to manually pair in the settings.
    Unfortunately, my iPhone or my laptop doesn’t support bluetooth 5 so I couldn’t test the true delay of these earphones. However, even without bluetooth 5, delay is around 25ms and it doesn’t bother you while watching movies or youtube videos, it’s pretty hard to play fps games with that delay tho.
    If your device supports bluetooth 5, I think you might not notice the delay at all.

    Dec 23,2018

  • Viktor
    1. Небольшой и удобный футляр.
    2. Отличный и достаточно громкий звук.
    3. Заряда самих наушников хватает больше чем на 2 часа музыки, на максимальной громкости.
    4. Очень быстрая задка от футляра.
    5. Возможность использовать по отдельности и левый и правый наушник. Возможно даже по одному наушнику подключить к 2-ум разным устройствам.
    6. Хорошо сидят в ухе.
    7. Очень быстрое подключение к телефону.
    8. Отличный форм-фактор, маленькие и удобные (не то что сопли Яблока, как будто от обычных наушников обрезали провода).
    9. Продуманная посадка наушников в футляр. Магниты держат хорошо.

    1. Резиновые насадки нужно подбирать, так как не со всеми помещаются в футляр. С моими любимыми насадками не влезли.
    2. Левый наушник к правому может подключится, а правый к левому нет. То есть, в паре, правый всегда основной. И если вы пользовались одним левым, а потом достали правый, то он не подключится к левому.
    3. Микрофон для улицы плохой. В помещении ещё можно разговаривать, но на улице, собеседник слышит очень плохо.
    4. Есть задержка в аудио при игре на телефоне. Если взять PUBG Mobile, то задержка звука 1-2 секунды. В описании наушников ЛОЖЬ.

    В целом, покупкой очень доволен. За такие деньги - это безоговорочно лучший вариант. Даже, если не смотреть на цену, между соплями от Яблока и QCY, я выбрал бы последние.

    Nov 19,2018

    QCY T1C real in-ear headphones, support high-sensitive Bluetooth 5.1, have stronger and quicker voice transmission than BT V4.0 and BT V4.1. Feel free to enjoy natural and beautiful songs at anywhere anytime, no problem of wire can truly free your hands, powerful connection, auto-pairing design, and ergonomic earbuds, also provide you with simple and comfortable experience.

    Main Features:
    • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 tech, lower consumption, support more stable and stronger signal transmission, no any voice delay while playing computer games
    • High-definition audio output brings you the crystal clear sound quality and 3D stereo music enjoyment
    • Binaural calling available, with real CVC6.0 noise-reduction and great background audio canceling, let you hear the voice more clearly, perfect for calling and answering
    • Ergonomic design to fit the contours of ears enjoy music without tenderness
    • One-button operation, just need to take them out of charging box that the headphones can connect with your devices automatically

    Dec 31,2018

  • Paulo
    Esperava mais!
    QCY T1C mini wireless music

    Comprado na Gearbest, chegou hoje após 28 dia úteis, sem taxas ou despacho postal.

    Primeiras impressões em relação a acabamento são boas, ele é leve e bonito e encaixa confortavelmente no ouvido, a borracha média apesar de encaixar bem não dava sensação de isolamento do som externo, troquei pela maior e melhorou bastante. O pareamento é fácil, o fones pareiam entre si ao tirar da caixinha, então é só parear com o celular, não testei autonomia da bateria ainda, mas pelas especificações duram até 4 horas de música. Quanto ao som fiquei um pouco frustrado, pois ele não tem muito grave, tenho um par de fones X1T e a diferença de som é absurda, o X1T tem bons graves e o som é muito mais nítido, com frequências bem definidas, apesar de não ter a box pra carregar e ter autonomia de bateria um pouco menor, em compensação o QCY é menor e tem IPX4, além claro, da box e Bluetooth 5.0 (espero que isso resulte em menos corte no som e movimento! KKK).

    Ainda não deu pra testar bem, mas pelas primeiras impressões, se pudesse escolher novamente teria optado pelo X2T ou X3T que estão em faixas de preço próximas.

    Jan 18,2019

  • Pedro
    Very cool gadget
    I'd say the biggest pro about these mini bluetooth earphones is that they're wonderfully practical. Also, they're very discreet and nice-looking! The sound is just decent, though - I've purchased the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro (wired & in-ear) alongside these and noticed a considerable sound quality difference - but I'm still not disappointed, considering I got it on a very good flash sale deal. If clear bass sound is a must for you, consider buying something else.

    I've been doing my workouts with them for a week and haven't noticed any functionality flaws. Easy bluetooth pairing, no signal loss, durable battery (by the way, the charging dock makes life 100% easier)...

    I'd say its regular price is a bit much (46 USD). That and the poor lows are the only cons I can think of for this product!

    Delivery feedback (BR):
    Liberado da fiscalização em Curitiba 6 dias depois de chegar ao Brasil e os Correios não cobraram taxa. Depois da fiscalização, demorou só 5 dias pra ser entregue! (Campos - Rio de Janeiro)

    Jan 28,2019

  • Stanley
    Produto top
    Produto muito bom de alta qualidade sonora. envio rápido.

    Redução de ruído HD, chamada clara, estabilidade do sinal, conexão sem barreiras de 10m

    Orador feito sob encomenda do boro do ferro do neodymium de 7.2mm com projeto original da estrutura da cavidade para reduzir 2 vezes a mistura

    Capacidade da bateria de 40mAh

    Chip Bluetooth V5.0

    Como seu irmão QCY-Q26, a versão Mini 2 parece bastante compacta. O tamanho do fone de ouvido é ainda menor que seu antecessor Q26. Com um tamanho modesto e um acabamento 100% plástico, o peso do fone de ouvido é bastante leve, com cerca de 4,9g. Isso torna o uso de fones de ouvido por muito mais tempo e mais confortável.

    De acordo com a nova tendência de design, o QCY-Mini 2 usa fones de ouvido inclinados. Este design é menor, mas tornará o headset mais natural e confortável. Combinado com pontas auriculares de silicone macio, a acústica dos auscultadores torna-se muito melhor.

    Mantendo uma qualidade sonora, o Microfone é parte integrante deste auricular sem fios QCY. O grande design do microfone e a direção da boca da pessoa tornam mais fácil e estável a aquisição do som.

    Apr 20,2019

  • Dany
    Audiophile on budget
    As programmer and person under earphones sound for 10 hours every day, I can say that this earbuds are worth every dollar they cost. I’m and audiophile on budget but always trying to buy and use quality sound producers whether speakers, headphones or something else.

    Sound is nice and bass is really good. Some reviews on the net are talking about lack of bass. This is not a true. We can only speak about shades of it and personal preferences. Highs and mids are truly ok for this price range and good for regular listening. In the end, we are talking about 24$ earbuds. Battery life is in the range from 2.5 – 3 hours on 65-70% loudness (laptop). Charging time is about 45 minutes to 1h.

    They can be used as running earbuds if you run slowly as me (jogging on 9-10 min pace). Didn’t try any long faster runs.

    Only problem I have is uncomfortable feeling with small ear pain after long time wearing (6-7 hours). It really depends on the structure of consumer ears.

    Apr 27,2019

  • Pritam
    Perfect for the price.
    I gave it a full 5 stars because that is the most relevant product in the category of earpods. This product is not too expensive and yet doesn't look cheap.
    I've used them for a couple of days and them seem to work pretty perfectly.
    The sound quality is quite satisfactory if not great. But trust me for this price this is absolutely worth it.
    I've tried running and riding my bike and these earpods were intact. They set quite well with the ear.

    Also, the product was shipped by gearbest with a delay because it was out of stock but it reached me in 6-7 days after it was shipped.

    Also I'd like to mention that one of my earpods had slipped off my hand and hit the floor from a good height and yet it didn't malfunction or break. so the build quality is really good.

    Don't think twice! Just Gear Best it.
    I'm in love with this company.

    Jan 16,2019

  • Rimas
    Qute, little, works good.
    They are smaller than expected. Sits nicely in my ears (which are incapable of holding airpods). I can feel some uncomfort after a long wear, though, but nothing to write home about. Overal sound quality is pretty good for the price. There are some compression artifacts here and there, but overal sound is quite good and pleasant to listen. Not the best as in bass epression and hights clarity, but pretty good. Maybe mids are a little less expressed. Stereo separation is good too. I had no connection problems, only if taken out of cradle after a while without audio signal they turn off. It is fixed by putting in the cradle and taken out again. The connection stays stable at the distance longer than the previous BT generation. General rule - better the quality of the recording, better sound in those airphones. Calls work great too.

    May 06,2019

  • Kerem
    F/P Ürünü
    İndirimdeyken 110₺'ye aldım. Ses kalitesi fiyatına göre gayet iyi. Rüzgarsız ortamda mikrofondanda herhangi bir sıkıntı göremedim. 1000₺ vererek AirPods alacak paranız yoksa kesinlikle öneririm. Tuşlar fiziksel, tek tıklamada durdurma, soldakine çift tıklama önceki şarkı, sağdakina çift tıklama da sonraki şarkıya geçiyor. BT 5.0 destekleyen telefonunuz varsa daha iyi şarj ve ses performansı alabileceğiniz söyleniyor, pek bir fikrim yok. Cihazınız BT4.2 destekliyorsa da geriye dönülebilir olduğu için bağlanmada sorun yaşamıyorsunuz. 4.2 için bile mesafe gayet iyi, çabucak kopmuyor. Ayrı ayrı da kullanabiliyorsunuz, fakat Android'de şarj göstergesi yok telefonda. Kısacası öneririm, düşünmeden alın, bu fiyata en iyisi budur. Kargo açısından da PTT'yi takip edin. Bekletip ya da teslim edilmedi yazabilir kargo takipte. 17Track ve pttkargotakip' ten takip edebilirsiniz.

    Jan 24,2019

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Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

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