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  • csx
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    very bright LEDs, in addition each module is capable of displaying all the RGB colours including whitedecent choice of music mode to cater for different genres. there is a simple jumping or fading mode as well should you need it.only complain is that the sensor is not sensitive enough and probably for good reasons. it would have to be placed near to the source or better yet a subwoofer to work properly. likely designed to be so as it would not pick up as much background noise.should only be a issue if you plan to use it indoor and at low volumes thou

    Dec 05,2018

  • vagpap
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    Led strip music reaction
    this led strip with music reaction and remote control. everything works perfect and it is working with music and with tha remote control

    Sep 18,2018

  • Ruca
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    Works perfect
    It looks realy nice on the stage. That was the propose, for a kids show. Great colors and the remote control works perfect.

    Nov 16,2018

  • alex
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    Excellent product.
    Excellent product. I'm very satisfied with the quality of this product. I will recommend it.

    Feb 10,2020

  • alex
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    Excellent product.
    Excellent product. I am very satisfied with the quality of the this product. I suggest it.

    Dec 19,2019

  • Vasilis M
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    Best led strip light
    It’s amazing.. Very good product... thank you a lot!!

    Dec 13,2019

  • fab30
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    led de boa qualidade .... intensidade da luz, bastante agravável .... micro do controlador bastante sensível.

    Apr 02,2019

  • helder jose
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    Great quality
    Parfait pour ce que je cherché !Grande qualité et une instalation simple.

    Dec 10,2019

  • Maxi
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB
    It's a great led strip which is very bright and cool functions working together with the music

    May 06,2019

  • Were
    Ja (0) Farbe: RGB

    Jan 20,2020