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  • Karry
    It is a Huawei Original Product
    very useful, Smart adaptation of mobile phone demand, adaptive charging voltage output, less heat generation during charging, with Type-C original data cable, high quality core,multi-layer security protection. Great product in a Huawei's nice sealed box. It works very fast. Full charge in about 1 hour. Excellent charger. Great replacement if you lose your factory one. I'm very happy with my purchase, it works perfectly!

    Jun 29,2019

  • Jackson
    Super fast charging!
    As advertised, original Huawei charger. Super fast is understatement, the phone and charger are awesome! This is the only one that is 100% real and authentic Huawei supercharger anything else is a counterfeit and the counterfeit will damage your device this Huawei supercharger is specifically for the Huawei mate 9 proprietary charging system. The product is fully meet my expection and deliver to me prety fast

    Jun 29,2019

  • Cheryl Julius
    Perfect replacement
    This is an original Huawei charger. I'm very happy with my purchase, it works perfectly! Works great. Super charges just like the one that came with my mate 20 pro. I even bought an power inverter to plug into the cigarette lighter port so I can have fast charging on the go. I don't even need a power bank anymore! It does start to get hot if you use it for over half an hour though. good product and price.

    Jun 30,2019

  • sergio botello
    These charger is really amazing I've never thought that I will find and original Huawei supercharge and I did it these charge is amazing it does support 22 w it work perfectly on mu ante 20 x.........

    Nov 12,2019

  • sergio botello
    These is a 100 precent original Huawei supercharge comen in a box with authenticity scratch code. Comes with ue connector but doesn't matter I put an us adapter.......................................

    Oct 20,2019

  • Micael Feteira
    Huawei Fast Charger
    Really Happy with the product. its official, it works . Arrived in Portugal after 2 and a half weeks

    Apr 05,2019

  • Thadowww
    Original Supercharger
    Took about two months to arrive to Johannesburg (Registered Shipping). Everythng's intact and working properly on my P10 Plus.

    Jun 28,2019

  • Tiago
    Huawei Supercharge
    Just amazed....
    Best buy ever, for 3 times less the cost!
    Really satisfied!!

    Oct 11,2019

  • yabase
    received sucessfully
    received successfully, thanks for your support, working very fine, after order it takes 32 days to reach .....

    May 06,2019

  • Leo Peacock
    good product and price. This is a genuine product. I will keep this brand and seller in my favorite list.

    Jun 28,2019