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  • Grey
    Captain X3
    + Very powerful - you can enjoy your highest clouds as well.
    + Low price - 3 batteries, and RBA, and a box mod for 66 Euros - yeah thats sounded like a good price
    + Compact for a tripla 20700 - actually its not a small mod, but the 90% size of the machine is about the batteries, thats something.
    + The X3 RBA is a nice thing, the X3 - C coild are hard to get due to this is a new thing, you cant just buy it from any shop.
    -Quality of the machine: its terrible, but seriously, after 2 weeks its broken AF
    2 weeks of use than the 510 connector has malfunctioned, the sensor told me that it is 9 OHM, however i was using 0.4 ohm coil, ( of corse it has not allowed me to use it, error message: no automizer ) it is working randomly now... ?! it is hardware issue not software!
    - The cup of the battery is really undemanding, it just opens and shot out the batteries to the ground ( with damaged battery its really dangerous to use )
    - the batteries itself is really weak, i mean i have 18650 batteries that are way more powerful. 3000Mah and 40 A is really a cheap thing for a 20700 battery - however i couldnt try out the full power because it started to malfunctioning at 130 W.
    - Ijoy has made some mistakes this time, probably all of them because its too compact to be good.
    - i recommend it only for a submachine, not your main, and only if you have 70 Euros for wasting - and if you buy it, also buy a silicone case, maybe that will help you to keep the batteries in place.
    - overall: its really powerful and satisfying, im just disappointed that it lasted only for 2 weeks, that would be shame even for a copy, but its joytech now, so its a below level of shame

    Mar 27,2018

  • IJOY
    Kapitän X3
    Kraftvoll, liegt gut in der Hand, angenehm zum dampfen. Nicht ganz so leicht aber wenn wundert es mit drei 20700 Akkus!
    Bis jetzt noch keine!

    Jul 03,2018

  • Ijoy
    Super Akkuträger
    Ich kann den Akkuträger nur weiter empfehlen

    Jun 21,2018

  • haraldkondrotas
    Ijoy X3
    gut lesbares Display in Farbe.
    liegt für so einen großen Mod sehr gut in der Hand.
    sehr gute Verarbeitung.
    Akkudeckel ist sehr fummelig.

    Jan 10,2018

  • Markus K
    Sehr schönes Gerät
    Schönes Teil mit schriller Farbe sehr zeitgemäß wie ich finde

    Apr 11,2019

  • ProSteam
    Guter mod kommt in deutschland leider ohne akkus an

    Nov 07,2018