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  • Maddy
    Nice charging base
    I now own two of these charging bases. One is on my nightstand and the other is on my wife’s. Overall they are convenient and easy to use. All that is required is for you to put your phone or ear buds on the bases and allow them to charge. This bases simplifies all that by allowing me to wirelessly charge my devices without damaging the cable or connectors.

    Nov 12,2020

  • Holly
    Finally found it
    I was looking for something that I could rely upon to charge my multiple devices. I've had to make sure that my work phone (iOS) and my personal phone (android), as well as my airpods and Samsung buds were all charged up and ready to go. This device totally fulfilled all my expectation. I highly recommend it to you.

    Oct 23,2020

  • Poplin
    Decent product
    Great charger, it is on a par with other expensive brands

    Dec 07,2020

  • Anonymous
    Nice and compact
    Nice and compact, does what it's supposed to do

    Oct 15,2020

  • Auggie
    Well Built Product, Portable, Easy to Use

    Oct 06,2020

  • Katie
    perfect charger
    Nearly perfect phone charger, Love it

    Dec 18,2020

  • Binh
    Like it
    Very nice charger, I’m fond of it

    Nov 06,2020