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  • fernando
    KZ-ED9 Auriculares Hi-F
    muy buenos se escuchan genial recomiendo El KZ ED9 auriculares con micrófono con diseño de doble conductor meticulosa estructura acústica. El bajo es abundante, el campo de sonido es más vaster que auriculares normales. Diseñado con una tecnología de alambre de memoria, los auriculares in-ear que sea más fácil de mantener en movimiento, proporcionando un locked-in ajuste
    Válvula de canal de sonido independiente
    La válvula evitando la interferencia de ondas de sonido de cada conductor. Para proteger el sonido no es la distorsión del conductor.
    Los dos pilotos en la misma vivienda, facilidad para causar interferencia de la onda de sonido. El ZS1 tiene la mejora que las controlador Dual Auriculares normales. Construido canal de sonido independiente para cada conductor, el sonido no se conflicto
    El divisor de frecuencia precisa para cada frecuencia
    La característica circuito de regulación Fractional Frecuencia, meticulosamente para el conductor. Para cada característica conductor, meticulosamente calibrar el divisor de frecuencia. El agudos es más clara, el bajo es steadie
    El controlador de 8 mm de refuerzo de graves y agudos de 6,8 mm) conductor, más fuerte de cada frecuencia
    La unidad de diafragma de midbass y agudos tienen un rico, más fuerte rendimiento en graves, medios y agudos.
    La estructura vertical controlador Dual auricular, los graves es Coto. El general humano Cavum conchae Diámetro es de 11 mm, el único controlador no será más grande que 5.8 mm.
    Conductores: 8 mm + 6.8 mm
    Largo de cable: 3,9 ft (1.2 m) 108 Core crygen cable de cobre libre de oxígeno
    Acústica: 98 dB y Ohm
    Tipo de Conector: 3.5 mm chapado en oro jack en ángulo de 90 grados
    Peso: 0.75oz (21g)
    Contenido del Paquete:
    KZ ZS1 con auriculares de micrófono
    Para auriculares in-ear: Pequeño, Mediano y Grande (3 en total)
    ninguno son geniales muy buenos se escuchan genial recomiendo

    Mar 16,2018

  • Grish
    KZ ED9, best budget earbuds
    KZ is a great brand to look at when trying to get great audio quality at a cheap price. The ED9 I ordered from gearbest sounds fantastic for the price and can compete with headphones, earbuds, and iems up to hundreds of dollars.

    At 18 Ohm's they are not hard to drive on a smartphone, so their sound isn't too dependent on what device someone use. (Some say that they improve some with external amps/DACs)
    Because the earbuds come with two filters I will first be reviewing the Brass filter.
    Brass Sound
    It sounds fantastic, it's pretty balanced. The bass is barely boosted and is fantastic, and the midrange is forward and neutral and detailed, simply perfect. The treble is something else, so far with around 15-20 hours of listening, I am saying that the treble is boosted a bit, it is occasionally sibilant, but is great. I mentioned my burn in because sound can change in earbuds the more they're burnt in. I've heard on Head-fi that the treble does cool down at around 100 hours I think. I'm looking forward to this cool down because I love a flat sound. The soundstage is surprisingly great, there is a great amount of width and depth to the music when listening to properly mixed and recorded music (Pink Floyd, Hall and Oates, Phoenix [specifically Alphabetical], etc) If I were to pick another earphone that this sound similar to this filter, I'd say it sounds quite close to the Dunu Titan 1. The soundstage isn't as forward, and the bass isn't as boosted as the Dunu but otherwise exactly the same.

    Gold Filter
    Honestly, I have barely listened to this filter because&n
    The that the earphones came in is nice, but the to pops off quite easily, so it might be smart to invest in a caring case of you don't like caring earbuds in your pocket unprotected.
    The provided earbuds to put on it grip well, but don't feel great so for some it can be uncomfortable. I'm not saying they're bad, especially for the price I've seen worse, but a good piece of silicon can make a world of a difference for some.
    Can't think of anything else to nitpick about the product so I'm gonna talk about the price on Gearbest. Fortunately, Gearbest has a price match feature that takes a few days to go into effect, but right now the ED9 is sold for around $10-$15 on Aliexpress and $23 here. They should try to be more competitive without our help.

    Mar 20,2016

  • Helder Ladeira
    KZ-ED9 Super Bass HiFi Earphones with Microphone
    These headphones are the best choice in price and quality!
    After 3 weeks of intensive use, the sound quality has improved even more! The microphone works perfectly on iPhone. I strongly advise these headphones. And without a doubt, I advise you to make the purchase at Gearbest! Even though it may cost a few cents more than a few "virtual" stores but here we always have the guarantee on quality in everything we buy. And if something is not 100% Gearbest will always have an excellent solution for us! Until my next purchase Gearbest!
    I thank you for your attention.
    Best Regards
    Helder Ladeira da Silva

    Estes auscultadores são a melhor escolha em preço e qualidade!
    Após 3 semanas de uso intensivo, a qualidade do som melhorou ainda mais! O microfone funciona perfeitamente no iPhone. Eu aconselho fortemente estes fones de ouvido. E sem dúvida, eu aconselho você a fazer a compra no Gearbest! Mesmo que possa custar alguns cêntimos a mais do que algumas outras lojas "virtuais" mas aqui nós temos sempre a garantia na qualidade em tudo que nós compramos. E se algo não estiver a 100% Gearbest sempre terá uma excelente solução para nós! Até minha próxima compra Gearbest!
    Eu agradeço a sua atenção.
    Helder Ladeira da Silva
    Absolutely nothing to report!

    Absolutamente nada a assinalar!

    May 15,2017

    KZ-ED9 В-ухо 3,5-миллиметровые наушники
    Inside the box, on the foam pad, there are headphones themselves, and there are special seats for additional attachments, which, by the way, are as many as three pairs. The headphone cases are metal and quite large. They provide compensation holes located at the hard plastic leads of the wires. And in the cases and in both pairs of sound guides there are metal grids.
    Pointers of the right and left headphones are present in the form of full names in English on top of the cases.
    The wire is of average thickness, medium flexibility and pretty well remembers the shape.
    The cases of the cable divider and the gilded g-shaped plug are made of hard rubber-like plastic.
    Low frequencies even without a deep sub-bass, but very good. Clearly, quickly and extensively the working drum recovers. The lower middle is very cool in conveying its resonance, and if you rise a little higher, you can find both an excellent workman and worthy dynamic braces. - the very "quality" that GR lacked. The upper middle and high are not clamped, which allows them to form a clean, transparent sound with a wide scene.
    Very good headphones for little money. Not a market leader, but definitely a model that you should pay close attention to when choosing headphones. Knowledge Zenith ED9 is one of those models that have a special, but at the same time very pleasant sound.

    Aug 03,2017

  • KZ ED9 with Mic
    Great in-ear phone
    Build in metal, appears to last for a good time
    Coming with two distinct filters is really a plus for a phone with this price
    Its package come with different sized eartips, S M L, and another Medium to quickly change between the filters, without needing to change the eartips
    The case that it comes in is really cool but not too practical to carrying around

    About the sound:
    It's really amazing, low, mids and high are very clear, emphasis on its bass which is very pleasable to hear, deep and fast, a good deal for those who are looking for a cheap earphone to listen to Pop and Electronic music, and with the mids that it provides it does a good job in Rock and Metal too, highs are bright and complement the whole experience, and the two filters that it comes with auxiliates you to choosing between a more bassy sound or a balanced one, and it responds very well to equalizing, resuming it is a really a great experience for a in-ear phone that costs less than 10 dollars
    Slightly loose when using it lying on bed
    Sometimes when you pause a music using the button in the mic it starts doing a static noise and it stops when you remove and plug in the phone again

    Aug 27,2017

  • Aleksander
    KZ ED9 Mic for Russian buyers
    Наушники хорошие, я бы сказал на уровне SH CX 300, есть сменные звуководы, можно изменить качество звука, басы или ВЧ.
    Микрофон работает хорошо.
    Штекер 3.5 Г-образный.
    Разделитель проводов выглядит крепко и надежно, думаю не порвется.
    Сами уши тяжелые, но не выпадают. Есть надпись какой наушник для какого уха.
    Заушная посадка работает, ничего не мешает и не выпадают.
    Сетка на обратной стороне ушей ничего не пропускает, это дизайн, не более.
    Провод не путается. Вроде как резина а вроде и пластик, приятный, не собирает пыль. Не передает шум от трения одежды.

    Звуковой вкус у всех свой, мне понравились эти наушники.
    В подарок вы получаете коробочку для мелочи)
    Из-за того что уши тяжелые, когда вы их снимаете, в провисании они бьются друг о друга, сбивается краска.
    Насадки почти индивидуальные, это самое плохое. От SH не подойдут, вы их не натянете. Надо покупать пенки T200 или T100. Для обычных ушей T400 подходят. Есть ли сменные силиконки нужного размера, даже не знаю.
    Наушники длиннее популярных представителей, в шапке носить не реально, давят внутри уха, и меняется звук, носить исключительно без шапки.

    Dec 06,2016

  • Дмитрий
    Отличные наушники
    Очень неплохие наушники типа "затычки". Корпус изготовлен из металла, приятно тяжелые. При небольшом размере дают хороший бас. В комплекте 2 пары сменных звуководов, это фишка и особенность модели. Звуководы с отверстиями дают более ровную АЧХ, без провалов и перекосов, это мой выбор. "Басовые" звуководы делают звук V-образным, значительно подымается бас, его становится много, но при этом
    проваливается середина, на такой звук тоже найдется много любителей. Провод стандартно для KZ хорошего качества. Возможность настроить звук под себя, высокое качество звука, компактный размер, при умеренной цене делают эту модель очень хорошим выбором к покупке.
    Не обнаружено.

    Oct 15,2017

  • Serj
    отличные наушники с нестабильным качеством
    достойный звук, услышал много нового в давно знакомых композициях. басы есть, но не перегружены. я использую звуководы с отверстиями, на мой вкус - самый раз. если кто хочет басов побольше - тогда берём глухие. середина тоже вполне. верха есть, за такую цену очень даже, но хотелось бы побольше.
    кабель норм: не перекручивается, зимой не дубует. может немного жестковат, но лично я привык, мне удобно.
    как гарнитура очень удобна: зимой не надо лезть в карман за телефоном. просто нажал кнопку и разговариваешь. микрофон неплохо работает, собеседники не жаловались на плохое качество.
    нестабильное качество. это мои вторые ed9, первые отработали год и умерли в разъёме. заказал новые. левое ухо шипит(( не всегда, но проскакивает. очень расстроило. начал разбирать - собраны тяп-ляп. руки бы за это отрывать. металлическая сетка наклеена криво, проволока от сетки торчит во все стороны. источник хрипа долго искал: оказалось маленький кружочек липкой ленты, закрывающий изнутри звуковод, наклеен неровно и неплотно прилегает к звуководу. он и шумел.
    кроме того, на первых ушах не было проблем со звуководами. здесь уже два раза чуть не потерял - раскручиваются. думаю на капельку герметика посадить, пока не потерял.

    Apr 08,2018

  • Elias
    the most popular and most recommended KZ’s of the bunch
    The ED9s do mostly everything right, in addition to sporting a nice party piece; interchangeable filters.
    Unlike many iems with such a feature, these filters make a massive difference to my ears. The Gold filters (G), which are my preference, boost bass and treble. The Brass filters (B) bring a more reference sound to the mix, balancing them out across the board. They still have boosted bass with either filter in place, but less so with the brass filters.

    They have a pretty cool design. An open-backed, octagonal housing, great strain reliefs all around, and what I think is a pretty good cable apart from the bounciness.
    They don’t have the premium feel of ANV or solidness of the ED3, but they’re no slouch either.
    The trebble can be a little bit harsh for some.

    Jan 19,2017

  • Dmitry
    not neutral, but very interesting and cheap earphones
    For the price the sound is very decent. I like the alloy housing of the earphones and mic. If the earphones are properly seated in ear the bass is elevated. It could be tiresome with the very bass heavy music, or it could be fun with a lot of genres that benefit this. Midrange where the vocals live are a bit mudded, but it's not bad enough to be annoying. The highs definitely have some irregularities in the spectrum, but it's not tiresome or sibilant.

    Overall - not neutral, but very interesting and cheap earphones.
    The cable I don't like. It clings to things, coils, and when it got caught in the door handle one time the outer metal weave seen through the plastic got all messed up. Still works though. It smoothed over time, but is still visible (see photos, near the jack, I've used them for about half a year).

    I've had some complaints about not hearing me when I talk via the on-cable mic - too much street noise comes through.

    And don't bother with included alternative metal tube inserts. I found nothing good about the sound with alternative installed.

    Feb 27,2018