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  • Alex
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    KZ PP Earphones Accessory Box Organizer for Headphones
    Actual box product as accurately described on website. Box size is just right and fits easily into bag. Box material is sturdy and can withstand impact and compression. Internal of box is lined with foam on both sides and spacious enough to fit my pair of KZ ZST earphones with silver braided cables. Can be used to keep other small delicate items to prevent loss and breakage. Value for money, highly recommended!

    Sep 23,2018

  • Caja KZ
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    Interesante compra
    Tamaño no muy grande, pero suficiente para introducir un par de auriculares con sus cables. Muy buen cierre a traves de varias pestañas. Color negro bastante resistente. El logo de la marca hace que sea algo mas bonita, sobre todo por el contraste del negro con el naranja. Muy contento con la compra. Recomendable.

    Sep 07,2018

  • Faruk
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    A very useful box
    Excellent headphone box. Quality is perfect. It has enough space for headphones of all sizes. Dimensions are great because it has room for action camera. My recommendation to all customers. Thank you

    Feb 28,2018

  • Fotis
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    KZ PP Earphones Accessory box for headphones
    Really sturdy plastic box, great build quality, it's padded inside to protect your gear and seals really good. It fells like it could survive a drop from the 5th floor (Never tried it). A really useful little box for your headphones or other small things.

    Feb 13,2019

  • Aleksey
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    Good conainer for saving your favorite earphones
    Good conainer for saving your favorite earphones from KZ. Strong material, good factoring, a lot of space, but does not have silicon for prevent from water. Reasonable price. Recomended.

    Feb 21,2018

  • Unolord
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    Perfect IEM Storage
    I purchased two of these to store my KZ ZS10 Pro and KZ ZSN Pro and both fit perfectly in each case. The case is solid with foam inserts. IEMs will fit in this case with no issues. If stored properly you might even be able to fit two pairs in each case.Highly recommended.

    Jul 15,2019

  • Sergey
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    KZ PP Earphones Accessory Box
    Дошло за 18 дней с треком Азербайджана, покупал за 2.2$, качество хорошее, защелки тугие, верх и низ проклеен поролоном, бока твердые - без поролона, в принципе соответствует своей цене.

    May 23,2018

  • Vladimir
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    good sturdy box
    good studry boxcan easily manage to fit 2 pairs of earphones alongside cables and eartipshas foam inside so it protects it betterreally really good stuff for carry earphones in bags

    Jul 12,2019

  • Raz_Drum
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    Gran Protector
    es un estuche lo suficiente grande para almacenar hasta dos pares de monitores y un adaptador, resistente para caídas y golpes accidentales protegiendo correctamente
    creo que el sistema de cerrado es un poco rustico pero funciona muy bien

    May 08,2018

  • Miguel F
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    Undoubtedly it is a good size and will protect the headphones in any type of fall and crushing, the closure is very good and will not open by accident, if it is dust approved, and has an internal protection for the headphones, but I do not think is water approved, this case is perfect if you have space, you can be sure that it works well

    Sep 29,2018