Männliche weiche Knöchel-gepolsterte dicke-Sohle beiläufige lederne Schuhe
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Männliche weiche Knöchel-gepolsterte dicke-Sohle beiläufige lederne Schuhe

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Herren Klassiker, passt hervorragend zu allen Outfits! Verleihen Sie Ihrem Outfit einen energiegeladenen Look mit Schweinslederobermaterial, gepolstertem Knöchel und offensichtlichen Stitch-Details an den Seiten für zusätzlichen Style und klassisches Plain Toe und Split-Joint-Design mit glattem Stoff und Textil-Futter. Gepolstertes Fußbett für Komfort und nicht Außensohle.

• Obermaterial: Schweinsleder
• Laufsohlenmaterial: Gummi

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Allgemeine Information

Typ: Casual Leather Shoes
Material: Leather,Rubber
Muster: Solide
Anlass: Täglich,Kleid,Festtage,Büro,Party,Reiten,Einkaufen,Sport
Jahreszeiten: Herbst,Frühling
Stilelemente: Freizeit,Komfortable,Streetstyle,Freizeit,Ausdruckstanz
Verschluss: Schnürung
Sohlenmaterial: Leder
Schuhspitze: Rund
Dekoration: Teilt Verbinden
Funktionen: Slip Resistant


Verpackungsgröße (L x B x H): 31,00 x 20,00 x 13,00 cm / 12,2 x 7,87 x 5,12 Zoll


Inhalt: 1 x Paar Schuhe, 1 x Box
  • Größentabelle
  • Zoll
  • Zentimeter
EU US Foot Length
15 2 .in 9 .in
15 2 .in 9 .in
16 3 .in 9 .in
16 3 .in 10 .in
16 3 .in 10 .in
17 3 .in 10 .in
17 3 .in 10 .in
18 3 .in 11 .in
.in .in
.in .in
.in .in
EU US Foot Length
39 7 .cm 24.5 .cm
40 7.5 .cm 25 .cm
41 8 .cm 25.5 .cm
42 8.5 .cm 26 .cm
43 9 .cm 26.5 .cm
44 9.5 .cm 27 .cm
45 10 .cm 27.5 .cm
46 10.5 .cm 28 .cm
.cm .cm
.cm .cm
.cm .cm

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  • Jonathan Ambrose
    I was a little nervous ordering shoes online since I had never done that before, I have a wide foot with a high arch so I usually have to order a larger size to fit my foot in the shoe comfortably, When I received the shoe it was ample wide but a bit loose, I was expecting them to feel very comfortable when I put them on because of the reviews but the insoles are stiffer than what I expected, The good news is that since they were a bit loose I was able to add a softer insole to balance out the stiffness that I was experiencing, All in all I am very happy with this purchase, These shoes are sturdy with adequate support, The ample sole on these shoes will last a long time and I believe I will be able to use them for several years

    Apr 04,2018

  • Daniel Rosales
    i was leary of slip-ons as past experienced suggested that they might not `` work'' for my feet and would either be uncomfortably tight or perhaps would have too much slop in the heel, fit my feet great and are very comfortable, the stretchy part -LRB- roughly where laces would normally go -RRB- is neither too tight nor too loose, always lace-ups -RRB- but had recently tried Keen for my everyday shoes, excellent support, excellent comfort

    Jul 20,2018

  • Matthew Stephens
    Oh wow gang !!!! For those that think that soft fleet shoes are good for plantar fasciitis think again, I looked up a list she gave me and finally find these wonderful shoes, I replaced the inner cushion right off after reading some reviews about a squeak and honestly I was not to empresses with the one that came with the shoes

    Feb 04,2018

  • Michael Jacob
    only complaint is the inside lining it doesn't t last long cause I walk in them a lot they back of the shoes are the first to fail but again I am using them a lot ... They tend to be tight on arrival and stretch after a couple weeks I use a shoe horn to stretch, I also put in an extra padded sole as the factory sole is not great

    Dec 24,2017

  • Kevin Skeete
    These mocks are comfortable so far for normal walking and they do not cause any hot spots or blisters that I tend to get, I got the light taupe color because of the lower price but I would normally get a dark brown color, So far it's a good shoe but only after three weeks use

    Oct 30,2018

  • DrStTee
    This by far and away the best shoe I have ever owned or worn, buy a new pair, and they look fine with a pair of dress khakis as well as with jeans, My grandfather was a lifelong podiatrist and even he approved of these shoes -LRB- rare -RRB-

    Mar 25,2018

  • cortez
    I'm very happy with these shoes, I usually wear a half-size bigger shoe, These are very good quality, Also these shoes are easy to slip on and off, the traction is great, if you are outdoors the traction is great, the shoes are still fine

    Nov 17,2017

  • Garey G.
    The nub pattern on the bottom is much better than the criss-cross pattern I had on my last pair, I am a teacher and I wear these with khaki pants to have a comfortable shoe that supports my feet because I rarely sit down all day

    Mar 03,2018

  • Mike McElligott
    great traction, good support, wear them out as casual wear ... only place I don't wear them is to work and church -LRB- usually -RRB-, or WA in that they keep your feet pretty warm -LRB- and fairly dry - note

    Mar 10,2018

  • Ahmed SHimi
    good support for teaching and work in a laboratory, My feet have widened over the years and with winter socks I went up a half-size and to ` wide' from medium

    Jan 26,2018

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Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

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