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  • Christopher
    It's beautiful, minimal, sleek, simple, small, and everything I have ever wanted in an alarm clock. I don't usually write reviews but absolutely fell in love with this little alarm clock. It definitely has some unique features, but these are all features that I personally always wanted but never found. If you are looking for a portable, aesthetic, minimal alarm clock, I highly recommend this little one!

    Nov 08,2020

  • Angel
    Great little clock
    I needed a small clock in our family room, that was unobtrusive. This one fit the bill. After receiving it I unpacked it and everything looked great. This small clock's digits are large enough that I can read it across the room without effort, and is a good replacement for the clock on the tv cable box.

    Dec 12,2020

  • Beverly
    Durable and Bright
    It’s quite chic for a little digital clock. The display is bright enough and big enough that I can see the time. Would definitely recommend it.

    Jan 05,2021

  • Ruth
    Works great!
    Very pleased with this item. Numbers beautifully displayed and very legible at any part of the day / night.

    Dec 27,2020

  • Robert
    Worth the price.
    I wanted a digital clock that would show the time in 24 hour format at a reasonable price. This was it.

    Dec 10,2020

  • Hannah
    This is a unique digital alarm clock with a modern display and design.

    Feb 11,2021