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  • Antonio
    Ja (1) Farbe: Negro
    Pretty slick and very fast!
    The device arrived quickly and I've had many of these but this is definitely the best value for money and in addition to being very nice on the outside it's pretty good in playing 4K videos without delay. The specs are remarkable and it is the best box in class.MagicSee developers also upload new firmwares so the device seems to have long life as well.

    Feb 02,2019

  • byron j patterson
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    It comes with a remote and instructions, the menu interface is super easy to use and so far I'm pleased, the remote controller works great above all, with my last TV box from another brand I had to point directly the controller so it was quite uncomfortable and also it interfered with my TV remote It does not get hot or any problems shown so far, consistent system

    Jul 10,2017

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    design and efficient
    Its design breaks with square boxes, and its blue lines light up.Works without problems under android 7.1.2. Accept all my applications. Screen definition at the top.The remote control is different from the ones we usually know and can control the TV for the 4 most important functions: sound + sound - TV line input, and off / on TV.I connected a 500GB hard drive to the USB port and it was not a downside: RAM that is only 1.7 GB instead of 2 GB announced ... But there is enough.

    Dec 28,2018

  • Oleksandr
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    tv box в стиле iron man
    TV Box is a practical and smart media player. 2G of RAM and 16 permanent memory plus extraordinary appearance , the presence of Root rights makes this console the winner in the category price-quality!! Also, the advantages of this device include a weak heating of the console due to the well-optimized firmware!

    Aug 15,2018

  • Lori Smith
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    I had an issue on the device that the wifi gets disabled each day until I restart the box, after my initial review their customer service dept reached out to me and they have tried hard to make me satisfied on the purchase, other than the issue I had on wifi I do like the other features of the tv box

    May 15,2018

  • Katie Kay
    Ja (0) Farbe: Negro
    Watching movies and TV shows are great, the remote is handy for turning box on and off, use a Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo enabling me better control of the TV Box, i have used TV Boxes for years and always look for faster boxes with better processors, more memory and storage

    Sep 12,2017

    Ja (0) Farbe: Negro
    The TV box is small that save me a lot of space and very easy to setup with TV just by connecting the HDMI cable with my TV and follow the instructions to enter my WiFi info then everything is ready to watch, the interface and remote are user friendly ; it is easy for kids or elders

    Dec 26,2017

  • Jennifer Angione
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    This small box has google play store so I can download and install the TV and video apps myself, the interface is simple and intuitive, a wireless mouse is anyway needed and it tured out the mouse could be used right after I plugged the receiver in and and solved the issue

    Nov 27,2017

    Ja (0) Farbe: Negro
    This TV Box is much better than my old one, look at the friendly interface, well-designed human-computer interaction and fast stream of videos and films ; they are all greater than my old device, it will be a big plus if there are more pre-installed games with the box itself

    Sep 03,2018

  • Tania
    Ja (0) Farbe: Negro
    MAGICSEE Iron TV Box - Black 2+16G
    I ordered this box because of good price and stable quality of Magicsee TV boxes. Processor Amlogic S905X is not new, but works good for the purpose of online TV and Movies. For gaming it will be not so fast? but I do not play android games on my smart box. Shipped with Tracking by Netherland Post to Ukraine - 20 days - OK.

    Jul 30,2019