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  • Turbo IV
    GREAT little BRIGHT light!! I LOVE IT!!
    This little light is SUPER BRIGHT for starters! Even brighter than I imagined it would be!! It has three levels of brightness and that is awesome especially for my aplication! It can be and mine is so powered by a power block of any kind or size that puts out the usual 5V or so, just your usual USB power brick!! AWESOME!! I took mine and made a make shift mount with a GoPro mount and some zip ties and hot glue and made a SUPER BRIGHT HEADLIGHT FOR MY SCOOTER!! I was SO tired of riding my scooter at just past sunset for the lights on the thing stock are just not bright at all and are aimed totally wrong and there is no adjustment for aiming so I took this and my mount and can connect and disconnect it from the scooter anytime I wish for I like to put a GoPro or camera dash cam of some sort there during the day just for precaution....But then if it is dark I can whip this little guy out and screw on the GoPro mount to the scooter and BAM! I have some killr lights!! I’ll leave some pics below to see the brightness!! Thanks Gearbest awesome buy! Was an add on!!! LOVE IT!! Turbo IV.
    I do not have one bad thing to say about this little light if you are in the market for something like this look at my photos below and get one!!!!! It IS A GOOD ONE!!!!

    Aug 01,2018

  • Lubomir
    USB XML - T6 LED Bike Headlight - gearbest
    veľmi dobrý výrobok z číny
    spracovanie je super
    materiál je kov a plast - obal slúži ako chladenie osvetlenia lebo sa trošku ohrieva
    je maličké a na bicykli je nenápadné
    sila je výborná - má 3 úrovne osvetlenia
    prichytenie funguje skvele
    z nákupom som veľmi spokojný

    a very good product from China
    processing is great
    the material is metal and plastic - the packaging serves as a cooling of light because it heats a little
    is tiny and is unobtrusive on the bike
    the power is excellent - it has 3 levels of lighting
    the attachment works great
    I'm very satisfied with the purchase
    nahrieva sa - nie je veľký problém pri jazde - lebo vzduch ochladzuje svetlo

    it's hot - it's not a big problem driving - because the air cools the light

    Apr 10,2018

  • Gianluca Costantino
    lampada per bici fantastica
    lampadina arrivata in un pacchetto di cartone in perfette condizioni, dentro troviamo oltre la lampada, le istruzioni e gli elastici di due diverse dimensioni. appena accesa si vede subito che la lampada eroga un fascio di luce abbastanza ampio con un cono concentrato in mezzo, le tre modalità consentono una facile regolazione e già alla luminosità minima sarete in grado di viaggiare su strade (asfaltate) completamente buie e a bassa velocità (≈30km/h). è inoltre dotata del controllo di temperatura e over-voltage. la consiglierei a tutti, ottimo acquisto
    la modalità strobo è troppo fastidiosa, non la utilizzerete mai

    Oct 13,2017

  • Bobo
    Product as described, it works very well. I use it with an external battery.
    Main Features:
    - Mini bike headlight for night cycling, fishing, camping and other activities
    - One XML - T6 white light LED, super bright and output brightness can come to max 1200 lumens
    - Four switch modes: low brightness, middle brightness, high brightness, strobe
    - 5V USB charging port, convenient to get power supply
    - Waterproof design, IPX-6 waterproof grade, can be used in rainy days
    - Ultralight and compact, the light weighs only 50g
    - Aluminum alloy case and stainless steel bracket, rust-resistant and durable to us

    Mar 08,2019

  • Matti
    Good quality bike lamp!!!
    +Very good quality bike lamp!!
    +It's possible that is has ~800-1000 lumens ;) Power consumption is; Low:0.35A Middle:0.7A High:1.6A and it's the same with the added manual.
    + Lamp is suitable to use with powerbanks and protected/unprotected li-ion cell thanks to the voltage indicator; 3 bars; 4.2-3.8V; 2 bars: 3.8-3.4V; 1 bar 3.4V and below.
    +Strong and very small! In this price? There is no equal even compared to many more expensive counterparts. :)
    - Lamp became very hot when is used on the high mode but it's normal in this led and power in small housing.

    Oct 01,2017

  • Chayotero
    Very GOOD
    It is a very useful bicycle lamp, it is very easy to install and also has a very good construction.
    One of its advantages is its great luminosity.
    Another is its aluminum material that works as a great heatsink that generates, that after a while begins to heat up a lot.
    It was very useful, I hope to buy another one soon !!!!!!!!!!
    -The only bad thing is that the two leagues did not come

    Jul 24,2018

  • My name
    Nothing to complain about
    Perfect for bike helmet street lighting = strong enough to be clearly seen without dazzling on low mode for night, and powerfull enough strobe to be seen in daylight overtaking busy traffic jams into a cycle lane.
    Extra small and light.

    Rubberised and metal bracket is a good improvement compared to previous version.

    Power may not be enough for some people to light up their way in unlit conditions though.

    Jan 04,2019

  • NadGob
    Cheap, but well built Light
    I am surprised by the quality of this light. The light color is quite cold for my taste (somewhere around 7000 maybe)
    You can connect to anything that has USB port (PC, phone charger, powerbank)
    It has 3 modes plus strobe (which can be accessed anytime by long pressing the button)
    It's not very easy to use on bike, because you have to attach a powerbank to it.
    It gets pretty hot on high mode if it's not ventilated properly.

    May 19,2018

    Заказываю уже второй такой. очень компактный, но светит по взрослому) В полной темноте видно каждую трещинку на дороге. power bank нужен на 2А. от обычного работают только два режима яркости, а так их 4: три режима яркости и убийственный стробоскоп. Последние два режима в общем то я не использую, очень слепит прохожих, аж рукой закрываются. Первый фонарь уже давно работает, был и под дождем не раз и досталось ему, пару раз нехило, но работает. сделано на совесть. GearBest спасибо!

    Sep 18,2017

  • Daniel
    Good value for money
    I power this light from a 5V powerbank.
    At full power, it tahes 500 mA.
    No way to have 1200 lumen, but at 2.5W you can not obtain this power.
    Operating modes as as described, low brightness, middle brightness, high brightness, strobe.
    When you connect the power, only the back LED's are powerd. In order to turn on the light, you must press the back button.

    Jan 10,2019