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- Schwarz 8 GB DDR4 + 240 GB SSD-EU-Stecker

AMD R3 - 2200GE AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 Erweiterbar 1 TB 2,5 Zoll SSD HDD 2,4 GHz + 5 GHz WiFi 1000 Mbps 4 x USB3,0 Unterstützt Windows 10
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● Der AMD R3-2200GE mit der Radeon Vega 8-Gaming-Grafikkarte erfüllt alle Anforderungen an Büro, Design und Unterhaltung

● Die Radeon Vega 8 bietet eine hervorragende Leistung bei der Verarbeitung von 3D-Grafiken und sorgt für ein flüssiges Spielerlebnis

2L kleiner Körper können in eine Tasche gelegt und bequem getragen werden

● Selbst ausgestattetes WiFi Modul unterbricht die Kabelbegrenzung und erleichtert die Verbindung

● Ausgestattet mit 240 GB SSD beträgt die Startzeit lediglich 8 Sekunden, was die Effizienz erheblich verbessert

● Dual-Core-4-Threading, einfache Handhabung für Büro, Audio und Video, Unterhaltung

Vermessung und Gewicht


Typ: Zum Spielen geeignet,Mini PC
System: Windows-10
CPU: AMD R3-2200GE
Kern: Vier Kern
GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 8
Maximale Externe Festplatten-Kapazität: 1TB
Farbe(n): Schwarz


Decoder Format: H.263,H.264,H.265,HD MPEG4,RM / RMVB
Musikformate: AAC,AC-3,AFFE,FLAC,MP3,OGG,WAV


5G WiFi: Ja
WIFI : 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Dual-Band-WLAN 2,4 GHz / 5 GHz, Dual-WLAN-Antenne
Unterstützte Medienformate: Unterstützung nicht möglich
Stromversorgung: Ladegerät
USB: 3,5-mm-Audio,COM,HDMI,RJ45,USB3,0
Antenne: Ja
Sprachen: Mehrsprachig
HDMI Version: 2,0
Andere Funktionen: ISO-Dateien,Andere
Externe Untertitel-Unterstützung: Nein
HDMI Funktion: HDCP
comsumption: 90W
RJ45 Port Geschwindigkeit: 1000 Mbps


System-Bit: 64Bit
Systemaktivierung: Ja


Stromversorgung Typ: Externes Netzteil Modus


Produktgewicht: 1,9000 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 2,5500 kg
Produktgröße (L x B x H): 18,50 x 17,80 x 6,00 cm / 7,28 x 7,01 x 2,36 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 27,50 x 22,00 x 9,30 cm / 10,83 x 8,66 x 3,66 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Mini PC, 1 x Netzteil, 1 x Englisches Handbuch, 1 x Fußpolster

IPASON F - MIGRATE Büro Game Mini PC- Schwarz 8 GB DDR4 + 240 GB SSD-EU-Stecker

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  • Darlene Lytton
    Mini & powerful
    I have wanted to get one of these Mini PC’s to have attached to my TV, this way I can enjoy a bigger screen and save room for my monitor, the IPASON F - MIGRATE mini PC does just that for me. This device has many different things you can do with it because it runs an operating system of Windows 10.
    But when it comes to performance, you do get a quad-core processor which is helpful for more intense tasks. And equipped with Vega 8 GPU, brings outstanding graphics performance, creating a smooth game experience. After using it for about a week now, I haven’t run into any issues while using, it performs pretty well.
    Overall, I can recommend this Mini PC, to anyone that is needing to do specific tasks, super mini meanwhile powerful, the build quality is excellent, and even the hardware quality is excellent too.

    May 12,2019

  • Sheila Juliana
    Qualified mini PC with affordable price
    I need a second computer for leisure purpose (mainly playing youtube, tv series). I decided to try this one after some researches. It's light weighted, portable, and easy to set up. I move it around the house and use it with the spare screen monitor to watch videos or listen to music. The 240GB SSD is awesome, so far, it handled everything easily, it's very fast and doesn't have to wait, saves a lot of time.
    I like multitasking, so using a second PC won't slow down what I do on my working laptop. It meets all my purpose well.
    This mini PC has four USB 3.0 ports, which I can connect mouse, keyboard and still have two spare port. It also has other lots of ports, that maybe I will need in the future.

    May 18,2019

  • Tim Adams
    Awesome little computer
    Nice, fast and compact.
    Used this for the past 10 days, didnt experience any lags or hangups so far. Have used it for mostly browsing. Connected this with my monitor and its works perfectly so far.
    It was very easy to setup, windows 10 came pre-installed. Left it on for a few days by mistake, however was glad to know that there was no over heating :)
    4 usb slots
    HDMI, COM, RJ45, Audio... rich interfaces for better user experience.
    The self-equipped WiFi module works awesome too.

    May 22,2019

  • Elva Titus
    Super practical mini pc
    Changed my aim from large screen computer to this mini PC, now it looks like it was the right decision.
    The performance is soooo great! Amazing, it was super quiet and the speeds was normal. Incredible light weight device and compact in sizes. This mini PC equipped with 240GB SSD, so the performance is brilliant, the boot time is merely 8s, and handles picture editing software fine and enables me to even do some limited editing.
    This what I’m looking for, satisfied with the product.

    May 27,2019

  • Corey Daniell
    Sso far so good!
    I like to watch movies from my projector, so I bought this mini PC to connect to the projector. To my surprise, it was almost as fast as my desktop computer. It does everything that I could do on my desktop as I expect, and I’m very happy that I could play any moves from this mini PC to the projector. It is small and lightweight, also easy to install, connect and use. I also can move it to my bedroom and connect to my TV easily, so far so good!

    May 17,2019

  • Roderick Tomlinson
    I am impressed with this mini PC
    I needed a small PC to mount under the table and be able to extend the displays. This little IPASON F - MIGRATE Office Game Mini PC did the trick. It's about two or three times the size of my phone, and it's so powerful that the quad-core CPU can meet almost all my needs. The self-equipped WiFi module is a great deal, break the limitation of cable.

    May 30,2019

  • Griselda Adam
    Just what I needed
    What a great little unit.It was easy to set up,and works excellent as what I expected. Its performance is better than we were expecting for the price point. It works perfectly for streaming and browsing, and runs so smoothly and quite. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
    As the picture shows, it looks has a good texture, very stylish.

    May 21,2019

  • Matt Hewlett
    Lightweight and easy to use!
    I never knew computer could be this small before, this little portable device that works really good for my basic usage, I connect it to my monitor and LCD tv as screen, the graphic is good. It works quiet and does not run very hot with long hour of usage. It has been working about eight hours per day for the pass two weeks, so far so good.

    May 27,2019

  • nicolas poupinet
    I usually test for my blog mini PCs whose RAM and SOC are soldered to the motherboard.
    This real "mini" PC Ipason F-Migrate is exceptional, especially because the buyer can increase RAM and SOC.
    The fan is quiet and the heat pipe is very powerful.
    From this point of view, this PC is the best I've tested in the last 5 years!

    Jun 29,2019

  • Fitch Arnold
    fast response and stable working
    When I received this little machine I was so surprised how light weight it was, so far it works great, I'll still need some time to figure out all the other little things that I want to do on it but definitely worth the money.

    May 24,2019

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Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

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