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  • Casey M
    Excellent design
    Super impressed with the functionality and design of this product. I love that this cord as additional features that I can actually track my husband or whomever I let use it to know where to go if I cannot get in touch with them or to just know there whereabouts, technology is really evolving never thought something like this would be invented as an additional tracker so the cellphone trackers isn't needed and you never have to let anyone know you gave them a gps tracking charger. Works as advertised. Wouldn’t be happier with this product.

    Aug 06,2019

  • Rae Hobbes
    Really awesome product.
    I highly recommend these! This is an awesome device. It is being used to track car use and location, No tools needed. It is so easy to setup and use it. When you connect to the power you don't need to do anything. This product is great if you like to track your car or truck. It gives every 30 to 50 seconds update of your location. It looks the same as a charging cable you don't need to hide somewhere in your car. Just keep it like a charging cable and also charge your phone. The product app is so useful there are many future to use it easily.

    Aug 07,2019

  • Nathan Perkins
    Great cable cord with added features
    What an amazing product! Such a brilliant idea. I love being able to track where my vehicle is. Not only does it work great as far as chargers go, but really helpful to locate with! Comes in very handy when you’re in a new place or scatter brained. In addition, it can use a high-sensitivity microphone to monitor the surrounding sound at the same time. Very sleek. Great idea. A+++

    Aug 10,2019

  • Nicholas Donati
    Does what is says
    I left the wire plugged in to a portable battery in my car and was call repeatedly until I went out and unplugged it. I also shipped a vehicle cross country and I can follow it's progress all the way.

    Aug 16,2019

  • Allie
    Works well enough
    GPS was fine, gave me a location within a few min of my text. And the call back was clearer than I expected. Works exactly as I hoped it would.

    Aug 10,2019

  • Chris Strobeck
    Great product. Bought it to be used on large work equipment. Will definitely buy more!!

    Jul 26,2019

  • Leecie
    Works perfect
    Works perfect, easy setup! Good product and shipping was very fast!

    Aug 08,2019

  • Mary Walton
    Pretty awesome!
    Pretty cool GPS tracker cable. Must have a data-ready GSM SIM card.

    Aug 22,2019

  • Francesco
    Il cavetto fa il suo dovere ma mi è arrivato con l'attacco per iPhone. Sono stati costretto ad utilizzare un adattatore.

    Jul 19,2020

  • Jill Veblen
    Looks really nice
    Haven't install this yet looks simple enough to install

    Aug 07,2019