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  • Stefano
    REVIEW Bugs 5W (B5W)
    Why did you choose this rating?

    After several months spent on searching my first drone to start with, I finally decided to buy the new product of MJX, at the special prize of 88,1€. I’m very happy for the final choice. 5 stars assured.

    What did you like or dislike about the item?

    You can’t find anything (at this pricetag) that has, at the same time: a new generation GPS, a 1080p (FULL HD) ORIENTABLE camera with a single axis gimbal only (but hey, you can’t have everything). It has also a lot of special function such as orbit mode, automatic landing/taking off, following mode, headless mode, point of interest mode.

    What I dislike is the charging battery system, that could be easily simplified and smarter than this.

    What’s the advantage/ disadvantage over other similar products?

    The main advantage of this product is that is very easy to fly because of the plurality of safety systems. I’m a beginner and I didn’t notice any particular difficulty. Except of my terrible ability. The main disadvantage is that is not a foldable drone, and although is surely not a big drone (you can easily take it on a hand, and It weighs 400gr.), it's not the max in comfort.

    Will you recommend it to your friends?

    Yes. In my opinion it’s a best-buy drone.

    Dec 06,2018

  • Hartmut
    Genial das Teil
    Die Bugs 5W fliegt sich sehr einfach, dadurch ist Sie auch für Anfänger gut geeignet.
    Sie hebt nach drücken des Startknopfes automatisch ab und aus dieser Position kann man dann bequem abfliegen, mit eingeschalteter GPS Funktion bleibt Sie ohne Zutun nach loslassen der Steuerknüppel auf dem Punkt stehen, im Fall von zu niedriger Akkukapazität oder Signalverlust landet Sie vollautomatisch am Startpunkt, funktioniert sehr gut.
    Sie ist sehr schnell ca. 60 km/h, dadurch fliegt Sie auch noch bei etwas stärkerem Wind einwandfrei.
    Mit der Kamera lassen sich sehr schöne Videos und Fotos machen, die Schwenkfunktion um bis zu 90° nach unten erweitert die Aufnahmemöglichkeit enorm, für die Preisklasse echt gut.
    Auch die FPV Funktion über die App ist sehr zuverlässig und geht bis ca. 150 Meter Entfernung tadellos.
    Mir macht Sie auf jedenfall extrem viel Spaß und Freude, würde am liebsten die ganze Zeit mit Ihr fliegen, ich kann Sie nur wärmstens empfehlen, echt super gut das schnuckelige Teil.

    Dec 02,2018

  • astraclub
    Bugs 5 w + 2 batterie+ zaino
    Al momento dell'ordine il bugs 5 w non era disponibile in magazzino, ecco che sono andato in panico, volevo addirittura annullare l'ordine ma, dopo aver parlato con il servizio clienti di gearbest ho deciso di aspettare. La loro gentilezza mi ha convinto, e aggiungo che ho fatto bene! L' oggetto è stato spedito molto prima di quello che mi avevano detto e soprattutto l'ho ricevuto nel giro di 10 giorni. La conclusione è che per quanto riguarda la fase di ordine e quella di consegna, non ho mai trovato di meglio. Per quanto riguarda il prodotto devo dire che era già nello zaino chiuso in un imballaggio a prova di bomba. Tutto perfetto!!! La sorpresa più bella è stata quella di scoprire che il bugs 5 w che mi è arrivato era la versione 2019, con fotocamera a 8 fori, mentre ho acquistato al prezzo della versione 2018. Concludo affermando che gearbest è veramente il top!!!! Per i miei prossimi acquisti non potrò scegliere di meglio!!! Serietà, professionalità e gentilezza sono il loro cavallo di battaglia!!! Consigliatissimo.

    May 19,2019

  • corsicasia
    good drone
    this drone is very good for the price,easy to drive and all gps function help you a lot for the camera it is not the best but very ok,if you want make your first fly ,i advise you to be outside and to made gps mode and waiting to get satelites,if you feel to go on a wall or trees just up a 50-100 meter and put the back home function and try again little by little or sure even its eady you can get some crash ,and my last advise buy the one with 2 battery or the pack with 3 battery and the transort back you made a good bargain and at the end you will finally need it so buy it directly

    Dec 24,2018

  • Alex69
    Good drone for the price
    I got this drone after having saw a review on YouTube. It was reviewed pretty well and after a brief trial I have to confirm this. Especially if you consider that I got it at almost half the price showed, thanks to the great offers of 11 11 here on Gearbest. The drone is easy to handle and control under GPS positioning and if you already have an idea of how to handle a quadcopter you will be surprised on how smooth and clear is it's flight. The only thing that is not at the same level of the flying platform is its camera. Not too bad for the price but it's affected by some optical distortion when you gimbal the objective...all in all for the price paid I'm pretty satisfied. You'll enjoy it!

    Dec 29,2018

    this drone is really amazing.
    has many features, these are the most important:
    - powerful brushless motor
    - fpv wifi
    - gps and 6-axis stabilization
    - camera 1080P with tilt

    It can be used safely in large spaces, it is very precise with GPS active.
    It has the back to home function, not just like the professionals, but it works.
    The remote is 2.4G and the FPV requires wifi with 5G support.

    Unfortunately the maps download (in the Android APP) work only without active wifi/fpv, because it requires a data connection.
    The battery lasts about 13 minutes but others can be bought to extend the pleasure of flying.

    Mar 23,2019

  • hippy
    nice drone
    Drone: - very stabile even it's wind moderate, performant (can carry action camera also), nice fly, very easy to use
    Camera: here MJX have to work, make decent foto and video but if I compare with my EKEN (35 Eur) action camera, the picture of drone have 7/10 points and action camera 10/10. The big advantage it's that you can modify the angle of picture /video, here it's a big big plus.
    Transmitter: decent, useful, the antenna seems to be fake,
    App: ok, very easy, you have all the information.
    I test all the feature: all are work very well.
    Time fly: 13 min, so decent.

    Sep 16,2018

  • iamjoeking
    What a campaign!
    Hello All! I am a new member to the gear best family, and let me tell you, what a welcome. The pre black Friday sale that they had was off the chain. great deals everywhere. I saved so much dough that i could spend more on items. What was really great was the customer service that was given to me. from getting prompt answers to the questions i had to the delivery time was excellent. before i came to gearbest i was a little skeptical because of a previous experience i had with another company, but gearbest is the real deal. Thank you gearbest for being an honest online store.

    Dec 01,2018

  • Andrzej
    MJX Bugs 5W ( B5W ) WiFi FPV RC
    The main advantage is GPS!
    and more:
    -WiFi real-time videos transmission but short distance
    camera supports good quality shooting and recording, it comes with gimbal
    - support Point of interest, One key follow, Waypoints fly, Altitude hold, Headless mode for easy turn and One key return for safe recall flight as well Auto return.
    I recommend this dron for people who wants to learn flying

    Dec 11,2018

  • Clawson
    It gives me what I want, so great
    I love using the point of interest very much. As a outdoor photographer, I try as much as I can to take vivid pictures, I tried from different angles to take pictures for a special plant on the cliff, just for the best photography effects. But it is really dangerous. Thanks to the use of this multicopter, I set the plant as my point of interest on my mobile phone, so the multicopter continuously circled clockwise around the plant and shoot many pictures I desired. It is really a great helper for me

    Aug 07,2018