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  • Lillian Cronin
    Functional, Durable, & Easy To Use
    I was very surprised at how well this product actually works. For the price, I thought it would be a knock-off product but it actually functions better than most name-brand gimbals. For my first test run with the product, I took it to a local park and used the gimbal with my GoPro Hero 7. Afterward, I reviewed the shots and everything was completely stable. Considering that I fell a few times with the gimbal and it got covered in soil, I'd say it's pretty durable. It worked fine in the hot weather and the battery lasted very long.
    Not only did it work well, but also has a stylish appearance, I love the black color and the shape of buttons.
    Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone that's in the market for a quality gimbal.

    May 21,2019

  • Evan Quiller
    Great casual starter gimbal
    I purchased this product and I am given my honest review. This MOZA MINI - S smart handheld gimbal is a great beginners gimbal for new users as the price point compared to functionality cannot be beaten. The gimbal does exactly what it is designed to do and that stabilizes your footage. This gimbal saved me from buying an expensive gimbal that does the same exact thing
    Excellent price point.
    Excellent battery life.
    Easy to use once you get familiar with how to use a gimbal as is with any gimbal.
    Light-weight, easy to carry.
    Easy to rotate, fast switching between horizontal and vertical shots.

    Jun 12,2019

  • Giles Bridges
    Amazing entry level gimbal!!
    I have been using this stabilizer with my GoPro Hero 5 and it has worked flawlessly so far. It is extremely quiet and completely steadies out the videos I have been taking. I have mainly been using it to take wake boarding/wakesurfing videos and they are coming out great. The gimbal has great battery life, supports playing with the zoom, provides good texture videos.
    I am very impressed with the quality of this gimbal, for the money you can't beat it. My GoPro had gone unused because my iPhone X camera took more stable videos but now I use the GoPro again all the time.

    Jun 02,2019

  • Tess Longman
    Quality Device!
    This gimbal is great!! Does a great job of smoothing everything out. Did a great job when I was hiking. And even did a great job when I was on a speed boat bouncing over waves! It's an amazing price point and you get a quality product without breaking the bank.

    Jun 11,2019

  • Solomon Coverdale
    A must buy!!
    Took this bad boy out this weekend! I fell in love with the stability of being able to run around with the kid while recording. The video came out perfect!

    May 18,2019

  • Roy Will
    You'll be happy with your purchase
    This product is amazing! The smooth transition is impeccable and it's very easy to use. Can't believe the value for the price paid. Well worth it.

    Jun 02,2019

  • Maureen Sally
    Works really good
    A big improvement from just using a stick. The playbacks are very stable. This is my first gimbal so I have nothing to compare it to.

    Jun 07,2019

  • Jamie Juliana
    Awesome lightweight Gimbal.
    I like how light the unit is even with the gopro mounted. The gimbal is very smooth, very fluid and steady as the name implies.

    Jun 06,2019

  • Hardy Pritt
    Love this!!
    This is such an awesome tool!! We love to make videos of different trips & events.. This makes the recording so much smoother!!

    May 26,2019

  • Pearl Hosea
    Good Value, Easy to use.
    This is a great value for anyone new to using a gimbal. This gimbal does a great job of stabilizing my footage.

    Jun 10,2019