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  • Rene Lafrance
    After a bad start (needed to do a flash firmware reset ), the watch now behaves very well. If everything is turned off and you keep only non wi fi functions (watch, pedometer, and heart rate which, to me, is very realistic as I have heart problems) , you are good for almost 3 days of power. With wi fi on, the processor is very fast, and the keyboard is large enough on the square screen. Also, the 3 functions buttons are very handy and useful shortcuts. The whole screen is very responsive. The unit is lightweight and, although it looks fragile as it's not made of metal, to me, it is solid and I like the fact that it is thin. In fact, I already own a No 1 D 5, ( for which I wrote a review a few weeks ago), and like it very much also but I always end up wearing the No 1 D 6.
    I was afraid when I was stuck with the watch that would not reset. But, a firmware update solved the problem. Thank god !

    Aug 17,2016

  • Alex
    Lieblingsuhr von meinen Vater!!!
    Mein Vater legt wert auf Leistung und Aussehe! Bei dieser Uhr ist wohl die maximalste Leistung vorhanden die man sich vorstellen kann. Ein stylisches Magnetaufladekabel rundet die Sache ab. WER hat denn schon EINE QUAD CORE Smartwatch ;-) Da können die etablierten Marken nur von träumen. Wir haben sogar den AnTuTu Benchmark laufen lassen, nur so aus Spass. Die Werte weiss ich gar nicht mehr so genau, ABER von unseren mehr als 10 Smartwatches war DIESES Modell natürlich die Spitzenklasse. Ich kann die Uhr nur empfehlen, durch die 3 "Tasten" Bedienung ist ein echtes Arbeiten mit der Uhr möglich so wie man es vom Handy her kennt. Auch der Akku ist OK und das Aussehen ist geschmackssache. Meine Mutter hat jetzt auch so eine NO.1 D6...

    Grüsse aus Deutschland... Familie Sachs

    Oct 02,2018

  • Matt Duong
    Great watch for Price
    The D6 watch looks great. It is built well with nice band. You can make phone calls with a sim. Has 4gbs of personal storage, 8gb total. Has Play Store so you can install apps that support Android 5.1. You can even install other launchers if you wanted to. You can customize the watch to what you need. The battery life if you don't mess with wifi is about 1-2 days, which is very good for these watches. Overall very good watch and worth the price.
    The only major con is the charger is a bit loose and you have to angle the watch to make it charge correctly.

    Feb 15,2017

  • George
    Easy to use and setup. Very fast. Great display. Fantastic features ie pedometer barometer and pulse meter. Intelligent system operation design. Has aura of quality. Quick delivery. GPS unit outstanding. Fixed very very fast. Wi-fi pickup is excellent. Blue tooth excellent. Excellent all round. Great value for money. Speaker is great but much better if you use bluetooth headset. Utter runs perfectly.
    Better battery life. Bigger strap for bigger guys :)

    Jun 29,2016

  • E Haryanto
    I'vw been wearing this watch for over a month by know.
    The device still working in orde as advertised. The leather strap is nice and soft.
    I can connect the bluetooth to my headphone to listen my music while walking exercise and can track my exercise route using Endomindo sport apps and GPS receiver on board. For those reasons I bought this watch.
    However the GPS receiver a bit week, sometime works and sometime not.
    The GPS is unreliable, sometime working and sometime don't. The No.1 watches need to improve the GPS receiver.
    Incompatible with Windows 10 i.e. problem with the driver hence my D6 can not appear in the Windows Explorer. I am still waiting from manufacturer website to resolve this issue, hope there will be an answer to fix it.
    Limited rectangular clock face/skin
    Battery life is also disappointed, less than 24hrs without any connection to either wifi, gps or bluetooth. So I have to ensure the device is fully changed prior my exercise routine.

    Dec 31,2016

  • Michal
    No.1 D6
    The No. 1 D6 does look good with its CNC machined steel frame and clasp which comes in silver. The D6 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop with a planned upgrade to Marshmallow, has a 1.63″ screen (320 x 320) covered with sapphire glass, and features 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. There’s an MTK 6580 CPU under the hood and a 450mAh battery.
    The problem with writing a message. You have to have tiny fingers.

    Jul 19,2016

  • Tomas
    best smartwatch
    Here's how to make you understand a few words, the potential of this smartwatch : powerful , fluid, responsive ... a smartphone masquerading as smartwach . The sin notifications as there is no vibration, and it will be difficult not to drop too many . For the rest very good ! Quality exceptional price.
    Here's how to make you understand a few words, the potential of this smartwatch : powerful , fluid, responsive ... a smartphone masquerading as smartwach . The sin notifications as there is no vibration, and it will be difficult not to drop too many . For the rest very good ! Quality exceptional price.

    Sep 22,2016

  • Piotr
    NO.1 D6 3G Smartwatch Phone
    Zegarek kupiony za 42$ tak że w takiej cenie po prostu bomba. Wykonanie idealne wszystko wygląda dobrze pasek ze skóry dobrze się nosi nie podrażnia skóry. Samo urządzenie bardzo dobrze pracuje parametry jak na moment kiedy go kupowałem były już górną półką bateria trzyma wystarczająco ale mając również mi banda 2 no nie ma co porównywać ale to całkiem różne sprzęty.
    W cenie zakupu nie mam żadnych zastrzeżeń polecam.

    Nov 16,2017

  • alex
    no.1 d6
    il prodotto è ottimo. qualità prezzo accettabile e touch molto sensibile. utilissima nel caso in cui si inserisca dentro la sim in quanto è in grado di agganciare il 3g e quindi si può sfruttare internet. è collegabile al wifi ed è proprio come uno smartphone. l'ho utilizza per andare a correre con endomondo e il risultato è stato abbastanza buono. il gps prende bene e i dati sono comparabili a quelli del cellulare.
    la batteria non arriva a sera e se non lo si usa si scarica comunque anche da spento

    May 12,2017

  • Gerome
    d6 test gsm
    J'ai acheter la d6 après la kw88 afin de remplacer mon téléphone pour ne plus rien avoir dans la poche. (question pratique pour mon travail) Après déballage et charge de la montre, les premiers essais sont concluant, tout marche comme il faut et surtout comme attendu. Le look est plaisant toutefois le dos plastique donne une impression bas de gamme. celui ci se clips, on aurait préférer vissé par exemple.
    Les fonctions gsm sont compatibles avec les opérateurs français, la qualité des antennes est moyennes mais font le travail en extérieurs et limité en intérieurs. L'interface Androide est bonne notamment pour la gestion des sms qui correspond a un vrai téléphone (clavier azerty, gestion de conversation) On peut également télécharger des application via le playstore. Fonctionne en autonomie sans téléphone pour toutes les fonctionnalités basic et même internet. toutefois en comparaison d'autres produits similaires, comme la kw88 (dispo chez gearbest), la qualité des materiaux et décevante et la batterie de 450 mah offre une autonomie limité. Pour ma part son look a fait la différence pour le choix.

    Apr 09,2017