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  • Eugene C
    I really was not expecting much from this screen protector being it was so much cheaper than buying the big brand name from my phone store, Not only was it incredibly easy to apply but it also has great touch sensitivity, so i'm not sure how easily it cracks or if it will pop off

    Apr 20,2017

  • Natia
    This is one of the easiest screen protector to install with its tray, The glass feel is so much better then film protectors, One draw back is the black edging around protector it cuts a little off the screen

    Nov 10,2017

  • Alex G
    Easier than any other glass protector to install correctly - I will definitely buy from these folks when it's time to protect my next phone, Fast delivery and product as described with clear instructions

    Jun 28,2017

  • Gerald Shahdan
    The screen so far has been perfect, It does sometimes get the rainbow effect people have been talking about but I've only noticed it when the screen is black

    Jun 25,2017

  • OU812
    I don't like being able to see the screen line between the protector and the actual edge, it's every bit as sensitive as with any other screen protector

    Feb 03,2018

  • Jessica D
    I am very satisfied with this product so far and no issues at all, A great and cheaper cost compared to the original glass I bought from AT&T

    Feb 13,2017

  • Frank Furter
    This screen protector is just great It is protecting my phone and it was so easy to install I would recommend to anybody

    Nov 05,2017

  • No More Reviews
    Glad I chose this product, I replaced one that i had which was absolutely horrible and wasn't really tempered glass

    Jan 24,2018

  • Menkar
    this one is the one This is the first to fit right and not click and pop because it was separated from the surface

    Jul 12,2018

  • Merrick Teti
    This is glasslike with a film similar to a windshield, it is as if it is not there and the touch remains the same

    Dec 06,2016