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  • SBS
    You just put the hard drive inside, plug it up to another computer and in a few seconds you can open up the folders on the hard drive for viewing/uploading/whatever you need to do with them, the charging port on my old laptop finally fried and it was not worth fixing since the machine was really old so I removed the hard drive and slipped it into this little guy right here and it's good to go, you may have to remove the mounting bracket from your hard drive first to get it to fit

    Jul 07,2018

  • Dmitry
    Салазки сверху и снизу полностью открыты, поэтому диск в них хорошо охлаждается и без вентилятора, а значит они не шумят. Хорошо фиксируются даже тонкие диски. Светодиодный индикатор показывает включенное состояние и передачу данных. Кнопочка маленькая, вдавлена при включении — случайно не выключишь. Горячее включение и отключение настраивается в BIOS

    Oct 27,2019

  • Dmitry
    Удобный и симпатичный бокс под жёсткий диск. Радикально черный цвет. Цена нормальная для бренда Orico. Сделан качественно. Метал настоящий. В корпус ПК встал отлично.

    Dec 01,2018

  • Oleksiy
    Great solution for quick release/change HDD from PC/NAS case
    Great solution for quick release/change HDD from PC/NAS case.
    Well made from perfect materials, has power ON/OFF button and hot swap support.
    Cons: no any cables included.
    Overall: perfect.

    Dec 05,2018

  • Noor
    I found my laptop hard drive was damaged and needed to be replaced, I replaced the laptop drive and installed the old drive into this casing and was able to copy most of my data over without issue, it's small enough to be portable and was a much better solution than paying someone else to recover my stuff

    Jul 01,2018

  • Oscar
    Caja para HDD
    Una manera muy comoda de poner un disco duro en un PC, abres la puerta, metes el disco duro y listo, necesitas sacar el disco y ponerlo en otro PC igual de fácil, es muy recomendable tener una o dos bahias en un PC, además tiene interruptor de encendido y apagado con lo cual alargas la vida del disco duro.

    Jan 04,2019

  • J-Eagle
    Hot Swap HDD easy and fast like in servers
    Working great with no speed down, it's very easy and simple to install it.
    The power button feels good and very handy for safety, the LEDs are simple and satisfying.
    Very recommended item for those who swaps and checking hard drives a lot.
    The Quality is fine and feels good.

    Oct 19,2018

  • Cynthia Y Johnson
    I pulled the HD out after busting the old machine open and ordered this baby, I managed to plug this thing into my new PC and pull off all my old and extremely important files with literally no training, if your device blows up and you need to pull out the old hard drive

    Jun 29,2018

  • Luis Cedeno
    I don't want to be unfair because it may be that I was trying to access files from a different operating system, I put the drive back in the old computer and was able to gt it up and running and back up to an external drive

    Aug 07,2018

  • Yana
    I actually only have one harddisk in the enclosure at the moment for lack of funds for a second one but I'll make it a true raid setup as soon as I see fit

    Oct 21,2018