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  • Pio
    Ja (1) Farbe: Black
    Beautiful camera, very small, very light, but very sharp. Photoes and video are clear and shining.
    The cover for underwater shots is easy to use.
    The "gyro" set is very useful, so the distortion correction.
    The menu is very very rich, a lot of commands for every situation (but difficult to use with simple bottons "up" and "down").
    I didn't immagine video were so fine, better than others "normal" cameras.
    Also the photoes are beautiful.
    The use is possible also with low lights.
    The "watch" remote control is very useful. I use it mounted with a velcro strip on my selfie stick.
    See photoes enclose and a short self-explaining video I did in Rome.
    Another, longer, video is under construction, and I will publish it as soon as possible
    (I am not a professional of photo/video, so please be patient. Thank you)
    Command menu complicated, many commands are not so easy ti be found.
    The camera becomes very warm, and the consumption of battery energy is very quick
    Microphone is low

    Jul 12,2016

  • SJcam M20
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    SJcam M20
    hatte zwei SJCAM. Bei einer brach ein Pin beim Akkuwechsel, die zweite war nach dem Laden ohne Display obwohl sie funktionierte (im Blindflug). Nachträglich muß ich sagen, dass mir die zweite bei Gearbest gekaufte repariert wurde. Ich mußte die Rücksendung nach China zahlen, sie zahlten wieder retour an mich. Auch wurde die Cam nicht repariert sondern ich bekam eine neue. Die funktioniert nun seit Monaten tadellos. Service von GB ist sehr gut.
    p.s. mit dem Zoll gab es auch keine Probleme. Hatte befürchtet, dass ich nochmal Zoll zahlen kann. (hatte aber auf Paket Wert 0 Euro geschrieben und Austausch)
    diesmal keine

    Jul 05,2018

  • custmr
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Great small cam
    The ordered cam is original SJCAM product,works well, great quality, and you can veryfy on Best Buy!

    (I tried how works resolution settings in SJCAM HD app with M20.
    However this app made for older types of SJCAM (sj4000) works well with M20.
    Resolution settings not same but ,upper position found higher resolution set, so it is useable.)
    for example:
    in app 1080p fhd = 2K30fps in cam
    in app 720p 60fps = 1080p 60fps in cam
    in app 720p 30fps = 1080p 30fps in cam
    in app VGA = 720p 60fps in cam

    Dec 29,2016

  • Daniel
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Best Camera in the Market
    The camera really surpised me, i was expecting it to be good for the price, but it blew me away. Nothing is lacking that would make me want to spend another 100 USD for a Go Pro. It has a lot of functions, the underwater mode is impressive iwth lighting and correcting dark spots. The otjher settings allow you to tweak as you please, the display lets you know what you are looking at without draining too much battery, and the 90 min or more battery life i got out of it, guarantee beautiful videos.
    None, everything is perfect

    Oct 10,2016

  • Gregor
    Ja (2) Farbe: Black
    very good action cam
    A cool camera from SJCAM. It makes sharp video recordings. The gyro stabilizes the video perfect. By using the setting for the wide-angle (FOV), you can use the camera for different situations.
    - Gyro for video stabilisation
    - FOV with 166 adjustable degree, with 3 steps
    - tiny body
    - many accessories
    - underwater case up to 30meter

    Jun 02,2016

  • Balu
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    I was not sure what to expect from the SJCAM M20, but it is awesome so far, the videos made outside, in natural light it produces extraordinary quality, due to the waterproof case the sound is not the best but if the case taken away the sound quality is also great. Overall very much satisfied with my purchase, for hobby purposes I can only recommend the product. For this low price you will get a product which creates video which is enjoyable even on a 102 cm flat screen
    SO far nothing

    Oct 14,2016

  • José Luis
    Ja (1) Farbe: Black
    Excelent action camera for the price
    Light weight and filled with a lot of options. The shape of the camera is just gorgeous, It reminds me a little robot face. Very nice system to change the settings of every feature. Full control. Gyro mode. Leds to know different states, charging, recording, wifi, etc. Advice from the manufacturer of the fact that the so called 4K mode is interpolated. The price.
    Not the same shape of others, but only the underwater case, the rest of the accersories are common, so you can use them as you wish. Maybe battery life, it deppends on the use, but there is a new firmware that improves it.

    Jun 27,2016

  • Epshtein
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Great price for small action camera
    Lots of mounts for almost everything (other cameras are coming with almost nothing for free)
    Great build quality for every item in the package
    Great camera , works smoothly , high quality pictures and video , low light picturing and video
    Great price for such grate camera.

    Recommended !!
    The camera is very small , it gates very warm after few minutes of working / charging

    Jun 20,2017

  • Sergey
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Original SJCAM M20 2160P 16MP 166 Adjustable Degree WiFi Action Camera Sport DV Recorder - BLACK
    Быстрая доставка.
    Отличное качество. В комплекте есть крепление на трубу. Так же в комплекте есть силиконовая крышка для объектива. Аквабокс нового образца с предохранителем от случайного открытия. Качество сборки отличное.
    Нет. Хотелось бы в комплекте автомобильную зарядку.

    Oct 14,2016

  • Timur Nurovich
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Супер камера
    Супер камера,отличная комплектация!Так же можно возвращать ваши деньги с каждой покупки до 18% ссылка
    Super camera, great bundle! You can also return your money from every purchase to 18%. Link
    нету!она лучшая!

    Apr 28,2017