Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug
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Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug

- WEIß EU STECKER 220519203

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Beschreibung:DerSWA1 WiFi Smart PlugvonHouzetek kann mit Ihrer Smartphone APP (sowohl iOS als auch Android) gesteuert werden, um die Haushaltsgeräte einzuschalten oder auszuschalten, oder einen Timer für die Fernbedienung einzustellen, während Sie nicht zu Hause sind. Darüber hinaus kann es mit Amazon Alexa kompatibel sein, mit dem Sie Ihre elektrischen Geräte zu jeder Zeit zuhause steuern können. Kompaktes Gehäusedesign macht es deutlich kleiner als andere intelligente Stecker. Schließlich ist es WiFi basiert. Sie können es einfach mit Ihrem vorhandenen Heim-WLAN verbinden, ohne dass Sie einen zusätzlichen Hub kaufen müssen. Hauptmerkmale: - Schalten Sie Geräte mit der mobilen App ein / aus - Erstellen Sie On / Off-Zeitpläne für Ihre Geräte - Arbeitet mit Amazon Alexa für die freihändige Sprachsteuerung - Unterstützung Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz 802.11 b / g / n Netzwerk - Kostenlose eFamilyCloud App für Android- und iOS-Betriebssysteme - Intuitiv, einfach einzurichten und einfach zu bedienen - Klein, platzsparend, deckt nicht die gesamte Steckdose - Leistungsanzeige Technische Daten: - Systemfähigkeit: iOS, Android - Material: v - 0 Entflammbarkeit Standardgehäuse - Stromeingang: 100 bis 240 V AC

Vermessung und Gewicht

Allgemeine Information

Marke: Houzetek
Modell: SWA1

Vermessung und Gewicht

Produktgewicht: 0.1500 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 0.2500 kg
Produktgröße (L x B x H): 10,00 × 6,00 × 6,50 cm / 3,94 × 2,36 × 2,56 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 12,50 x 7,60 x 9,00 cm / 4,92 x 2,99 x 3,54 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Steckdose, 1 x Bedienungsanleitung in Deutsch und Englisch

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug- Weiß EU Stecker

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  • Yvonne
    Fonctionne parfaitement, y compris via l'assistant vocal google home
    Cette prise fonctionne de la même façon que d'autres modèles ayant exactement le même look et qui utilisent également l'application eFamilyCloud. La configuration est simple. Possédant déjà des prises similaires, je peux dire que le fonctionnement est très simple, la fiabilité totale. ça fonctionne aussi parfaitement depuis la 4G, donc à l'extérieur de son réseau wifi local.
    Pour l'utilisation avec google home (google home mini pour ma part) c'est un peu complexe à configurer:
    Dans l'application Home du téléphone il faut choisir l'option ""contrôle de la maison"", puis cliquer sur le gros symbole + en bas à droite.
    Il faut ensuite ajouter le service Smart Life
    ça demandera alors tour à tour les coordonnées et mots de passe du compte google puis du compte eFamilyCloud créé tout au départ
    Le téléphone demande alors l'autorisation de contrôler le ou les périphériques qu'on ajoute via Google. Il faut bien sûr accepter.
    Pour finir Home demande à quel appareil/pièce faire le rattachement. C'est à dire quel google home mini va contrôler la prise par la voix.
    Une fois que tout cela est fait, on dit Ok Google allume prise ou éteins prise, et ça marche :)
    On peut aussi renommer la prise surtout si on en a plusieurs.

    Attention si on ajoute une ou plusieurs prises ultérieurement, ça ne pose pas de problème pour eFamilyCloud mais ça en pose avec google home. Il faut alors dissocier le compte Smart Life puis le ré-associer (en redonnant tous les mots de passe et compagnie) pour que les nouvelles prises soient alors prises en compte aussi par google home.

    Le mode d'emploi, en allemand et en anglais seulement, indique la procédure avec Alexa. Il n'indique pas la marche à suivre pour google home, d'où mon commentaire un peu long.

    Aug 22,2018

  • James
    smart plug
    I got these to work with my Amazon Echo. Love it. The TP-Link Kasa app lets you assign names to each plug. The Amazon Echo app lets you group them. It is AWESOME. I have 4 of these plugs. 2 in my bedroom (my nightstand light and my wife's on the other) 2 in my front room (I have on 2 end table lamps. I named these lamps thing 1 and thing 2). I made 3 groups in the Amazon echo app. Group 1 I named Bedroom (My lamp and my wife's lamp). Group 2 I named Front Room (Thing 1 and thing 2 on this one) Group 3 I called the house. It has all 4 light on it. I walk in-house and an I say "Alexa turn on house lights" and she turns on all 4 lights. I say turn off My light and she does and leaves my wife's on. These are a must have with your Echo. Without them, it is like having a computer without a printer. Easy to set up too.
    No, I love it

    Jul 12,2018

  • Sarah
    smart plug
    Works great. There were a few questions and incorrect answers posted here on using it for a surge protected power bar. No problems, however. One plug from a power back-up with a surge protector which is daisy chained to two power bars with surge protectors. Now a simple "Alexa, Turn my desk on" and I am ready to roll. Since my heavy duty power bar had no single on/off switch, this was a good benefit as I was stuck turning everything off one at a time. This plug I labeled "my desk" The plug has a 15 amp maximum load rating so no running your entire house off one plug. lol. However, to create what I now have with my desk using separate plugs for all my monitors, speakers, chargers, lamps would have required 8 plugs so the daisy chain was a considerable cost saving.
    No cons. Works well.

    Jul 10,2018

  • Chris
    I've been using this plug for about a month and it has worked perfectly each and every time I've used it from its own app (Kasa) and through Alexa. I have turned it on when I have been away from home through Kasa and the light was shining brightly when I returned home. The Kasa app is very easy to use; setting up the plug took a couple of minutes. Pairing with Alexa was a breeze. Just follow the simple instructions for both and don't plow ahead like you already know everything (then complain it's not intuitive). I plan to buy 3 more. Can't recommend this plug enough.

    Jul 20,2018

  • ChekN4U
    The plug isn't quite flush with the wall,the ubs plugs are great for those days when you've misplaced the plug attachment to your device charger (fyi ladies ... it's probably in your big purse),i wouldn't worry too much about that I have yet to get frustrated when plugging things in,if you use it with hair tools its great if you need to plug in a straightener and blow dryer without needing to unplug anything or shift the plugs around because they aren't setup to run into each other like most other power surge protectors

    Sep 02,2018

  • Jose Reyes
    Bought this to hold all of the many cords and devices I needed plugged in beside my chair,i love the four usb ports on the unit that allow more outlets free for normal cords to be plugged into,the cord is super long which is what I was looking for and it did not disappoint,i have not experienced any surges in power to comment on the functionality of this aspect but I do not usually have high power devices continuously plugged into this device,this is a very useful surge protector and i'm happy with it so far

    Sep 26,2018

  • Monkeygirl13
    The power strip is very useful with four usb outlets and the two outlets made for ac adapters without covering up another empty outlet,got this because we have a charging center and the wall outlet wasn't enough and the power strip was only helping a little,now we can plug a usb cord in directly and have enough ac outlets to spare,cord a little long as our wall outlet is next to the power strip and the cord is heavier so it does get in the way

    Sep 09,2018

  • J. Cofer
    Just moved back from living overseas and quickly needed a power strip to plug in all my newly-bought electronics,i also can't use my adapters for my iphone and ipad usb cords because they are built for korean outlets the devices charge perfectly fine when plugged into this power strip,i really like how the outlets are placed at different distances apart to help fit your differently-sized plugs

    Sep 07,2018

  • Rayna
    Aromatherapy device,there isn't any slowdown in charging devices which is very important,this does heat up a little if you have four devices being charged all at once,i like that there is enough space between each port to label what cord is in what port,the plug prongs are both the same size so you can plug this in to either the top or bottom outlet

    Oct 09,2018

  • Josh Cook
    I bought this power strip because our main first floor outlet which had become a revolving hub of usb chargers,i thought it might be nice to be able to charge more than two things at one time,especially since some of the chargers come with large irregularly shaped heads,the six foot cord length is nice but unnecessary for our situation

    Sep 24,2018

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Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

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