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Längere hochauflösende LCD-Drucker Orange120 SLA 3D-Drucker UV 3D-Drucker mit WiFi-Offline-Druck
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Längere hochauflösende LCD-Drucker Orange120 SLA 3D-Drucker UV 3D-Drucker mit WiFi-Offline-Druck

- Gelb und schwarz CN

hohe druckgenauigkeit SLA desktop 3d drucker schmuck druck
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Quick Details:
Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS, CE,FCC,ROSH
LCD Resolution: 2560*1440 pixel, 47.25μm
Layer Thickness: 0.02-0.05mm
Z-axis Resolution: 0.625μm
Light Source: UV LED 405nm

Main Features:
- High precision finish Combine with high stability and incredible precision, allows you to create objects of detail with a layer.
- High-definition finishes with high resolution 2K(2560x1440) LCD display, has a build volume of 12068150 mm and a pixel size of 47μm.
- Auto-generation of supports One-click generation lattice supports structures, the support generation tool makes it easy to add, modify or delete.
- Offline printing Send data by network, allows you offline printing project. The computer Can connect with multiple printers by WiFi and allows you monitoring real-time process of printing remotely.
- Touch panel 2.8 inch full color touch-screen, a friendly interactive interface allows for real-time previews of print status, no need for a tethered computer.
- Easy to level With structure design of universal joint, easy to level platform by a screw, allows you to start printing project efficiently.
- Fast slicing Professional slice software allows to comp Lete 100M slicing file at once, faster than open source software about 30 times.


Packungsgröße (L x B x H)
 60 * 33 * 33cm
 9 kg
 1 x Druckplattform, 1 x Netzteil, 1 x Klinge, 3 x transparentes Gummiband, 1 x Inbusschlüssel H1.5, 1 x Inbusschlüssel H2, 1 x Inbusschlüssel H2.5, 2 x Papiertrichter, 2 x Nitril Gummihandschuhe, 5 x Karten, 1 x TF-Karte, 1 x Kartenleser, 1 x Trennfolie, 4 x Haubenseite, 1 x Haubenoberteil, 1 x staubfreies Papier
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  • Arthur
    Grande impression
    Ceci est la deuxième machine de photopolymérisation que mon ami m'a recommandé d'acheter. Dans l'ensemble, c'est très bien. Je pense que la machine est très rentable. Autant que je sache, ce prix est vraiment très abordable par rapport au même type de machine. Je suis très surpris que cette machine soit si bon marché et puisse être équipée d'un écran tactile couleur. Je déteste l'opération en forme de bouton, qui est très compliquée et a peu de fonctions. Cet écran tactile couleur est très simple, l'interface est optimisée, la fonction est complète et le fonctionnement est lisse. La machine est très petite et la taille d'impression naturelle est relativement petite, mais la précision d'impression est vraiment très élevée, les détails sont parfaits. Le logiciel de découpage du modèle est utilisé en combinaison et le découpage est plus rapide que le logiciel de découpage open source. Le support du support est très pratique et la version du support est très raisonnable. Je crois que les ingénieurs ont consacré beaucoup de temps et d’efforts à l’optimisation des logiciels. J'aime beaucoup trop cette machine et j'attends avec impatience le modèle capable de lancer des formats d'impression plus grands.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Andrew
    Very fond of 3D printers
    I was very excited when I purchased the machine for the first time. First of all, the delivery speed is really very fast, and the machine packaging is very strict! At first I was worried that the machine would be cumbersome to use, but these concerns were superfluous. The machine accessories are complete and the operation is not as complicated as imagined. After disassembling the machine, my first thing was to read the instructions carefully, assemble the machine cover, and then install the slicing software. It is worth mentioning that the assembly of the cover is a step of installing the instructions, which is relatively simple and saves time. The operation interface of the machine is very user-friendly, and the icon is easy to understand. The slicing software is very easy to use and simple. The parameter settings are basically the default, and the focus is on the slicing speed. The printing effect is very good, the machine precision is extremely high, the model printed by the default parameters of 0.05 shows almost no layering, the effect is very good, the surface is very smooth, the structure is clear, and the precision of viewing is really high.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Regina Owen
    Working great so far...and continues to impress
    The printer arrived, safely packed with all the "mentioned" accessories.
    The printer is very easy to use, has an incredible resolution, every detail shows clear, easy to level with the universal joint, also want to make sure to go in and tighten all the screws as they are snug, but not tight.
    Did a test print with one of the pre-made print files from the website, loaded onto the TF card and let it go. When it was done, I was highly surprised as the quality of the print. I was expecting, hopefully, something decent that didn't require much post-processing, but damn, this needed only to be washed and was almost as perfect as it could have been, so surely exceeded my expectations.
    All in all, if you are looking for a low cost, high quality producing printer, you've found it!!!

    Jun 24,2019

  • Caesar
    Fantastic 3D printer so far
    Can't say enough good things about this printer.
    Its prints are awesome, high-precision with incredible precision for every detail even of a little object. Equipped with a 2560x1440 high solution LEC display, shows everything clearly and lively.
    What’s more, with its mechanical structure, this printer is very easy to level, so I can start print efficiently. What I love most is the fast slicing, with the professional slicing software, it can output 100M slicing file in 1 minute, 30 times faster than open source solution.
    I've been printing away all weekend non-stop with it. No issues at all. Very happy with the quality of this printer.

    Jun 22,2019

  • Crstian Alberto
    Worthy to buy !
    I purchased this printer a recently. It is a very correct decision ! I would definitely recommend this as a great printer for anyone starting out with 3D printing or even for beginner that want a more compact and reliable unit. I am extremely impressed.
    The setup was fairly straight forward. It took me about Fifteen minutes to have it fully setup and powered on. All the tools needed are provided with the unit to complete the full setup. There are a few great youtube videos on setting up that you can watch as well if you need a little extra help.


    Jun 24,2019

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