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Wemax ONE PRO FMWS02C ALPD 7000 Lumen Laserprojektor TV Heimkino-Projektor Xiaomi OS
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Wemax ONE PRO FMWS02C ALPD 7000 Lumen Laserprojektor TV Heimkino-Projektor Xiaomi OS

- Color1 China

ALPD 3.0 xiaomi MIUI OS 150 Zoll Android 6.0 Unterstützung 4K
5 11 Kundenrezensionen | Siehen Sie die englische Beschreibung
1699 $2399 29% RABATT
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ALPD 3.0 Laser light source technology by Appotronics
Up to 25000+ hours lifespan. You can use it more than 17 years for 4 hours one day.
Maximum to 150 inches display. Enjoy your home theatre in any time.
180 nits Brightness, up to 7000 lumens light source brightness.
The remote control is powered by 2*AAA battery (not included )
MIUI System , the application language can be changed into English.


16: 9
Max. Erweiterte Kapazität
  64 GB
  ein Profi
Batterie der Fernbedienung
AAA * 2
 150 寸
200-240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
  Hauptmaschine, Netzkabel, englische Bedienungsanleitung, Reinigungstuch, Fernbedienung, EU-Konventor
HDMI,3,5 mm Audio,RJ45,LAN,SPDIF,USB,Kopfhörer,Belüftungshafen,Audioausgang,RF,Kopfhörer- / Mikrofonbuchse-,USB3.0,Usb2.0
  56,5 * 48,3 * 17,9 cm
16: 9
Ration werfen
 0,233: 1
[{""lang"":""pt-br"",""value"":""9,85 kg""},{""lang"":""ep-mx"",""value"":""9.85kg""},{""lang"":""po"",""value"":""9,85 kg""},{""lang"":""it"",""value"":""9.85kg""},{""lang"":""fr"",""value"":""9,85 kg""},{""lang"":""ep"",""value"":""9.85kg""},{""lang"":""tr"",""value"":""9.85kg""},{""lang"":""de"",""value"":""9.85kg""},{""lang"":""en"",""value"":""9.85kg""}]
802.11 b / g / n / ac
3000: 1 - 4000: 1
Kompatibel mit
Native Auflösung
1920 x 1080
Andere Eigenschaften
  ultrakurze Distanz; 25000+ Stunden Arbeitszeit;
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  • Mark Lawrence
    Recommended to buy
    This projector comes with Android and you can put any program on it, and the customer support is really helpful.
    I have have had encounters with several projectors throughout my life but never been impressed by them except this one. I’m sure there are more expensive ones out there which are way out of my budget that may be better. There are many out there but this one is mine. Picture quality, AMAZING. Clear and bright. So bright I can actually watch it next to a window mind you do have drapes but also the light that sips through it.
    Very impressed with this purchase. I wanted a better way to watch basketball games and I got it. I would purchase again and recommend this product to others.

    Jun 24,2019

  • Len Ricardo
    Amazing for the money!!!! 10 stars
    Amazing for the money!!!! The Wemax ONE PRO is great right out of the box.
    My office does quite a few seminars (with PowerPoint) throughout the year, so we decided to purchase our own projector. I was starting to think in order to find one that fit my needs, and this projector works perfectly for our needs.
    The stylish appearance design makes it harmony with our office and provides the ultra clear screen, meanwhile big. It equipped with the auto-adjust function so no need to manually focus the lens, save lots of time. Shows true color so we can easily identify the differences between two similar products.
    It's really inexpensive compared to what it offers us.

    Jul 02,2019

  • Jonathan Thackeray
    Awesome Quality Projector.
    This projector's picture quality is simply remarkable. I am highly critical of anything I purchase with my evaluation of electronics being especially stringent. Compared to other projectors, the WEMAX ONE has better colors, equal or better black levels, less rainbow effect, and better focus uniformity.
    The ultra large depth of field and has an ultra-short focal lens, provides a larger screen meanwhile don't need to manually focus. 1688 lumen will bring clearly and lively details even in daylight, the image quality is absolutely stunning.
    What’s more, it has rich interfaces for multi-device connections, convenient for use.

    Jun 22,2019

  • Spring Esther
    Bright gaming projector also great for movies!
    -the picture and detail look superb on my 120" white PVC screen. I've played Nintendo switch on it, no lag and movies from a fire stick. Super bright, even with the lights on and shades were partially drawn in my basement. The lumens are plenty adequate.
    -the built-in speaker isn't meant to be a solution but it produces significant, undistorted volume and sound. Not bad at all for a tiny speaker.
    -rich interfaces.

    Jun 25,2019

  • AndersonTsai
    Wemax one pro laser projector
    Good quality as they sY the only donrworn lerosnaky dot me is that if the frinware coukd be updated to allow installing Google lay... Amazing. Another ask would be to have simple simple 3.4 mm audio input jack. Otherwise can't fault this player. Sound is surprisingly good for the size of speakers and device.

    Jun 05,2019

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