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S9 Micro Faltbare RC Drohne - RTF
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S9 Micro Faltbare RC Drohne - RTF

- Rot STANDARD VERSION 224168207

2,4 GHz 4CH 6-Achsen Gyro / Kopfloser Modus / Eine Schlüsselrückgabe
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S9 ist ein Mikro faltbarer RC Quadcopter für Einsteiger, der die lebhafte Ähnlichkeit der neuesten DJI Drone - Spark mit sich bringt. Es ist jedoch noch kleiner als deine Faust. Falten Sie einfach die Arme der Drohne manuell aus und Sie können die Drohne problemlos fliegen. Der Headless-Modus ermöglicht es Ihnen, ungeachtet der Ausrichtung frei zu fliegen, wo immer Sie möchten. Sie können die Drohne auch dazu bringen, den atemberaubenden 3D-Stunt durchzuführen und ihn mühelos zum Heimpunkt zu bringen.

Extrem tragbar , 6,2 x 4,9 x 3cm, so groß wie ein Kiwi, wenn es gefaltet ist
● Der Kopfloser Modus bietet Ihnen maximale Freiheit bei der Steuerung der Drohne
Eine Schlüsselrückgabe macht es extrem leicht, den Quadcopter zurückzurufen
Speed Switch - Passen Sie die Fluggeschwindigkeit sofort an die Umgebung an
360 Grad Flip , nämlich beeindruckende Leistung von 3D-Kunstflug


Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Standard Version und die Version der WiFi-Kamera mit der gleichen Bedienungsanleitung geliefert werden.

Die Standard Version hat keinen Schlüssel Start / Landung Funktion.

Vermessung und Gewicht


Typ: Haus,Quadcopter
Modell: S9
Eigenschaften: Gebürstete Version,Keine Kamera,Radio Kontrolle
Motortyp: Bürstenmotor
Funktionen: 3D Roll,Vorwärts/Rückwärts,Kopfloser Modus,Ein Taste Automatische Return,Seitliches Flegen,Langsamer,Links/rechts abbiegen,Hoch/Runter
Größe: Mikro
Eingebauter Kreisel: 6 Achsen-Gyro
Kit-Typen: RTF
Ebene: Anfängerlevel
Alter: Ab 14 Jahre alt


Fernbedienung: 2,4 GHz Drahtlos-Funkkontrolle
Kanäle: 4-Kanäle
Radiomodus: Modus 2 (linke Drosselklappe)
Steuerabstand: 0-50m
Detaillierte Kontrollentfernung: 30m
Kompatibel mit Zusatz Gimbal: Nein
Transmitter Power: 3 x AAA-Batterie (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Modus Power: Eingebaute wiederaufladbare Batterie


Batterie/Akku: 3,7V 220mAh Lithium-Ion
Flugzeit: 6-7mins
Ladezeit (Std.): 40 Minuten


Kamerapixel: 0 (keine Kamera)

Vermessung und Gewicht

Produktgewicht: 0,1450 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 0,1850 kg
Produktgröße (L x B x H): 9,00 × 7,00 × 3,00 cm / 3,54 × 2,76 × 1,18 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 17,60 x 14,80 x 6,20 cm / 6,93 x 5,83 x 2,44 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Drohne (Inklusive Batterie), 1 x Sender, 1 x USB Kabel, 4 x Ersatz Propeller, 1 x Schraubendreher

S9 Micro Faltbare RC Drohne - RTF- Rot STANDARD VERSION

S9 Micro Faltbare RC Drohne - RTF- Rot STANDARD VERSION

S9 Micro Faltbare RC Drohne - RTF- Rot STANDARD VERSION

S9 Micro Faltbare RC Drohne - RTF- Rot STANDARD VERSION

S9 Micro Faltbare RC Drohne - RTF- Rot STANDARD VERSION

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  • Edwin Pinto
    Ja (6) Farbe: Red Größe: WiFi FPV 0.3MP Camera + Altitude Hold
    Drone s9 rojo
    El mini drone S9 ROJO, es un de muy buena calidad y es como se ofrece en la tienda gearbest y tiene fpv wifi y transmisión en tiempo real.

    Feb 15,2018

  • Nick
    Ja (0) Farbe: Yellow Größe: Standard Version
    I expect a lot - perhaps too much for the money. And I’ve had a few little drones like this. But this is now my favourite by far. Fast, stable, sleek looking and just a whole heap of fun indoors. Great for kids learning as the prop guards do a great job of protecting them from wall and ceiling contact. The little controller’s not the best but it does the job and the phone holder’s probably worth the price alone - it’s surprisingly solid. App for IOS is obviously designed for other drones but it works. Footage and photos from the camera are great for the size and price. FPV for $20 - amazing. Flight time is Ok at 7 or 8 minutes. Just a great little quad all-round considering budget and scale. The built in battery has been mentioned by others. It means you can’t have spares but for the money, just buy a couple more quads! And the folding thing is pointless - especially with the prop guards. When would that ever be useful? Still, these little things don’t detract from its teeny weeny awesomeness. I’m getting a couple more for sure.

    Oct 16,2018

  • faknut
    Ja (0) Farbe: Blue Größe: Standard Version
    pretty nice
    Works good, very nice toy!This is my first drone (I'm 35 :) ) so I spend some time to learn how to fly. Altitude hold works only on version with camera, not like mine one. It's a bit hard but much more funny to control more things by yourself. Automated flips works good - need a bit more room, 3 levels of speed, 9-10 min. flight at lower speed, sometimes loses connection with remote and falls from the sky.I decided to decrease charge current to prolong battery life by changing a resistor in the charger. Also added red led to indicate charging state. Charger chip's pinout is similar to known ones.I also removed headbeam and tail LEDs to save energy 'cause my first attempts was more searching for drone then fly.. But in open area is hard to understand the orientation even in daytime.I have fun with this sweety.

    Apr 14,2019

  • Don Mono
    Ja (0) Farbe: White Größe: Standard Version
    Bastante bueno
    Pues me ha gustado, luego de haber estrellado al pequeño drone muchas veces (por cierto, he visto que algunos no hacen uso de sus protectores, deberían considerar usarlos...) ya le he agarrado la maña, ya puedo maniobrar mucho mejor el nano drone! :D Lo que me ha gustado.- Considero que es una muy buena manera de empezar, para luego probar los más grandes.- La batería si dura entre 7 a 8 minutos- Se carga de 30 a 35 minutos.Lo que no me ha gustado.- Definitivamente no tengo nada malo que decir de este juguete! es genial!Pd: es primera vez que me llega un pedido en 16 días, casi siempre me llega a los 2 meses! de verdad muchas gracias!

    Jan 01,2019

  • GradeA Reviews
    Ja (1) Farbe: White Größe: Standard Version
    Boy when these things work they are fantastic, read more below
    Stout build on this mini flyer. It's got pretty excellent battery life not a huge fan of the built-in non removable battery setup but it really does help create a nice clean look of this thing. It's flight time is pretty good I'm getting up to 7 minutes. None of the buttons on the left side work those are all for the other version which is the camera version which I do not recommend, however this particular one out of the four that I did order was the one that did actually work as intended. Incredibly zippy and a lot of fun to fly. Definitely good to have in your desk or for any other time that you have a few minutes to kill and want to have some fun
    Out of the four of this particular model that I ordered this was the only one that worked so it's really a crapshoot as to whether or not you're going to get something that works as intended or something that just Rockets into the ceiling and nothing else. Outside of the high rate of defective ones that I received this really is a lot of fun and it's pretty well made the only things that I do have a gripe about would be the non-removable battery which is easily something I can look over and the props do not stay on if you bump into anything so keep your eyes open because these little puppies fly

    Apr 29,2018

  • Douglas Troyer
    Ja (0) Farbe: White Größe: Standard Version
    S9 mini drone
    I am not too happy with this. I thought I had ordered the altitude hold version of this. I got the standard version and it's a little hard to learn to fly. The controller is very touchy. Be careful when ordering and watch what you press. I thought it was giving me a description of what I was ordering because the box said standard version but right underneath that was a box that said altitude hold and camera, so I thought I was getting everything described there. I was unaware that they were two separate boxes for two different versions! I guess I will try my best to learn to fly this but these micro drones are difficult to control and perform how you want it to. Very touchy.

    Oct 30,2018

  • diego leon
    Ja (1) Farbe: White Größe: WiFi FPV 0.3MP Camera + Altitude Hold
    s9 drone rc
    1. Why did you choose this classification?I was very satisfied and very good quality and fast use.2. What did you like or dislike about the article?which is very easy to handle and very safe apart from having fun.3. What is the advantage / disadvantage over other similar products?That most of these mini drones are interior apra but this drone is excellent for outdoor.4. Will you recommend it to your friends?Of course, I already did it with my best friend and his family.
    que el drone falta que den un par de protecciones extras para las hélices.

    May 11,2018

  • S9 Micro Foldable RC Drone
    Ja (0) Farbe: White Größe: Standard Version
    Is it worth the price?
    Just to start I had about a weeks worth of fun before the problems started...Watched reviews on YouTube and was hooked on by a indoor drone for winter time fun. After many reviews, I decided to purchase the S9 drone. Like I said, I had about a weeks worth of fun before the motors started to act up. I purchased a second S9 thinking it was defective. But, to my surprise, I had the same issues. I swapped motors and tried for weeks to keep this drone flying. Finally, the arm on the drones body completely broke off. I would not buy this drone again but for the price what could I expect.

    Mar 11,2019

  • Ngaror
    Ja (0) Farbe: White Größe: WiFi FPV 0.3MP Camera + Altitude Hold
    Disappointed with the flight time from this drone/
    Its a very compact and strong strong as i have crashed many times within the first 24 hours as I am new at flying drone. The only thing it does when it crashed hard is that the propeller pops out, so be careful with not loosing those propellers and an addition 4 propellers came along in the package.My greatest disappointment with this drone is the flight time and the battery is in built and cannot be removed. Its giving me around hardly 5 minutes of flight time with full battery charged.Quick delivery to India with registered air mail costing around 250 INR.

    Oct 18,2018

  • Rachid atbir
    Ja (2) Farbe: White Größe: Standard Version
    طائرة بدون طيار ممتازة للاستخدام في الأماكن المغلقة أو تحلق في الهواء الطلق بدون طيار ، وعقد علو يعمل بشكل كبير ، والسيارات الأرض عندما تموت البطارية ، واحدة تقلع مفتاح والهبوط ووضع مقطوعة الرأس كل عمل عظيم ، 6-7 دقائق وقت الرحلة ، الكاميرا ليست سيئة للغاية ل 0.3 mp ولكنها تخطي الإطارات في بعض الأحيان و 4 اكتشفت أنه في حالة استخدام wifi fpv من الأفضل عدم تحميل الهاتف على الحامل الموفر كما يبدو من حين لآخر ولكن لا يسبب تشويشًا دائمًا وقد تكون الطائرة بدون طيار بطيئة في الاستجابة للأوامر ... عندما لا باستخدام fpv لا يوجد مثل هذه المشاكل ومتعة كبيرة
    لا شيء

    Jun 02,2018

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Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

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