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  • Miguel
    So bad, It doesn't work
    I do not know if they are all, but at least the 3 that you buy do not work, the quality is good but it costs too much to insert the headphones, this can damage the connector of your headphones, I do not recommend it if you are going to use it on the street , and I could not recommend it in general because everyone who buys did not work even though I provided them with many phones and headphones.

    Nov 02,2018

  • beb1tzu
    REXLIS Universal OMTP to CTIA
    good adapter, now depends on what you want to use it looks built pretty well, I will also recommend the knowledge

    Jan 16,2020

  • Federico
    Gli adattatori Convertitori sembrano di ottimo materiale. Funzionano perfettamente. Li ho utilizzati per cuffie che non venivano riconosciute dal dispositivo adesso funzionano perfettamente.

    Dec 14,2018

  • dimitris
    Everything normal
    An ordinary adapter, not much to say. An ordinary adapter, not much to say. An ordinary adapter, not much to say.

    Feb 02,2020

  • Luigi
    with PS4
    i use It with PS4 to adapt some headphones models not for gaming purpose. It works.

    Dec 04,2018

  • Fulfills the expected function
    Adaptador de Phones - Macho para Fêmea Cabo Auxiliar
    Pros:• Good quality and solid material• Fulfills the expected function• Good price• Fast shipping• Recommend itCons:• Phone cable does not enter very easily. Don't know why

    Oct 29,2018

  • Dmytro
    Keep in mynd this is reversible. so you can use it both ways OMTP to CTIA and CTIA to OMTP. All good.

    Jan 15,2020

  • Adaptador
    Adaptador para audífonos
    Buen producto e ideal para usarlo como extensión en el celular

    Feb 11,2020