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Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Staubsauger Internationale Version
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Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Staubsauger Internationale Version

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Leistungsstarkes Saugen, App-Steuerung, Lasernavigation, intelligentes Aufladen, gute Akkulaufzeit
4.89 6593 Kundenrezensionen | Siehen Sie die englische Beschreibung
259.99 $414.2 37% RABATT
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Der Laser-Abstandssensor (LDS) tastet seine Umgebung 1800-mal pro Sekunde um 360 Grad ab, um die Innenräume Ihres Hauses abzubilden. Die drei Prozessoren verfolgen ihre Bewegungen in Echtzeit, und der SLAM-Algorithmus (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) berechnet die effizienteste Reinigungsroute. Mit der Mi Home-App können Sie den Roboter einschalten und fernsteuern, die Reinigungsmodi ändern und Zeitpläne festlegen. Zusätzlich ein leistungsstarker bürstenloser Nidec-Gleichstrommotor, die Hauptbürste mit einstellbarer Höhe und ein 5200 mAh Li-Ionen-Akku für bis zu 2,5 Stunden Durch die preis- und qualitätsattraktive Reinigung hebt sich das Unternehmen vom Markt ab. Holen Sie sich den Mi Robot Vacuum und Schmutz wird keine Chance haben!

Intelligente Routenplanung
Mit dem Laser-Abstandssensor (LDS) kann der Roboter seine Umgebung 1800-mal pro Sekunde bei 360 Grad scannen. Mit dem Simultaneous Localization and Mapping-Algorithmus können Sie die Innenräume Ihres Hauses kartografieren und anschließend in Echtzeit Routen planen und die Kanten säubern Z-förmige Reinigung entsprechend der Umgebung
Dreidimensionales Staubsaugersystem
Mit seinem Vakuumsystem ermöglicht der Roboter Ihrem Haus eine hervorragende Reinigung wie bei einem Tornado, ohne Staub, Schmutz, Granulat oder andere Abfälle. Er ist so sauber und glatt, dass Sie mit bloßen Füßen auf dem Boden gehen können
APP Fernbedienung
Mit nur einem Klick können Sie festlegen, wo mit der Karte in Ihrem Telefon gereinigt werden soll
5200mAh Batterie mit großer Kapazität 

Der Roboter ist mit einem 5200-mAh-Li-Ionen-Akku ausgestattet, der eine Reinigung von 2,5 Stunden für ein Haus von 250 Quadratmetern bei voller Ladung gewährleistet
 1800Pa Super Suction
Mit einer starken Kraft absorbiert der Roboter plötzlich alle Ablagerungen, Stahlperlen, Sojabohnen, Staub, Hirse oder andere Abfälle
Allmächtiger Helfer
- 2 cm Hindernissteigen
- 2mm Gummipuffer
- 360 Grad LDS Drucksensor
- 4 Anti-Drop Treppensensoren
- 10 mm Laserkantensensor
- Automatische Abschaltung nach dem Verlassen des Bodens
- Automatischer Sensor zur Selbstaufladung

Vermessung und Gewicht


Marke: Xiaomi
Modell: SDJQR02RR
Reinigungstyp: Staubsauger
Funktionen: Sog,Fegen
Features: Fernbedienung,Selbstladung
Selbst Recharging: Ja
Staubbehälterinhalt: 0,42L
Saug- (pa): 1800pa
Power (W): 55W
Eingangsspannung (V): 100 - 240V
Strom: 2,2A
Betriebszeit (Std.): 2,5Std

Informationen zum Akku

Typ: Li-Ion
Kapazität: 5200mAh


Produktgewicht: 3,800 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 6,6380 kg
Produktgröße (L x B x H): 34,50 × 34,50 × 9,60 cm / 13,58 × 13,58 × 3,78 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 56,60 x 43,30 x 15,20 cm / 22,28 x 17,05 x 5,98 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Roboter Vakuum, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Ladestation

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4.89 von 5 Sterne
  • 5865
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  • Samira
    Ja (5) Farbe: White Größe: Xiaomi
    I love it!
    Absolutely love it! It has better perfomances then Roomba 980! For so much lower price! 5200 mAh, 250 m2, 2,5h, 1800 Pa, 12 sensors... Yes, instructions are in Chinese by default, but that can be easely changed, just watch for 7-minutes instruction on YouTube and apply. My "Kli-Mi" (yes, she has a name :-)) works in English perfectly. And yes, you will need an adapter (if you don't get it in your package), that will cost you what, 1 usd?... I am amazed how much dust there is in my flat! Kli-Mi is walking around every other day, twice, and the dustbin is full every time. She has very efficient cleaning algorithm, 4 brush speeds, spacy dustbin and you can monitor on your mob where she is right now and what she has been cleaned already. So you can go in that cleaned room, kitchen for example, and do some other activities, while she is cleaning the rest of the apartment. As a single mum with lots of responsibilities, I am so grateful for such a great piece of technology at affordable price!

    Such an amazing helper!
    I am sooo sory I haven't bought this little perfect crature earlier. It made my life so much easier.

    Apr 16,2018


    Thanks for your review!

    Jan 08,2019

  • Rodica
    Ja (4) Farbe: White Größe: Xiaomi
    An excellent robot
    I chose this Robot Vacuum 1st Generation after comparing many brands and models from my country and the Amazon site. We made an excellent purchase, a high-performance device and a very convenient price. I feared, however, that will not climb my carpets very thick (2.5 is - 3 cm) or that would circumvent my fur rugs that have the color dark brown. My fears were unfounded because my robot vacuum cleaner sucks very well all these areas, as can be seen in the attached photos. I am very pleased with my machine, which makes me a saving electricity notable: vacuuming my whole apartment (four rooms, with large hallway, kitchen and two bathrooms) takes 83 minutes and the battery stays 60% charged. That's why I recommend the Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Generation.
    I have identified only a minor deficiency. The rotary side brush cleans very well beside the wall, but is less efficient at the corners of the room.

    Apr 15,2018


    Thanks for your review!

    Jan 08,2019

  • Lomidrevo
    Ja (6) Farbe: White Größe: Xiaomi
    Xiaomi MI vacuum cleaner
    The vacuum cleaner measures 345 x 345 x 96 mm and weighs 3.8 kg. The plastic surface of the white color is decent, and you can not see the dust on it. It is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery, a triple processor and 12 sensors. These include, for example, laser LDS distance sensor, ultrasonic radar sensor, staircase detector, gyroscope, compass, and more. It has an engine with suction pressure of 1800 Pa. The impurities are trapped in a 0.42 liter container that has a HEPA filter to capture even the finest dust grains.

    At the top of the robot is LDS sensor, in the front movable bumper. The top lid can be easily folded to reach the waste container. There are two brushes for cleaning, the main one is located in the middle of the bottom, the side brush is located on the right side.

    Charging the vacuum cleaner is simple, just put it back for the first time to the docking station's induction surfaces and the robot starts charging. All other charges are already running automatically as the robot always starts and ends in the docking station.

    It has no problems with various surfaces, it can move on hard floors and regular carpets. I did not have the opportunity to test the long hair carpet. The HEPA filter in the waste container is of good quality, no smoke is around it and it does not penetrate into the bowl of the vacuum cleaner.

    Vacuuming is systematic, not chaotic, as with other vacuum cleaners. First, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner runs the circumference of the room and then moves from side to side in straight S-lines. The vacuum cleaner uses SLAM technology, which means simultaneous localization and mapping. This technology is used in autonomous cars.

    The battery lasts very long. The robot sucks about 1 m² per minute and it discharge about 0.5% of the battery / m². The manufacturer states that the robot can handle up to 250m2 / 150min on a single charge. If the battery has only 20%, it will return to the station to charge it. After recharging to 80%, the cleaning will resume.

    You can use Mi Home app to control the robot, which is available on both Google Play and the App Store. When you start and sign in, you can choose to connect to Chinese or US servers. I recommend choosing Chinese because the American version has significantly fewer features. However, you do not have to worry about the language barrier because the Chinese environment is also available in English.

    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an intelligent, trouble-free and reliable robot vacuum cleaner, which makes it a great help to the home. Thanks to the updates, Mi Home is already working in English and the robot can communicate in the same language. The competition is much more expensive than the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner. The competitor is, for example, iRobot Roomba 896 for 599 euros. . If you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner abroad, it can be purchased even under half of the Roomba vacuum price.
    Has some problems with Wi-Fi. Sometimes the map will not show because of weak Wi-Fi signal.

    Jul 14,2018

  • Muchos Grazios
    Ja (3) Farbe: White Größe: Xiaomi
    Best vacuum cleaner for this price
    I'd been watching the Xiaomi vacuum for over a year. I've watched and read all the reviews. I've read all the (translated) manuals. Guides, comparisons with every other robot vac, past and present. I've used it for about 2 weeks now, every day. Large multi floor house with mainly hardwood and two cats. It's difficult for one person to keep clean. Two things kept me from buying. 1, price, (gearbest tends to have a higher price then other places) 2, lack of english language support. I stumbled on a great discount which brought it down to just over 400$ (CDN) Door to door, with shipping and duty was just over 500$. Xiaomi also recently added English language support and an English voice pack.

    I will highlight the best points as I see it. Number 1 is the path finding AI. It's bloody brilliant. Hands down the best on the market. Lidar scan of room space, and breakdown of cleaning pattern into a grid of 30' squares. First mapping the outer perimeter then it follows a switchback pattern across each zone. If it encounters a chair leg etc, it will do a circle around it then continue in it's path. It has no trouble navigating many obstacles in close proximity and does not miss any spots. It's gentile on your furniture as well. It's quite amazing to watch. You can literally see it thinking as it pathfinds it's way around tricky areas. (I've named mine BB-8, I hope someone hacks a BB-8 voice pack for it!)

    Great battery capacity. After an 84min vacuuming on the "balanced" setting, my battery hits about 54% So it could keep going quite a while before a charge is required.

    One thing none of the reviews mention (at least I haven't heard mention) is that YOU DO NOT have to connect to your network or use the app on your phone to run the vac. I literally unpacked it, plugged in the charging base, put the vac down against the charger turned it on and hit the "power/start" button and it began it's cleaning cycle before I'd even downloaded the app.

    Watching the cleaning path on the app, while somewhat of a novelty, is actually useful to know where the vac has cleaned vs, where it's still got to clean.

    Can easily carried to another floor, with the charging base as well and start cleaning immediately.

    Great for pet hair on hardwood, not as good on carpets but still very effective. If you've got pets you should consider it. Not any vac, THIS vac. It's path-finding is what makes it brilliant.

    I like to clean while it's vacuuming. I go around the space with a quality duster, and dust everything from all the high surfaces onto the floor, Regardless of it's few flaws (below) It's a huge time saver and it encourages me to keep my place tidy, saves me hours of vacuuming and gets areas I'd miss.

    Jul 18,2018

  • Marco Di Vita
    Ja (5) Farbe: White Größe: Roborock S50 Second-Generation International Version
    la Roborock s 50 smart robot vacuum cleaner, dopo mesi di utilizzo é risultata un ottimo prodotto, da quando lo uso mi ha cambiato la vita, non posso più vivere senza di lei.
    Veramente molto robusta ed efficiente, fa veramente il suo dovere, pulire bene le superfici di casa dalla polvere ed anche il lavaggio non dispiace anche non approfondito.
    Ovviamente non pensate che pulisce a fondo tutta la casa, ma ogni qualvolta è possibile, bisogna pulire con i vecchi rimedi, per una pulizia ed igiene migliore ed ovviamente più approfondita usando prodotti e detersivi.
    la roborock s50 smart robot vacuum cleaner, ha diverse velocita di aspirazione, e devo dire che aspira molto bene, e non lascia nessun residuo di polvere nelle superfici dove transita per la pulizia.
    Costruita molto bene, robusta ed efficiente nel muoversi nei meandri dell'abitazione, ha molti sensori che gli permettono di evitare tutti gli ostacoli che si annidano all'interno delle abitazioni, tra cui tappeti, sedie, scale, e molti altri ostacoli, ha solamente due pecche, non riesce a superare le tende ed i fili di corrente, quindi prima di avviare la Roborock smart robot vacuum cleaner, e cosigliato accertarsi di alzare le tende da terra di un 15 cm e togliere tutti i cavi presenti.
    Una cosa davvero eccezionale è che si può utilizzare l'aspirapolvere con il sistema wi fi, ciò significa che tramite la sua app installata sul telefono cellulare, si può controllare a distanza l'aspirapolvere, e si possono controllare tutti i suoi movimenti ed anche tutte le sue funzioni, grazie al sensore laser che si trova all'interno della torretta, la Roborock s50 smart robot vacuum cleaner scannerizza tutto il perimetro della nostra casa realizzando nell'app una piantina dettagliata della nostra abitazione. L' App è molto ben fatta, con molte funzioni relative all'uso perfetto del prodotto.
    l'aspirapolvere, viene fornita di un pettine pulisci spazzola con una piccola lama nella parte superiore per tagliare i capelli e numero due panni in microfibra, per il lavaggio di tutte le superfici, all,interno della confezione troviamo anche la vaschetta contenitore dell'acqua per il lavaggio del pavimento, che va inserita nel retro della Roborock s50 smart robot vacuum cleaner, a cui tramite delle striscie in velcro, vengono attaccati i panni in microfibra per il lavaggio delle superfici dell'abitazione. Non è necessario inserire ogni volta la vaschetta lava pavimento, in quanto il prodotto funziona principalmente come aspirapolvere.
    In considerazione ed in conclusione di quanto sopra riferito, vi posso assicurare che, la Roborock s50 smart robot vacuum cleaner, è un valido aiuto ed un compagno instancabile nella pulizia dell'abitazione, a patto che non si pretenda una pulizia approfondita della prpria abitazione, in quanto, ancora ad oggi non vi esiste un prodotto ho elettrodomestico, che dispensi totalmente dalle faccende domestiche.
    Quindi vi consiglio vivamente l'acquisto, con il quale non riman

    Aug 29,2018

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Hi all, is that with CE (see glue on the Robot)? That is very important for EU or Germany. Thanks and regards.

By Adnan Sep-01/2018 06:04:52


Hello Adnan,

For your issue, please kindly note:

Hi,this robot is approved by CE.


Hi all, is that with CE (see glue on the Robot)? That is very important for EU or Germany. Thanks and regards.

By Adnan Sep-01/2018 06:04:52


Hello Adnan,

For your issue, please kindly note:

Hi,this robot is approved by CE.

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Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

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