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  • Sun
    Highly recommend
    Simply because it looks very nice as a casual watch, it's also very easy to set-up (unlike my G-Shock watch) and you can't beat the great price. This watch is standing up to harsh playing outdoors. The watch is multifunctional. Gave a 4 star only because of the watch being a little heavy to the wrist! I still would recommend it to my friends.

    Dec 01,2020

  • JM
    Easy to use
    I got this watch for less than $30 and let me tell you it is one great watch! I have showered and washed my hands with it on and never had any issues. It’s easy to wear and easy to see. The backlight works great. Tells you the date and the day of the week. I have been using this watch for roughly a month now and it seems to be holding up so far.

    Dec 15,2020

  • Mike P.
    I gave this watch to my father who was wanting one. He works outside and rarely looks at his phone to see the time. This way he can easily observe the time. The watch is 50M waterproof. Don't be afraid of rain and splash anymore. Materials seemed high quality. Very readable day or night for these old eyes.

    Nov 25,2020

  • Leo
    Better than I thought
    The display is really very clear and couldn't be much better.

    Dec 11,2020

  • Sheldon
    5 thumbs up
    Buttons are easy to use. Instructions are OK.

    Dec 03,2020

  • Judy
    Amazing Product
    The screen is very responsive and accurate.

    Nov 19,2020

  • Lily
    Recommend it to you
    Very nice watch for the low price.

    Oct 15,2020

  • Ashley
    Great product
    This watch is nice and fits well.

    Nov 28,2020