AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon
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AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon

- DUNKELGRAU 227899702

2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM Herzfrequenz Messgerät
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AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon 1,39 Zoll Android 5.1 MTK6580 Quad-Core 1,0GHz 2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM Herzfrequenz-Messgerät 
Display: 1,39 Zoll AMOLED Bildschirm
CPU: MTK6580 Quad Core 1,0GHz
System: Android 5.1
SIM-Typ: Single Nano SIM
Funktionen: GPS, Schrittzähler, Nachricht, Musik, Wetter, Benachrichtigung Erinnerung, WiFi
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz

Vermessung und Gewicht:

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


Marke: AllCall
Typ: Uhr Phone
OS / BS: Android 5,1
CPU: MTK6580
Kerne: 1GHz,Vier Kern
ROM: 16 GB
Externer Speicher: Unterstützt nicht

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


Kabellose Verbindung: 3G,Bluetooth,GPS,GSM
Netzwerktyp: GSM+WCDMA
Netzfrequenz: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 900/2100MHz
3G-Unterstützung: Ja
Bluetooth-Version: V4,0

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


Bildschirmtyp: AMOLED
LCD-Bildschirmgröße: 1,39 Zoll
Größe: 400 x 400

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


Kameratyp: Keine Kamera

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


SIM-Kartenslot: ein

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


CD-Bildformate: JPEG
Musikformate: MP3

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


Sprachen: Mehrsprachig

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau

Weitere Features

Weitere Features: 2G,Wecker,Browser,Wi-Fi
Funktionen: Herzfrequenzmessung,Nachricht

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


Smartwatch Telefon: 1
Bildschirmschutzfolie: 1
Batterie/Akku: 400mAh Eingebaut
USB-Kabel: 1
Englisches Handbuch: 1

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau


Produktgröße: 27,50 x 4,80 x 1,40 cm / 10,83 x 1,89 x 0,55 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße: 13,00 x 10,80 x 7,20 cm / 5,12 x 4,25 x 2,83 Zoll
Produktgewicht: 0,0660 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 0,2490 kg

AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Telefon- Dunkelgrau

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4.55 von 5 Sterne
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  • JIB
    Ja (2) Farbe: Deep Gray
    Nice watch for the price
    The watch has a very nice appearance and has a good build quality. You need to install "settings search" app to get to some needed settings. 3G works well and the OLED screen is quite nice. Some drawbacks are that some apps cannot be run due to needed OK box, etc. are off the edges of the screen. But if you look around many regular Android apps will work well on the watch. Play store and google services are preinstalled. I installed a GPS app RunKeeper to track my fitness. I wanted to use Google Fit but it was impossible to click the box to agree to the privacy policy due to being off the edge of the screen. The GPS app shown is GPS Test by Chartcross Software available in the Play store.

    The really great thing about this watch is that there are many watch faces available for it. Any of the faces for the Kingwear watches will work on this watch. Search google to find faces and simply drop them in the "clockskin" folder using the included magnetic data/charging cable. Then go to the end of the face selection and press the refresh button or reboot the watch and the faces will appear. Before moving the clock face folders over to the watch delete any png file that has the word "preview" in it or the watch face will appear twice in the selection screen. The face in the photo on this review is a custom one (I paid 5 Euros for Al Rod's premium watch face respository).
    Background sync data is turned off. Go to settings and turn back on if you want watch to sync data to your Google account. Some apps cannot be run due to selection boxes being off the viewable screen. Battery drain is very fast. You should have an extra charging cable for car, work, etc. to recharge the watch at least once during the data. Turning off wifi, data, gps will save some battery life but not much. I hope a future ROM update will address he battery drain issue.

    Nov 09,2017

  • Georgi
    Ja (0) Farbe: Deep Gray
    AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Phone 1.39 inch Android 5.1
    AllCall W1 features high-end mechanical watch luxurious design, built-in various styles of watch face compared to ordinary watch, and have more choose and fun playing. W1 with MTK quad-core processor, equipped with a complete android system, supporting WCDMA network,W1 is just your another 3G smartphone. Also W1 support news synchronization, more comprehensive function than the smartband. Get one W1, means you hold a watch, a smartphone and a smartband.
    The battery lasts only two days.

    Jun 24,2018

  • Gastao Botelho
    Ja (0) Farbe: Deep Gray
    The AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Phone
    Nice gift with excellent features/specs
    Display: 1.39 inch AMOLED screen
    CPU: MTK6580 Quad Core 1.0GHz
    System: Android 5.1
    Bluetooth: 4.0
    SIM type: single Nano SIM
    Functions: GPS, Pedometer, Message, Music, Weather, Notification Reminder, WiFi
    GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    WCDMA: 900/2100MHz
    Water proof? Other then that, nothing really.

    May 02,2018

  • Guilherme Faria
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    AllCall W1
    I chose this rating because I loved the product!
    I really liked the design of the watch, as expected.
    I think the clear advantage of this product, the W1 AllCall, is definitely the benefit / cost of it. The disadvantage I found will be the capacity of the battery, that for the use of a day always connected to the mobile phone, is not enough.
    I recommend the watch as it is a very stylish and functional watch for the price.

    Arrived in two months from China to Portugal, and did not stop at customs!
    Good job Gearbest!

    Nov 13,2018

    Ja (1) Farbe: Silver
    allcall w1
    Memoria interna incrivel
    Gps e Pedrometro bem precisos
    Touch com muita precisão
    Qualidade na construção do produto com ótimo acabamento
    bateria, tendo ter que carregar duas vezes ao dia

    May 31,2018

  • krammers
    Ja (0) Farbe: Deep Gray
    AllCall W1 3G Smartwatch Phone 1.39 inch Android 5.1
    Aesthetically beautiful. If we only use as a hard battery for 3 days. Using with bluetooth and wifi and synchronized with the mobile phone the battery lasts 1 day (depending on the use that is given). Plenty of storage for music or other stuff. Nice price.
    Against has to do with the display. In my case, the display is not centered on the clock, which means that the `60 'does not align with the 12 o'clock display, making it misaligned one minute (photo 5). The display is placed more towards the upper left corner not aligned at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock with the metal dial that comes incorporated with the watch. Pay attention to the quality of construction of the watch. The materials are good, but the construction was bad executed.

    Dec 05,2017

  • Debobrata Mukherjee
    Ja (1) Farbe: Silver
    Happy with my first purchase AllCall W1 from Gearbest
    Excellent product. As described. Can change and wear multiple watch faces now !!
    GPS connects fast.
    Loading of clockskins is very easy process.
    Even can load Androidwear clockskins using a thirdparty Launcher (Clockskin Coco).
    Enough space and RAM. Good speed. No lagging.
    Battery drains faster if you keep Bluetooth ON.
    Had trouble with connecting to Wiiwatch App on my phone. App was not able to find the watch. Found a workaround by enabling location in Wiiwatch. Then it found the watch although bluetooth search and found was working fine.

    Feb 10,2018

  • Yogesh Naik
    Ja (1) Farbe: Deep Gray
    fast Shipping to Goa India.
    very nice and Gorgeous looks. good display.
    mobile detect mode is good.
    Bluetooth call good
    take puctures using mobile canera with single touch on watch is good.
    accurate heart bpm sensor
    accurate steps counter sensor.
    Good battery life if Bluetooth dis connected
    androind not downloading what's app etc. got heat up when signing in play store, cannot download apps.
    battery life less with Bluetooth calls.
    need to synchronise contacts many times.
    pairing up with headphones plus cell phone will reduce battery life for only 2 to 3 hrs.
    no screw for holding sim card cover.

    Jan 06,2018

    Ja (0) Farbe: Deep Gray
    Smartwatch allcall w1
    Como eu sou fan em relógios, este por exemplo superou minhas expectativas, relógio inteligente muito bonito agradável no pulso, resistente, não tenho nenhuma contradição aos protusos que comprei da loja gearbeste, este produto é excelente muitas funcionalidades android entre outros. varias funções no menu entre outros.
    pretendo comprar outro desta marca para dar de presente.
    so estou esperando o preço cair.
    os atendentes da loja gearbest estão de parabéns

    Oct 03,2018

    Ja (0) Farbe: Deep Gray
    Smart hodinky AllCall W1
    Hodinky jsem dostal jako dárek k narozeninám. Překvapili mně svými funkcemi a možností přijetí hovoru. Používám je jako sváteční hodinky. Konstrukce je velmi kvalitní. Podařilo se mi na nich rozchodit i navigaci co mně velmi překvapilo. Jedným malým mínusem je slabší výdrž na baterii při využívaní všech funkci. No i přes to je doporučuji

    Dec 07,2018

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