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Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch
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Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch

- Silber

4.36 69 Kundenrezensionen | Siehen Sie die englische Beschreibung
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Lenovo Watch X Beschreibungen

• Herzfrequenzmonitor: Die Herzfrequenzmonitorfunktion gibt Ihnen Echtzeit-Feedback und informiert Sie jederzeit und überall über Ihre Herzfrequenz
• Schlafmonitor: Es überwacht Ihre Schlafqualität durch Messung der Dauer für Tiefschlaf, Nicht-REM-Schlaf und Wachzustand
• Alarm erinnern: Wenn Sie den Wecker an dem Smartphone einstellen, erinnert Sie die Uhr an Vibrationen
• Remote Kamera: Steuern Sie Ihr Smartphone, um Smartphonee an Ihrem Handgelenk zu tragen
• Anti-verloren: Wenn es mit Ihrem Smartphone synchronisiert ist, gibt die Uhr einen Alarm durch Vibration oder Ring, wenn das Smartphone mehr als 10 m von der Smartwatch entfernt ist

Vermessung und Gewicht


Marke: Lenovo
Bildschirm: OLED
Bluetooth-Version: Bluetooth 5.0
LCD-Bildschirmgröße: 1,5 Zoll
Betriebsart: Drücken Tasten


Anti-lost: Ja
Gesund Aufspürer: Herzfrequenz-Messgerät,Schrittzähler,Sedentary Erinnerung,Schlaf-Monitor
Benachrichtigung: Ja
Andere Funktionen: Wecker,Bluetooth
Fernsteuerung Funktion: Remote Camera


Batterie Capacty: 600mAh
Standby Zeit: 45 Tage

Dial und Band

Material: Edelstahl
Gehäusematerial: Silikon
Form des Ziffernblatts: Runden


Kompatible Betriebssysteme: androide,IOS


Produktgewicht: 0,0810 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 0,2320 kg
Produktgröße (L x B x H): 24,50 x 4,25 x 1,22 cm / 9,65 x 1,67 x 0,48 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 21,50 × 9,60 × 3,90 cm / 8,46 × 3,78 × 1,54 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Smartwatch, 1 x Chinesisches Benutzerhandbuch

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

Lenovo Watch X Bluetooth Wasserdichte Smartwatch- Silber

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4.36 von 5 Sterne
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  • Haraszti Zsombor
    Ja (1) Farbe: Black
    nice watch, but....
    This is a nicely bulit watch, premium feeling for a fair price. When it's working, it's good... But the Lenovo watch app is a little bit shitty... From time to time crashes, I think, but anyway it's resetting itself, and resetting the watch also... The sleep watching function isn't working properly because of this crashing-resetting situation... Sometimes in the morning it says that I've slept two hours, when in fact I did slept 8 hours...when the app crashes, sometimes it's messing with the analogue pointers of the watch, and you have to calibrate the analogue time, showed by the pointers. The calibration is also tricky... After you've entered in "My watch - Calibration" you have to enter the time that is shown by the clock pointers, not the actual, real time, then click "Start" and the analogue clock will calibrate itself to the real time, displayed by the digital clock on the ips display.
    At first the blood pressure measuring didn't worked at all. With the app update 3.0.3 it's working.
    The weather displaying doesn't work at all (on lenovo forums they said that it works only in China). In fact in Europe didn't woeked. When I wen to the US, it worked, from time to time, but it tooked the data from I don't know where, cause it displayed a different weather than I was experiencing. So that doesn't work, I could say...
    The other things, heart rate, app reminder, "Find my phone" function, smart alarm are working properly... (that's if tge app doesn't crash, and reset the watch :) )
    So for the price the watch it's alnost a good buy.. But it has issues, that I hope it will be corrected in the shortest time....

    Nov 27,2018

  • Dolphin78
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Watch X simile all'hiphop o allo Swatch con funzioni smart
    I materiali sembrano di qualità e resistenti. Comodo il cinturino milanese, soprattutto perché può essere regolato in modo continuo. Solo a volte tende ad allargarsi, ma in una settimana di utilizzo non si è mai staccato.
    Il display oled è quello che ti aspetti come numero di caratteri visualizzati viste le dimensioni. Illeggibile alla luce del sole. Meno male che ci sono le lancette meccaniche.
    Semplice da regolare, l'orologio classico fa il suo dovere.
    Vibrazione quasi impercettibile, quindi preparatevi a perdere molte telefonate.
    Diversi siti dicono che ha la lettura della pressione sanguigna. Falso. Solo il battito cardiaco.
    Nessun genere di interattività con il telefono, e questo ce lo aspettavamo pure!
    In definitiva: le funzioni di una smart band cinese da 20 euro ma più gradevole da indossare e molto più resistente !
    Se fino a qui porevamo attribuirgli 2 o 3 stelle, la valutazione crolla appena apri l'app: da Lenovo ti aspetti di più rispetto agli altri, in realtà è Se fino a qui porevamo attribuirgli 2 o 3 stelle, la valutazione crolla appena apri l'app: da Lenovo ti aspetti di più rispetto agli altri, in realtà è esattamente il contrario!
    Replica il contapassi e il sonno. Legge le attività sportive ma è una funzione completamente inutile visto che puoi leggerla tranquillamente sul display dell'orologio.
    Puoi impostare degli obiettivi ma non è molto chiaro. E soprattutto: solo inglese!!
    Non cercate l'interattività con Google Fit... Siamo anni luce indietro.

    Sep 02,2018

  • Haraszti Zsombor
    Ja (2) Farbe: Black
    Lenovo probably could do better than this
    I bought this Lenovo Watch X for a fair price of 49,9 usd... It has a nice design, a nice materials in it, it doesnt hsve any cheap-looking thing on it.. Maybe the pointers... So the hardver part is nice. Not exceptional, but nice.
    The softver part... The applicstion... It's a load of crap, excuse my french... It is illogical (the synchronisation of the analog watch, fot example... You have to write in the time showed by the pointers, not the actual time, to make the sync.... Altough the time on the oled display it's alreafy synchronized with your phone.
    The weather display it doesn't work outside China. I think, this is something to tell about to the custimers, who are buying the Watch X and Watch X Plus outside of China. The internet is full with angry users, becaise of this slight misunderstanding. I just talked on a tech forum with a guy, who already has got rid of his Lenovo Watch, becausr the app, and the watch with it, "is an industrial waiste"... His words... And he is partly right... I think , a company as huge and international as Lenove, could and shoukd do better, than this...
    In short: the watch has a nice build, a nice design , with a too crappy application, and some faults hard to explain on Lenovo's level.

    Oct 20,2018

  • TechCat
    Ja (0) Farbe: Black
    Stylish, functional and cool watch.
    I use this watch for the three weeks. And I have to say, that is so cool and functional watch. Universal bracket system for the belt, you can use ever 20mm. belt. Magnetic lock, without any additional parts.. Theoretically long life of battery (45 days). We will see how it will be in the real life. Now it seems that is true . Enough strong vibration for the notifications. Good materials, and perfect design. Water-resistant! Simply and functional application for the smartphone. I will recommend it to my friends.

    Oct 24,2018

  • Ratan
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    This lenovo watch X is excellent watch, looks like normal watch and it is smart watch with normal and smart look.

    What battery life is good once charged it lost of more than a month.
    It shows the phone messages and phone calls with vibration.
    Shows and alerts all reminders
    Stylish look

    In the bright light could able to view the smart functions
    Bit heavy when wear to hand
    When wear tightly to hand with hand movement touches the smart button and sometimes gets switched off

    Overall very good watch with reasonable rate. I liked it very much

    Sep 08,2019


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