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Ein heftiges Spiel und die schwitzende Figur auf dem Basketball, wann immer Sie daran denken, Sie würden bewegt werden. Dieses Schuhe, mit sauberem und atmungsaktivem PU-Oberteil, coolem High-Top- und Color-Bumping und elastischen Gummisohlen, die helfen Ihnen, höher zu springen und genauer zu werfen. Mögen Sie die ganze Zeit leidenschaftlich, mutig und temperamentvoll sein.

• Obermaterial: PU
• Laufsohlenmaterial: Gummi

Vermessung und Gewicht

Allgemeine Information

Typ: Lässige Schuhe
Material: PU,Gummi
Anlass: Freizeit
Jahreszeiten: Herbst,Frühling,Sommer,Winter
Stilelemente: Komfortable,Streetstyle,Freizeit


Verpackungsgröße (L x B x H): 33,00 x 20,00 x 16,00 cm / 12,99 x 7,87 x 6,3 Zoll


Inhalt: 1 x Paar Schuhe
  • Größentabelle
  • Zoll
  • Zentimeter
EU US Foot Length
15 2 .in 9 .in
15 2 .in 9 .in
16 3 .in 9 .in
16 3 .in 10 .in
16 3 .in 10 .in
17 3 .in 10 .in
17 3 .in 10 .in
18 3 .in 11 .in
EU US Foot Length
39 7 .cm 24.5 .cm
40 7.5 .cm 25 .cm
41 8 .cm 25.5 .cm
42 8.5 .cm 26 .cm
43 9 .cm 26.5 .cm
44 9.5 .cm 27 .cm
45 10 .cm 27.5 .cm
46 10.5 .cm 28 .cm

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4.51 von 5 Sterne
  • 89
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  • Eric Kingston
    This shoe is very high quality, but be aware that I had to order a size down for the shoe to fit right, I also prefer this `` mesh'' upper form of the shoe to the other one because it contours a lot better to the size of your foot especially if you have a semi-wide foot like mine, The laces on the shoe aren't bad but they aren't good and they're also a little long, The sole of the sneaker is also very good, but does not seem to provide great grip on wet surfaces, the shoe seems like a high-quality shoe, and I have own this pair for a few months now

    May 15,2018

  • morbidz28
    they are a cut above the shoes you find at some retailers for the same price, the left shoe was warped right at the point where your big toe meets the shoe, I did not believe all the hoopla about `` true to size'', otherwise I would not be able to wear that left shoe, This is my last pair of shoes ordered on line ; will only buy shoes at retailers where I can check the fit

    Dec 16,2017

  • Daniel
    Size Guide not correct
    I like the shape and design (that is why the overall rating 4 stars), on the other hand only time will tell the material durability. Unfortunately is something that i will not be able to experience (if the seller doesn't send me the right size) due to the shoe size guide
    Unfortunately, the size guide is not correct, my foot size is 25cm, which if I choose 26cm I am sort of safe with the shoe size, 26cm corresponds to the size guide table to 42 EU, that is what I ordered, but the show itself inside is small, making a lot of pressure on my toe, the correct size for a foot of 25cm is 43EU.

    Nov 10,2017

  • Jos茅 M. Alcal谩
    I've had problem with a severe strain on my toe which has taken months to heal with my old shoes, I've been wearing these for a month and my toe is healing thanks to the great support the shoe provides, The only negative comment is that they seem to take on odors easier than other shoes I have owned

    Jul 21,2018

  • K.D
    I got to use a half size larger on the advice of some of the other reviewers and that seemed to work well for me, at a reasonable price, very comfortable good support, though I am buying a new pair from them, to provide better support for exercise -LRB- after a year the supports are still there

    Sep 29,2018

  • laury
    definitely with this style you will want to get your exact size as it will stretch as you wear them, I think I am going to buy a second pair to have has a backup just in case this style goes out as they always change and suddenly no longer become available

    Sep 21,2017

  • DanK
    I normally buy shoes in-store so I can try them on and test the fit, and I know they'll last a good year or so like my last pair, they might not be right for you ; I'd recommend visiting a local running store if you're unsure, this is a good pair of ASICS shoes

    May 18,2018

  • DnTee
    I spend a lot of time on my feet at work and these shoes are very comfortable, I have wide feet and most shoes that claim to be extra wide fit tight, They fit great and my feet aren't tired at the end of the workday, Like them so much I bought a second pair

    Sep 03,2017

  • J. Kaufman
    I have been having problems with plantar fasciitis in my right heel, regardless of trying different shoes and shoe inserts, I have been wearing these ASICS for a couple of months now and my heel feels good even after wearing them all day

    Jun 10,2018

  • Himmel Anthony Mendez Els
    I like these particular shoes, I wear out the outer heel first and like the shoe to be relatively flat in the heel area, The insole is not removable but these shoes have enough cushioning that I do not need a different insole

    Nov 20,2017

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Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

Seien Sie der ERSTE Fragensteller. Möchten Sie GB-Punkte? Schreiben Sie einfach eine Rezension!

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