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  • Maureen Cook
    Easy to setup & Great Picture Quality
    I had read the reviews prior to purchasing this camera for use in my apartment. My primary purpose is to check in on my kids while away at work. I’m so happy with all the aspects of the camera and it was completely within my budget!

    Oct 26,2019

  • Virginia Terry
    Impressive camera at a great price
    I am having a baby and I want a video baby monitor, but I also want to be able to watch wherever i am. This is a great solution. I got it now to be prepared so I use it for a pet camera for now. It's been Working great.

    Oct 20,2019

  • Samuel Ezequiel
    Home security camera
    Produto entregue em excelente estado, bem acondicionado e dentro do tempo previsto aquando da realização da encomenda. Muito elegante, entregue com as características e funcionamento tal e qual como indicado no site e com uma excelente relação qualidade/preço. Funciona na perfeição, recomendo.

    Dec 17,2019

  • Armstrong Baldwin
    Great for the price
    This camera offers a great value. I really like all the features it. I recommend this product, they have great customer service as well!

    Oct 07,2019