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  • Tester
    Perfect small diving flashlight
    Very well built, strong aluminium
    Sliding magnetic switch allows you to regulate light intensity
    Bright light under water
    Double O-ring in tail seals well - tested in 8 meters
    Comes with reduction for 18650 battery - you can choose 26650 or 18650
    (26650 is recommended for higher capacity and current)
    You cannot buy better waterproof flashlight for this price
    Magnetic slider should be made better. It is the weakest part of this flashlight but even if it break no water can go inside :)

    Dec 21,2016

  • jb
    Neat little light
    -Well build, well finished, compact for a 26650 light
    -Infinitely variable output using the sliding magnetic switch
    -Measures around 900 lumen, 15 000 cd, 2.3 A.
    -Double o-ring on tail that seals very well
    -Relatively high parasitic drain of 4 mA, but easy to lock out power with the tail cap
    -Came with a little lint in the reflector and no lubrication on the tail cap threads
    -Light only comes on over last third of the range of the sliding switch
    -Does not tail-stand well

    May 06,2016

  • Mark
    Starry Light DXM
    Well built diving torch, quality-price relation is very good.

    Aug 06,2016

  • Karsten
    What a monster
    Compact build
    Smooth light regulation
    Doesnt overheat
    Very bright beam
    Maybe the thickness, there are smaller flashlights with the same output, but as i have big hands, its more a pro for me.

    Dec 04,2017

  • james
    too easy to turn on
    good light, quick shipping
    good light, quick shipping
    too easy to turn on when stored
    hence drains battery

    Jul 25,2016

  • Yash
    Nice battery
    Very good industrial powerfull battery. Very handy

    Nov 11,2016