Chuwi Hi8 / Vi8 Plus Original Leder Tastatur Schutzhülle
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Chuwi Hi8 / Vi8 Plus Original Leder Tastatur Schutzhülle

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Stand Funktion für Tablet PC
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Chuwi Hi8 / Vi8 Plus Original Tastatur Leder Fall Stand Funktion

Scrabble Tastatur bringt hervorragende taktile Textur

Halten Sie Ihr Gerät sicher mit einem Magnetschliessen flip an

Hochwertiges Leder Material, stilvoll und angenehm zu berühren

Den Bildschirm vor Kratzern, Schmutz und Ruß schützt

Ideal für das Schreiben von E-Mails, Chatten und Spielen

Vermessung und Gewicht


Marke: Chuwi
Typ: Hülle mit Tastatur
Stilelemente: Neuartig,Cartoon

Vermessung und Gewicht

Produktgewicht: 0,320 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 0,375 kg
Produktgröße (L x B x H): 21.500 x 14.000 x 1.500 cm / 8.465 x 5.512 x 0.591 Zoll
Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 22.700 x 15.200 x 2.700 cm / 8.937 x 5.984 x 1.063 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Tastatur Schutzhülle

Stand Funktion für Tablet PC

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  • Tom
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    I bought the wrong one, but it's all good!
    I own a Chuwi Vi8 (and not Hi8 or Vi8 PLUS. So I essentially bought the wrong item. Like an idiot, only dumber.

    The plastic back-plate that secures the tablet is a little bit larger than the Vi8, but it's okay, because it fits in but is slack. All I did was use two large strips of double-sided sticky tape to put the tablet onto the plate. Adhesion is fine and after using it a while with the tablet thermal cycling, it appears to be holding just fine.

    The main ports are still accessible, although the camera is not. I have never used the camera anyway, so I'm not at all bothered. However, if you need to have access to the camera it might be.

    Keyboard takes a bit of getting used to because it's different from other keyboards I use all the time, but I'm getting the hang of it. Quality of keyboard is really nice. It has a flock underside so it doesn't mark any surface it's on, is thin and light, and the battery lasts all day. Connection was a doddle too.
    There are no cons - even though I ordered the wrong item (the correct item has continually been out of stock).

    Mar 17,2016

  • Lubos Bosko
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    Perfektne puzdro a klavesnica. Za tu cenu bezkonkurencna. Kvalita puzdra je spickova, tak isto klavesnice. Prijemna, tak akurat velkost. Klavesy maju prijemni, tak akurat zdvih. Povrch klavesnice je vysoko kvalitny plast s imitaciou bruseneho hlinika. Velke plus su indikacne led diody a moznost vypnut klavesnicu. Klavesnica v puzdre drzi vdaka extremne silnym magnetom a ani pri extremne silnom pohybe nevypadne. Tablet v puzdre drzi zase vdaka stavanemu plastovemu krytu pevne upevnenemu o puzdro. (plastovy kryt je z vysokokvalitneho a hrubeho plastu)

    Jul 08,2016

  • Cori Trottman
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    Look, no matter how careful you are, gravity is just stronger than you. You'll probably drop your phone at least once or twice in the years that you own it. How much protection you need, though, depends on your phone: lots of Android phones are built a bit tougher, and are more likely to survive the occasional drop (I'm speaking from lots of experience here). The iPhone 4 or 4S, on the other hand, while blessed with gorgeous looks, are a lot more likely to break when you drop them, so the argument for using a case becomes much stronger.
    That said, even if you aren't obsessive about the little scratches on your phone, many people are—and while dropping your phone without a case may not break it, it will create little nicks and scratches on your phone that will lower the resale value.

    Oct 25,2015

  • Jonathan Quarles
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    An awesome product for the price!
    1. decent battery life
    2. the keys are not "mushy" at all like they would be on a cheap notebook, and offer a crisp tactile response
    3. i like the material that the case is made out of
    4. the keyboard was surprisingly high quality for the $16.29 that I paid, and everything is working as expected
    1. the keyboard can be a bit difficult to situate in a way that I would normally use

    Jul 10,2016

  • Stefano
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    TOP product!
    The enclosure is perfect for tablet Chuwi hi8 pro, and is of good material.
    The keyboard is comfortable and has good feedback for the buttons, it is also recognized by both Android 5.1 and Windows 10, but on windows 10 I have problems with the keys in the second function for sure depends on the configuration windows.
    No negatives

    Jun 03,2016

  • zieloczek100
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    Great quality at a low price!
    Great case protects our display case. Prevents damage.
    In addition, it looks great and definitely improves the appearance of the device!

    I would recommend the product and store!

    Feb 07,2016

  • Benjamin Dela Cruz
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    Hi8 keyboard
    Works well, good for typing, decent battery time. I accidentally left it on overnight and it still had plenty of battery. This doesn't actually come with a recharging wire for it though, so you'll have to buy that yourself. The case is magnetic and really keeps the keyboard from sliding around, so that's great.
    Not sure if it was the keyboard or my tablet, but there was a little problem getting bluetooth to pair them up and connect at the beginning. Works fine now though.

    Jun 02,2016

  • Giovanni Mortati
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    Chuwi Hi8 / Vi8 Plus Original Leather Keyboard Protective Case
    Scrabble keyboard brings excellent tactile texture
    Hold your device in a secure way with a magnetic closing flip
    High quality leather material, stylish and comfortable to touch
    Protects the screen from scratches, dirt and grime
    Ideal for typing emails, chatting and playing games

    Jun 05,2016

  • Vitaliy
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    Chuwi Hi8 / Vi8 Plus Original Leather Keyboard Protective Case
    Order arrived on time. This product was well packed. The keyboard on the tablet works fine. Goods is fully consistent with the description. With work in Windows keyboard really helps.
    Minus is not found. The price is very good

    Feb 12,2016

  • Nono
    Ja (0) Farbe: as the picture
    Chuwi Vi8 Plus bluetooth keyboard
    Very good price value ratio
    Confortable typing
    Buttons size are good
    Easy connect to my Chuwi tab
    It can connect to other (not Chuwi) device
    Magnetic fixing
    Charging connector is in the right side, but the tablet connector is in the left side. It is an unthinking solution.
    Stand mode is stable only in desk

    Jun 10,2016

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